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VP Hashimi calls for the arming of the Army

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1 VP Hashimi calls for the arming of the Army on Sat Aug 21, 2010 9:51 am


VP calls for the arming of the Army
Saturday, 21 AP 2010 10:18 GMTCalled on Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi to the re-arming of Iraq, including the balance of power in the region, which is approaching some of its entry into the nuclear club in a reference to Iran, which confirmed that the coalition negotiations with Sadr and others in the National Convention does not aim to please her.
Although the Hashmi and other leaders of Iraqi attitudes toward Iran advance, particularly about its interference in the internal affairs of Iraq, but wants to be a relationship based on a review of shared files
Hashemi and stresses in an interview with News tribute to the importance of re-arming of Iraq in order to ensure re-balance of power in the region after the army was seen as superior to the Iraqi army in the Middle East and Western Asia, where many and armed by the collapse in the early nineties
In light of the deepening political crisis in the country represented by the delay to form the government and reflected on the security situation amid concerns about the possible return of the militias in conjunction with the U.S. withdrawal, the Hashimi confirms that the politicians should not fear a military coup as was the case in the past, but public anger
It is proposed that al-Hashemi signed by all political parties to document the behavior of political control the performance of blocks that will form the next government
Remains the nature of the relationship with Iran and arming the country and participation in the management of spectrum and other issues need a high level of understanding and consensus, which seems as elusive as evidenced by events in the past months.


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