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United States to attract more than 130 U.S. company to work investment projects in Iraq ..

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November 1st ~ first of November to the United States to attract more than 130 U.S. company to work investment projects in Iraq ..

Also beginning November 1st ~ 1-10 November, 2010 – Baghdad, Iraq ~ Baghdad International Trade Fair ...

Baghdad plans to send a ministerial committee to Washington broad powers to attract companies invested

Baghdad, The adviser in the Iraqi government ended its mandate, said Monday that the government would send a ministerial committee has broad powers in the first of November to the United States to attract more than 130 U.S. company to work investment projects in Iraq.

Salam al-Quraishi, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "the Commission will examine the main obstacles facing investment companies in the U.S. work in Iraq and the success of investment experience in the country."

Quraishi and that "the Committee is composed of the National Authority for Investment and the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Municipalities and a number of provincial councils and board of advisers of the prime minister."

Iraq seeks to increase its investment to $660 billion after the extensive tour of his officials in a number of countries to attract investment companies.

Qureshi said that "more than 130 investment company has extended an invitation to the Iraqi government to visit the United States to discuss ways to overcome the obstacles facing investment," noting that "2011 will see the active presence of the United States after the security situation improves by a large margin."

He explained that "many of the investment countries worried about the implementation of projects in Iraq because of the problems of ownership of the land and the process of disbursement of funds for the implementation of projects." Adding that "the State Commission that will be sent to the United States will have broad powers to overcome obstacles and problems facing the work of these companies, according to the mechanisms Legal accredited to the Iraqi government. "

Announced that the National Investment Commission time earlier, that the main obstacle to the investment process after security, is the ownership of the land and the multiple sources of decision in the management of the investment portfolio in the country.

Criticize economists investment law in 2006 because he did not emphasize the protection of solid of money invested Alajni and local levels.

And formed the National Commission for Investment in 2007 after the issuance of the new law to invest in Iraq, the body responsible for strategic investment projects, all of a federal nature exclusively, while the regional and provincial bodies responsible for investment planning and granting investment licenses in their areas.
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