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Five years is the new promise to solve the electricity crisis

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Five years is the new promise to solve the electricity crisis

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21.08.2010 Faris Omar The electricity crisis has become the subject is returning to the front with any act of sabotage technical and dust storm and for maintenance work.

Numerous reasons and explanations and justifications and responsibilities, in the remaining the only constant the suffering of the people with power in both the summer heat or زمهرير winter.

Electricity ministry spokesman admitted school Musab in an interview with Radio Free Iraq that the production of electricity in the province of Baghdad at least half of the needs of the capital and that the period of the power outage more than seventeen hours despite the rise in power.

The extended power outage in Baghdad Seventeen hours to twenty hours because of acts of sabotage in the school said damage to the capital from the distribution of electricity between governorates.

But a spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity school Musab said Radio Free Iraq, that the ministry is doing all that it can to ease the crisis of the power outage, inter alia, the implementation of projects carried out by Chinese companies, French and US of the سترفد the national system of 1400 Mw while still to be completed three years and generation in Basra at a capacity of 120 Mw, but are not limited to,.

School provided figures on electricity production now totals 6750 Megawatts and the need for Iraq to 15 Mw as showing the difference between available is the scale of the challenge facing the ministry of electricity.

According to figures the Ministry of Electricity that Iraqis should wait five years in the hope of producing eight thousand ومئتين, Mw, production is not enough to light the streets of Iraq وبيوته Gardens ومدارسه ودوائره, مبرداته ومكيفاته وثلاجاته ومجمداته وكومبيوتراته وتلفزيوناته ومعامله without interruption and private generators to the dustbin of history. And that this took place today was God help the Iraqis.



how sad

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