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Large displacement of Parliament during the month of July out of Iraq

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Man that's a lot of empty seats!!!!

الثلاثاء 17/08/2010 |


Large displacement of Parliament during the month of July out of Iraq
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Sources familiar with the passport office in Baghdad
airport, more than three hundred of the new session of Parliament who
traveled to neighboring countries and regional to spend the month of
July out of Iraq.

The source for "all news" that some members of parliament had traveled
to more than once, with the exception of the invitations to them.

The month of July is one of the most heat Months of the Year in Iraq in addition to power outages.

Meanwhile, political sources revealed that Iraq is the only country to
which travel a great deal of his deputies in addition to the payment of

The Iraqi people live amid a heat wave unrivaled at the time the cut
off by an electric current to long periods of time is almost up to 20
hours a day or more in some areas, where rates reached temperatures up
to half of the boiling point or more, "
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