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Baghdad Municipality Check ceremonial grand Baghdad on Saturday

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Baghdad Municipality Check ceremonial grand Baghdad on Saturday
2010-11-10 11:02:39

BAGHDAD (Iba) ... Baghdad Secretariat said it would build the big celebration on Baghdad to the annual day on Saturday and 13 of the current month and the gardens Zawra Park.

A statement by the Secretariat of the Agency has received the independent press (Iba) a copy of it and invited a number of expatriate Iraqi artists to attend the grand celebration.

The statement added that the guests are Alphenanonkazem Saher, Fouad Salim, Anwar Abdul Wahab, Sita Hkbian, Bahjat al-Jubouri, Hamid al-Maliki, a sound Khudair, Yusuf al-Ani, Sami Kaftan, Taha Alwan, Mackie Awad, Yas, Karim Al Iraqi, a unique, planet Hamza, student Quarghuli, Alfruji Ismail, Raed George, important artillery, Mekdad Muslim, Mahmoud Abu-Abbas, Faisal Yasiri, Hind Kamel, Ghazi Kanani, Nizar al-Samarrai, Muhammad Shukri Jameel, Jawad Shakarchi, Tamara Mahmoud, Hadeel Kamel, Reza Khayat, Saadoun Jaber , Battle of al-Khalidi.

He pointed out that the invitation also included Alvanyen Mahmoud Anwar, Majid Al Mohandes, Reda Al Abdallah, Fawzia Shendi, Muhannad Muhsin, Suheir Iyad, arrows Sabti, Sami Abdul-Hamid, Jalal Kamel, Amal Taha, Nadia Iraqi Naseer Shamma, Qahtan Al-Attar, Inas students, Sana Abdul Rahman, Abdul Muttalib Sunaid, Haitham Yousef, Hana Mohamed, Khalil Shawki, Munther Helmy, Mai Shawki, H. Basri, Shawkeyah visual, Tariq Hashim, Ronak Shawki, Sadia Zaidi, Honorary nodular, Widad Salem, d. علي Ali Abdullah, Muhsin al-Azzawi, Nahida Ramahi. . .

He said the Baghdad Municipality will bear the expenses of flying back and forth in addition to the usual expenses except accommodation, noting that the Secretariat had invited the two artists to learn more details by calling on the phone (07901403932) or e-mail ameeralialhasoun.

He pointed out that a large number of these artists have expressed their desire to attend and participate in the celebrations on Baghdad, appraisers at the same time this initiative, which indicates the keenness of the secretariat to support the Iraqi artists and encourage them to continue their giving and their careers.

It is noted that the secretariat of Baghdad celebrates each year the Day of Baghdad in memory of this ancient city author of Cultural Heritage, which ruled the world for several centuries and gave birth to the scholars, intellectuals, writers and poets who have enriched the world with the knowledge and science through the establishment of ceremonial major cultural events, art, presentations and exhibitions will continue for several days. ( النهاية ) / ع /.. (End) / p / ..

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