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Pacific Rim Bank - Hawaii

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1 Pacific Rim Bank - Hawaii on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:45 am


Pacific Rim Bank - Hawaii
[link to www.pacificrimbank.com]

Iraqi Dinar
General Information

Please note that currency exchange is not our primary business and the majority of our regular banking transactions are handled through our Internet banking services. Therefore, we are not staffed to handle a high volume of branch traffic. If customers come in with a large dollar amount of Dinar, please expect to wait while our staff counts and processes their Dinar. If you are with a group of several people that will be bringing in their Dinar we would appreciate a call before the group comes in so that we can adjust our staffing to help with the processing of the Dinar. At any time, the bank reserves the right to suspend, limit, or cancel our Dinar exchange program if it hinders our ability to provide our primary banking services.

We do not have the DeLaRue machine to check for counterfeit foreign currency including Dinar.

Do you handle Iraq Dinar?

What is the Current Exchange Rate?
0.000813 as of 07/12/2011

How much can I sell to Pacific Rim Bank?
We will purchase up to $1,000 US dollars worth of Iraq Dinars from a non-customer. There currently is no limit for Pacific Rim Bank customers.

Can I purchase Dinar from the bank?

What will it cost to exchange Dinar?
In addition to the spread on the exchange there is a $5.00 per transaction fee. The minimum to exchange is $300.00 US dollars. If the order is below $300.00 US, there will be an additional $10.00 small order fee. The total fee would then be $15.00.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
Do not call the branch. Please contact Michael Sasaki, SVP & CFO at (808) 457-3902 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (808) 457-3902 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or michael@pacificrimbank.com

Here are the procedures for exchanging Dinar:

1. You must have an account with Pacific Rim Bank in order to use our exchange services beyond the $1,000 USD non-customer limit. The exchange process will go much smoother if you already have an account with Pacific Rim Bank before coming in to do the exchange. If we are inundated with people wanting to exchange Dinar, we will likely turn away those who do not already have an account with the bank. You can apply for an account on our website so you don't actually have to come in to the bank to open an account.

2. When you are ready to exchange your Dinar, you can visit this website for the current exchange rate. Please do not call the branch for the exchange rate. You will be referred back to this website. Once you come in to the bank, you will get the rate available on that day.

3. The bank will take your Dinar and give you a receipt for the exchange. We will then send your Dinar to be verified at our currency exchange processing site on the mainland. It typically takes 24hrs for verification but if there is a large volume of Dinar, the verification process may take longer, even up to a week. However, your exchange rate will not change. You will get the rate that was available on the day you gave the Dinar to the bank.

4. Once the Dinar is verified, the bank will be credited for the Dinar and then we will credit your account at the bank. We will credit your account the same day that we receive credit for the currency

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be advised this is a small Bank in Hawaii with only one branch.....but still looks good, might do some business with em during my travels.

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Panhead wrote:be advised this is a small Bank in Hawaii with only one branch.....but still looks good, might do some business with em during my travels.

Maybe they'll serve Mai-Tais while you're cashing out-

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Island time = rum to me....lol

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Hello, this is Michael Sasaki from Pacific Rim Bank posting to clarify some misconceptions regarding our website.

1. We did not just create the website because of any inside information on the IQD revaluation. The website was created a while ago and our exchange program has been in existance for around two years now. We have no other information on the Dinar and we are not following the news on the revaluation. You are much more informed about it than we are.

2. Unfortunately, we only offer the exchange services to Hawaii residents. The program was offered at the request of a couple of our customers and was not intended to be available outside of Hawaii. That is why there is no link from our main website to the Dinar page. Additionally, we really aren't designed to handle large volumes of in-person, cash transactions so we are not advertising this service even in Hawaii.

3. If you have called me today, I sincerely apologize but I will not be returning your phone call because I have been inundated with messages regarding our Dinar program. If you are a Hawaii resident and still have questions about the Dinar exchange, please email me instead and I will respond to your questions.

Best wishes,
Michael Sasaki
Pacific Rim Bank

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