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Iraq signs a contract with France for the production of electricity

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Iraq signs a contract with France for the production of electricity
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The Minister of Iraq's electricity agency Hussein al-Shahristani signed a contract with Alstom, a French plant to create steam for electricity production capacity of 1200 MW and the rehabilitation of another station.

. The Musab Sri teacher Spokesman of the Ministry of Electricity to the German news agency "d. B. A" on Thursday: "The Minister of Electricity proxy Hussain al-Shahristani on Wednesday with Patrick Kron, general manager of Alstom, a French contract to create a power plant steam for electricity production capacity of 1200 MW and re- rehabilitation of other stations. "

He added that this agreement addresses the first three projects to building a steam power generation capacity of 1200 MW in southern Iraq, although the station has three units, each with 400 MW.

He continued by saying that the teacher's second project is to rehabilitate the power plant 180 MW capacity in the province of Najaf were built by Alstom, the company had in 1975 as well as training of some Iraqi engineers and technicians.

He pointed out that the third project addresses the delivery of several centers of power in different locations in the country. "

. Suffer electric power stations in Iraq, a difficult situation due to low production levels, which currently stands at seven thousand megawatts of energy as the actual more than 13 thousand megawatts.

. The Iraqi authorities adopt a block system is programmed to solve the electricity crisis that the Iraqis have eight hours of processing per day to 16-hour break in the face of rising temperatures. "د ب أ" "AP"


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