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Bhralallom: There are no pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait

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Bhralallom: There are no pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait
2010-08-30 14:22 08/30/2010 14:22

Neighborhood: Iraq's ambassador in Kuwait, Mohammad Bahr al-Ulum Ghabqp during Ramadan, which established an independent Kuwaiti gathering on Thursday evening that there is no pending issues between Iraq and Kuwait.

He said that the demarcation of the border between the two countries and the issue of reparations Iraq and other issues that were in dispute resolved by the United Nations, pointing out that the Governments of Iraq and Kuwait are committed to international conventions.

He pointed out that less than otherwise would be prey in murky water, he said, adding: We should not listen to any voices but the voices leaders two countries are working on the interests of both countries, stressing that the relations between Kuwait and Iraq in the development and improvement of ongoing and proceeding quickly rising, stressing that the exchange of visits between the two countries better address the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in various fields including political, economic, cultural and social development.

And forming an Iraqi government Uloum said he will soon be hope for the Iraqi people condemning the terrorist acts that occur in Iraq between now and then, hoping to fill the political vacuum that Iraq is passing through the current period.

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