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Speedy formation of irai gov

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1 Speedy formation of irai gov on Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:18 am


23 August, 2010

Jeffrey: Washington looks forward to the speedy formation of the Iraqi government to include all the winning lists in the elections

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Rafie al-Issawi with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey, the overall political situation and functioning of the movements of the parliamentary blocs to form a new Iraqi government.

According to a statement by the Office of Issawi received a copy of Faiha

That during the meeting touched upon the withdrawal operations carried out by U.S. troops from Iraq in accordance with the security agreement concluded between the two countries, in addition to the economic file of the Convention on the strategic framework

For his part, new U.S. ambassador to his country's position in support of the democratic political process in Iraq, hoping that the political forces and parliamentary overcome their differences and look at the participants in order to speed up the process of forming a government.

The other side said the new U.S. ambassador in Iraq, James Jeffrey, said his government looked forward to forming a new government quickly, emphasizing the necessity to include all spectrums of the Iraqi people lists, which won the elections.

This came during a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Nuri al-Rose Shawis Sunday for the U.S. ambassador on the occasion of assuming his duties in Baghdad, saying Iraq's desire to establish better relations based on common interests with the United States.

The meeting discussed ways of enhancing economic cooperation and cultural and political between the two countries through exchange of experiences of human, technical and technological development.

The Deputy Prime Minister outgoing Rose Nouri Shawis on the strength of relations between the two friendly countries and the need to continue these relationships and develop a service to the two peoples.

He noted that remarkable progress and no matter what happens in the capabilities of Iraqi security forces and capabilities in dealing with security challenges, but needs more technical support, plant and equipment in order to complete their readiness to defend Iraq's security at home and abroad.

For his part, Jeffrey said the United States looks forward to the speedy formation of the Iraqi government, and hoped that "of all shades of the Iraqi people of the lists, which won the elections.

He renewed his country's commitment Jeffrey Baltoukitat mentioned in the security agreement between the Iraqi government, especially regarding the withdrawal of combat troops, adding that the next phase of relations will focus on economic, cultural and social


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