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Kuwaiti concerns: the withdrawal of U.S. ambitions awakens old Iraqi

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Kuwaiti concerns: the withdrawal of U.S. ambitions awakens old Iraqi

On the eve of the First World War entered Britain and the Ottoman Empire signed an agreement put a line on the ground represents the border between Iraq, which was an Ottoman province and the elders of Kuwait associated with the agreement of protection with the British Crown, this was in 1913, and tomorrow this line after the Kuwait-Iraq border, which became - and still at some Iraqis at least open conflict between the two countries failed to resolve political crises in 1938 and 1961 and three wars in 1990 and 1991 and 2003 in the termination.

Agreement July 29 (July) in 1913 concluded at the time of the techniques of navigation and mapping of limited The Making of the cultivated land belonging to the Iraq desert lands belonging to Kuwait, so it does make the border «line passes at a distance of one mile south of the far Palm is located in the far south of the (village ) Safwan, Iraq »as stated in the text of the agreement, a description is not accurate as the palm trees planted there always with all water well discovered.

In 1923 has become Iraq, also under British control a new agreement between the Kingdom of Iraq's fledgling and the Emirate of Kuwait, the agreement was simply a ratification of the Agreement 1913 and the «Palm», which was dried up and the time and died, or perhaps uprooted Iraqis, leaving the controversial and widely around the place, and thus on the line border, in 1932 the parties signed another agreement which strengthened the previous agreements and more formally ended the previous Iraqi claims the islands of Warba and Bubiyan a former rally driver, but even this agreement was not clear on the concept of «south of Safwan».

It reads the archive Kuwaiti-Iraqi relations draws attention the large number of discounts and harassment on the «Palm 1913» line of the border, Fmrara put Kuwaitis evidence of metal or wood on the border of Iqtalha Iraqi protesters, and in 1940 went Shaikh of Kuwait personally accompanied British Political Agent Major McQueen to the south of Safwan, a monument column at the point set by the Convention in 1913, but Iraqi police were then removed and sent the Iraqi Foreign Ministry in June (June) in 1940 in protest to London, saying that «Major McQueen, Shaikh of Kuwait a monument to mark the border at a distance of 250 meters inside Iraq»!!

In 1946 the noted British Political Resident in the Gulf in its examination of the subject line of the border dispute absurdity Palm wrote in a letter to London that he was «a large agricultural development occurred on the outskirts of Safwan can not locate the maximum of Palm in the South have changed the parameters in the form of a large region».

If the «Palm» made all the difference between the Iraqis and Kuwaitis, what is to come seemed more serious, when the Army threatened to Rommel's German British presence in Egypt had embarked Britain to strengthen its presence in Iraq, creating a port in the «Umm Qasr» at the confluence of the line of the Kuwaiti border Iraqi sea, and warned the port the Iraqi government to the critical importance of Overlooking the Gulf, particularly the port of Basra and the Shatt al-Arab were not ideal for ships of modern as they are under the mercy of the Iranians, but the junction of the borders with the sea «Umm Qasr» is also unclear and controversial old since 1913.

And then after the war broke out the oil in this region in the fields north of the border, such as «Rumaila» Iraq and the south such as «Raudhatain» Kuwaiti common fields such as «Ratqa», became the three issues «Palm Safwan» and «Umm Qasr» and the oil fields of supplies controversy in the file border, and when the coup occurred in July (July) 1958 and grew up radical regime in Iraq extravagant between leftist and nationalist found the Iraqis another reason for the problems with Kuwait, in addition to the controversy geographical He also said President Abdul Karim Qassim that «there is no border dispute with Kuwait because Kuwait are affiliated to Iraq» !

In 1963 and under the control of temporary Baathists to power written off Baghdad's claim Qasim, has sent an ambassador to Kuwait, but did not decide the border issue, and continued to be suspended amid tension and harassment border persist, such as abuse of Iraqi forces to station «Silent» Kuwaiti border in 1973, and the problem had peak disastrous when Saddam Hussein decided in 1990 re the idea of annexation of Kuwait actually not merely in words, and what forces drove the western Iraqi troops from Kuwait in 1991 Kuwait sought to UN resolution resolved this file and check it that in resolution 833 issued by the United Nations on 27 May (May) in 1993, and this decision corrected the situation on the ground and canceled the extensions of Iraq south of the border took place during the seventies was the most important depth of 1800 meters south of Umm Qasr, where established Iraqi naval base, and ensure resolution 833 development of 105 border markers and dug Kuwait after, in order to fix the borders and control of infiltration, a trench and erected a border fence electrified and other reasons along the border of 220 km in length.

Since the regime fell in 2003 thought the Kuwaitis that «Palm Safwan» grew again and this file may foldable, but they believe was not true Despite the fact that opponents of Saddam Hussein who have been coined rulers today announced always wish the best of relations with Kuwait, but that the Governments of the post- 2003 did not cease to repeat and with varying degrees of openness to the limits set by resolution 833 «painted in special circumstances imposed by the follies of Saddam Hussein's Iraq».

Over the past seven years have seen the border a continuation of the incidents which had its ideals under the previous regime, in many occasions been sabotaging the boundary markers and the Iraqis at some point to root out the pipe a border set by Kuwait to block the infiltration of cars and they have mounted demonstrations, hostile, and released by Iraqi officials told many questioned the justice of the border agreement.

And caused Permanent Representative of Iraq to the Arab League Ambassador Qays al-Azzawi crisis diplomacy last month when he called for renegotiation of the border, and called for Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, Iraq's ambassador Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum and handed over a formal protest note to the invitation-Azzawi the «contrary to Security Council resolutions and decisions of relevant international» , it had fallen Azzawi thereafter on the call but the Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh reiterated the same thing a few days after when he said in an interview with TV «Iraq» Kuwait «wronged Iraq» in the issue of border demarcation and bemoaning the denial of Iraq's ports freely appropriate, and such Azzawi Ali al-Dabbagh came back and retracted his statements.

This disorder is the official Iraqi border issue payment of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon last week to invite the new Iraqi government «once it is formed to confirm its commitment to the UN Security Council Resolution 833 on the inviolability of the borders of Iraq - Kuwait» and to give this issue «urgent attention in the event of Iraq's desire out of the pain of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations », and noted Ban Ki-moon to the loosening of Iraq in the implementation of commitments such as the demarcation of maritime boundaries and the payment of its share of the cost of maintenance of boundary markers and the 600 thousand dollars, an amount is not large but of the failure of Iraqis to pay for moral reasons more of material.

This development has become the basis of Iraqi accusations that Kuwait of deliberately keeping Iraq under Chapter VII, as Kuwait continues, Iraq is demanding compensation established by the United Nations twenty years ago, and brought claims in the major crisis for Iraqi Airways, which stopped working in international airports, two months ago by lawsuits Kuwait in the United Kingdom.

In the view of researchers politicians Kuwaitis that the issue of border dispute is not a problem Kuwaiti-Iraqi, but is a reflection of the crises in Iraq policy for half a century, since all the moments of tension between the two countries on the border was preceded by internal crises in Iraq and the form of escalation with Kuwait is a need for Iraqi politicians to transfer their problems to the outside « and the situation in light of Iraq after 2003 is no exception », the fear of those that the direction of Iraq to the precarious future after the U.S. withdrawal« may make the issue of the border with Kuwait was more susceptible to stress than ever before ».

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