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World Economy part 2..rumors!!!

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301 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Wed Dec 05, 2012 10:23 am


CK, Thank you!! Always nice to here from you! Gives me a boost of energy!

302 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Dec 06, 2012 5:59 pm


Awesome news! thx CK!!

303 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sat Jan 26, 2013 4:32 pm



Yo CK...what's the big idea?? Where's all the great World News mumbo jumbo...heh???

Don't make me send gwedo! Chop Chop...back to work! Laughing Laughing

304 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Wed Jan 30, 2013 1:54 pm


Hey Rellek

Sorry about not posting anything for a few months but holidays, flu, life just got in the way for awhile. Plus, what little bit I have read in the last two months was nothing to "write home" about..same stuff different year...right??

I'll start back soon.

305 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:14 pm


After MONTHS of Germany not saying anything about the new DM....well that all changed today finally!!! Boy this feels like a "dejavu of 2010" all over again!!!

Please NOTE the last line from Germany contact....BRING IT ON!! FLIP THIS WORLD!!!


New 2013-03-17:

[16:15] Letter in-DE:

I would not be surprised if the Cypriot bank holiday would soon be extended to the entire euro zone.
But another question concerns me: Is it perhaps the smartest move of all time from
mom and the wheelchair user with a small haircut in an economically
completely uninteressantenm country causing a huge bank runs in the euro
zone, and then after abzusehendem Euro Crash the stunned euro community
which no alternative reintroduction to present the D-Mark. The next few
days will be interesting. If tomorrow zubleiben banks in other euro
countries, the Internet is disturbed and the financial vultures our
savings as a "safe" means, we know where the rabbit long runs. The
schedules of the operation since May 2010, Balthasar should not have
much changed.

[10:00] US currency reform regarding suspected:
just had call. with someone from the ECB in FRA / Main
He said today that the new notes have been printed and are now being distributed to banks. The bills should look similar to a mixture of euros and DM. The whole course is top secret. Interesting that now takes place after the EU summit and the haircut at the savers in Cyprus. As should now properly move purely the next days and weeks to come ............. times'll see whether'll it the noble metals geldigen do all right!
Stay alert, healthy and take care of themselves.

The Cypriot haircut and the way it was carried out thought-provoking. But
that this country might already be so far ich.TB. doubt,

The fact that the new DM notes're done, we have long known. They too
scents have been already distributed at least at the main bank offices.
We'll see when untergeh the euro - Cyprus is to trigger quite a Möglichkeit.WE.

[11:20] reader comment-DE:
Yes, the ECB and Bundesbank now supplies then new bills.
At 2:05 there is a new 5 Euro notes and the old notes are 5 euros Withdrawn.

VG and thanks for your work!

[11:20] DE:
why not now?
Why tomorrow?
has also counted so that none, not even us. It will also happen here
like a thunderclap. Whenever we believed was the big day - well-founded.
We know he is the only thing that matters.
Vigilant and be prepared!

[11:25] The blue wrench to comment at 10:00:
Possible that it is not ready for us. This is, among others, also on what happens tomorrow.
No normal person can still money in the bank, which is not necessarily needed there.
Bank collapses are also without real Panikrun inevitable when is raised continuously.

In any case, this weekend a renewed Rubicon has been exceeded:
From now on, the party sycophants have lost all inhibition to rob the
citizens private property to it's high financial gamblers should be
considered the betting chips on their table!
If ever in the Brussels / Berlin Maoists junta ever even gave remnants of inhibitions, they are now leveled.

Free for Gollum:
Burglaries are a delicate matter, why do you do it in your absence.
Bank deposits are a tricky
business, so they robbed the weekend.
Currency reforms Haircut are a tricky business, so it makes it on Easter weekend?
Conjecture, of course.

But one thing should be clear to everyone:
Fridays at bank closing, it is always too late, as is robbery time.

And you should, if you've not been doing a long time, no later than this weekend every banker, Büchler party and state officials simply view only as a dangerous sex offender behind the hedge, ie, at each step, consider where lurks the next
predator trap!
De facto, this weekend was the general mobilization of high finance, including the serfs party sycophants against the citizens.
The mask the robber
dictatorship fell.
Always keep in mind:
Since no state is saved, or community maintained!
It will be operated exclusively gamblers betting the usual suspects and bystanders completely robbed it!

The screwdriver is right. The Rubicon has been exceeded with this act
really. What we have (HG-family) always suspected is now

It is not likely that the Cyprus haircut was designed as a test for
savers whether they flee. But that may happen in the euro zone. All
savers know now looks like a WR: Haircut without warning Nacht.WE.

[11:30] DE screwdriver to comment:
They should not complain, they had a choice to break out of the Maoists hell EU and they have not noticed! Incidentally, the German citizens did not veer from the haircut.
someone thinks that the 10 billion is not out of print, so no monetary
inflation remains the all expropriated evenly over the purchasing power?

[12:00] DE:
we should not overreact here. If you read HG not only, but also has acted, it is in position. Cash has long been stashed in banks outside of sufficient dimensions.
Balances on accounts are so far down that you are on currency reform levels. This is for me, not € 3 thousand per account per bank different.
Since we do not know how high is the conversion factor of 1:1.
The rest of the property is bunkered long in bullion. The speculation, which
have a core, are still in selected mining stocks there. What it will then bring his accounts up to upper lip, runterzufahren lower edge?

Let's assume that Germany would also shaved the accounts by 10%. This can be done only once. And what would be the next level? The currency reform.
And here, there would be no escape. Cash in exchange would have 1:1 DM ne exemption limit expires or the rest goes into an escrow account. To bank accounts as well.

When a HGler has done what I have described above, there is no need for action. It is observed in position and can respond and then, if necessary, if necessary. We have
done our homework.
Even if his homework was done, and thus prepared is a certain surprise and reaction is quite appropriate. The social unrest are pulling these steps
are not to be underestimated and will be felt by Vorereiteten.

[16:50] DE:
I agree with you that there is a purposeful German politics. Since
May 2010, it is clear that Angela Merkel wants to get out of the euro.
For 14 May 2010 everything was ready, at the Bundesbank headquarters in
Frankfurt was a mobile television studio built in the notes issued by
the DM should be presented. For 22 clock on Friday night (May 14) is a
televised speech the Chancellor was planned.

A few days before all this was canceled due to "political activity" from the outside. They went out once gezwungernermaßen the way the "euro rescue" with.
The project exit from the euro is wirtd but have never given up, and now
that a party is found, the action is to abolish the euro given dda could get this huge inflow which would threaten the government.
The problem has been that all countries that slipped under the protection
were too big sin. A "haircut" on the bank's customers would there can lead to Unvorsehbarem. But Cyprus: It is small and the risk seemed justifiable. Therefore, the German delegation was time for an involvement of the bank deposits. The goal might be to initiate an EU-wide bank runs and should be able to let crash the euro. The road to the DM would be free.

On the schedule of the "Operation Balthazar" is likely to have actually changed anything. Even the then leaked changeover modalities are likely to continue as viable, otherwise makes the whole pointless.

The next few days (maybe even tonight) make observations and draw
conclusions. Interestingly the long weekend around Easter COULD be ....


306 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:35 pm


Thank you, Nice to see you on here!!

307 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:10 am


Hmmmm--interesting stuff

308 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:37 pm


Lets see "who" will be out of town this week:

Jack Lew will be making his first foreign trip as Treasury secretary
this week as he heads to Beijing for meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday.


On Monday, the president will attend meetings at the White House.

On Tuesday, the president will welcome Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny of Ireland to the White House. The United States and Ireland share a strong bilateral partnership, enduring people-to-people ties, and a commitment to advancing peace, security and prosperity in the world.

In the morning, the president will meet with the Taoiseach in the Oval Office, and subsequently he will attend the traditional St. Patrick's Day lunch at the U.S. Capitol. During the day, the president will also greet First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness of Northern Ireland at the White House to discuss their progress toward meeting their shared commitment to a peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Northern Ireland.

In the evening, the president and first lady will host a reception to celebrate their fifth St. Patrick's Day at the White House. During the reception, the president and Taoiseach will participate in the annual Shamrock ceremony started under President Truman. Later in the evening, the president will depart for Israel.

On Wednesday, the president will have separate meetings with Israeli President Peres and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. He will also hold a joint press conference with Netanyahu.

On Thursday, the president will meet with President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and will tour a youth development center with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad.
Later in the day, the president will deliver a speech to the Israeli people at the Jerusalem International Convention Center. He will also hold a joint press conference with Abbas.

On Friday, the president with meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan and later will hold a joint press conference with Abdullah.

On Saturday, the president will return to Washington, DC.

309 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:53 pm


From Germany...Getting ready for "dejavu 2010 crash over Easter"...LOVE IT!!!

[18:30] Letter in: Euro-Crash ---> preparation supermarkets / retail? The
markets have been ordered from the very top, without explanation, to
the Easter weekend, and especially in the week after Easter, to order
40% more truth than normal inventory.
surprising is 1 This statement came the telephone and 2 especially canned food, noodles, bottled water, rice, flour, milk, sugar and (most importantly) baby food should be kept.
This is an insider info from a branch manager. Apparently feared a Euro crash.

310 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:18 am



New 2013-04-01:

[09:30] Letter in-EN to "Operation Balthasar"
The name may have come from operational Balthasar Balthasar Neumann. He was a German architect of the Baroque and Rococo (including the Wurzburg Residence), on the 50-DM bill the last DM banknote series (BBk III) was shown. It could also be evidence of the bank note series - Structures / eras. There were reports of Hoffmann von Fallersleben on one of the bills and design studies with Bauhaus.

I would be interested more concrete links to May 2010, and the extent to which markets should have reacted and what specific evidence is there to suggest that it has been abgreht from the highest authority. Yes, there was the flash crash in the U.S. stock market from 6.5.2010 - but rather high-frequency trading as a currency reform. Yes, there was a technical error DeNIC on 12.5.2010, which concerned. De domain names and name servers. De.

Excluded were those that begin with 0-9, and "a" to "e", "f" was partially affected - the nightmare was almost over after 2 hours. hartgeld.com could therefore not be turned off because. com was not affected and the name server to denominated. AT. A DDoS attack appears the best option to take unpopular pages offline.

Always interesting is the parallel to 1948 - On 20.6.1948 it was time. In week 23 - so on 3.6.1948 and therefore no three weeks ago was in TIME entitled "Pythia in Frankfurt - Our state before the currency reform, a suspense and fear is in suspended agony" written "General Clay stated that they had on the issue of currency reform made ​​on the Quadripartite basis no progress [...] For the rest, he challenged the assumption that someone might have taken in the American currency reform plan insight Such paper did not exist;.. " http://www. zeit.de/1948/23/pythia-in-frankfurt

It was denied in the press until the end, even though at the time under strictly ester secrecy in Operation Bird Dog already from February to April 1948, the pre-printed in the U.S. 5.7 billion DM were transported to Germany and have passed more concrete plans for implementation had.

It was a desperate situation as still relevant. The reform was in the air, the Reichsmark was so worthless that instead its value and traded for cigarettes and a reform was almost longed for
in the press, of course, is likely to Hofnung on a good exchange rate have been present, the deemed taboo in the press was.

[09:45] comment-DE:
It is well known that politicians and military provide names such operations. One of the Gulf War was called the Americans "Operation Desert Storm". But judging by the name of "Operation Balthazar" on the design and type of bank is a bit far-fetched as I think ..... But it could be so.

The series of banknotes with the Bauhaus and the Benz motor cars and the famous chair of the printing press by Gutenberg ....... which appeared on a website are probably was very likely (future?) really just a design study of a graphic designer. This work is likely to have to do with an order of the Federal Bank to absolutely nothing.

On the contrary. The "new" bills should the "old" to be very similar, if only for psychological reasons. The DM will have brighter colors and new security features and RFID chip (at least in the higher note values). The page www.euroabschaffung.de says the actually quite good and also due shortly why this may be so.

Imagine, therefore, before the old DM series with newly implemented security features ......

On the other hand, there are reports of course a note with the picture of Hoffmann von Fallersleben, the poet of the national anthem of Germany.

That would be very nice it would link to Germany, but would mean a departure for Fallersleben would not necessarily fit in the old series. The new series of banknotes would be printed with very different minds. It would also change the design completely in the case.

Or perhaps a reader recently said the new DM would be a "mix of Euro and old DM" we get such bills. There is speculation as to judge the new notes look. The secrecy works to the point yet.

But I tend to be more likely to say that the new notes are very similar to the old, and only as identifying new bolder colors have said already can look through a different material the bills so the new one is probably made of polymer or is this stuff? Since colors are already stronger on it than from printed on banknote paper .....

New 2013-03-31:
[9:30] letter: Timing for currency reform in Germany:

The currently too obvious provoked Bankenrun should lead to CAUTION. A parallel: In 1957 there were in the GDR also a Bankenrun and as a result, a currency reform was carried out, with each citizen at that time only $ 300 cash could be exchanged, the rest came in blocked accounts and is today still "frozen". The slogan of the time was something like: only speculators and people have contact with Western cash.

Conclusion: Now to get his money from the bank, which is highly recommended - but change it out immediately in precious metals and commodities. Paper money is safely exchanged again only limited to the new currency.

Forecast at the time of a currency reform: For some time, I believe that the power of human Merkel wants an entry in the history book and therefore a re-introduction of the DM is the basic foundation for re-election.

From this point now the maneuvering and delaying the start of the crisis, the bungled crisis management, the current switch to a tougher approach under German leadership and the quasi-calling seem to Bankenrun logical and understandable.

Even the rather lax approach to the AFD and the actions of competing BuBa (gold retrieval, publishing protocol) fit into this picture. One should assume that at least 3 months prior to the elections will almost certainly take place in Germany a currency reform ... maybe even at Pentecost!

The increase in the impact rate in enforcing unpopular and previously "unthinkable" measures, various resignation announcements from the EU elite floors and the simmering unrest in the colonies and the exponential, international loss of confidence in the euro currency clearly indicate that the climax is not far be can!

Why not a WR before the election:

a) the loss of their savings will be attributed primarily to Merkel, but one can assume that the SPD / Green opposition is not from our own stupidity to be able to exploit the
b) Germany is not alone out the euro, which has been tried before. The IM Erika acts sends his regards.

However, if the Euro "by itself goes down", that would be something anderes.WE.

[10:30] comment:
If the € saying untregeht without much fanfare and Botchy before the BW the DM introduces, she could stand it as the savior. Maybe then their last option to maintain power.
But that would mean that it anticipates a big bang and tends the chance to smash a big mess and the system to completely re-organize zero. Power structures, Fiat Money and exploitation then simply go to another level further.

That would be one probably tactically. not as unwise for them, but a farce for the people.

If it goes wrong, it still remains the ranch in Paraguay.

[11:00] comment: sole exit?
14 May 2010 was the only exit of Germany from the Euro will be announced. It was known early on in the markets, and therefore it could also intervene politicians (Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Obama ...)

The other at least two times where it was tried again because it seems to have failed in the markets to focus on an exit of Germany, gives a "surprise attack" is no longer possible.
Therefore, we try now - but this is speculation - something else by trying to trigger the bank runs, then bring the banks to falter and thus may trigger the end of the euro.

Advantage: It looks like a "natural end" and you can then speak as an "emergency brake" on euro out.

My words are of course just speculation but it looks to me from what is currently running.
But we must also remember to never quite alone, it can namely to "escape forward" come and "Erika" published their acts themselves and thus taking the wind out of the other.

Mrs Merkel can actually win only by everything in context makes public, including the blackmail against Germany from May 2010, by Mr Berlusconi, Sarkozy and Obama and some other things.

The German opposition is certainly stupid enough to stay on the euro to fall even more on the side of the euro and the EU. It could aufgehen.WE.

[13:00] The Wrench:
So if there even before the election should be a WR in Germany, it does not mean anything good.

Our submissive Chefidiotologen decide something not alone. In order for a re-election is not compromised, could then take place not the haircut. That would mean you Merkel wants to hold on to power. All liabilities and commitments remain, otherwise they would not allow this extra tour Merkel.

For this purpose it would be necessary that it has made commitments over which they allowed her this:

DM comes back, it may Merkel gets absolutely, or even above 60%.

After that, the liabilities are striking, the DM will hyperinflationiert to pay the real bubble and also the bailouts / betting interest at all.

The measures are so drastic that they are made of good hand, so Merkel / Schäuble wants to, because you want to take any chances.

You need to stop the DM as a tool, as a Plan B if the Eurocrats could still wiggle.
If the DM is flat, then everything is so shot that you cry for a world currency, or consolidation, dollar / euro.

The USE is established, the mood is turning into: Do ​​we tell me straightaway, sectionalism gets. Oh, and before the DM hyperinflationiert, go down the rest of the euro zone countries still Bach, one after the other. Namely, that hyperinflation is in the air, is now within reach, if you follow news. That can not be long concealed, whether with or without the euro.

[15:55] comment-DE:

"The other at least two times where it was tried again because it seems to have failed in the markets the focus on an exit of Germany, gives a" surprise attack "is no longer possible."

What does this "focus"? This can only have when information is verhanden which were described as credible. This then means that there are informants from the government camp. What does that again, there was treachery.

So if Germany wanted to get out in 2010 and was prevented by treachery because there has to be probably a faction in the government, which undermines Merkel if the planned phase was approved by her.

There also arises the question of whether what is happening now that has been authorized by the Chancellor. But even if not, the "Pandora's box" is open. Merkel can then only react. It can no longer operate freely in the sense of taste, but only that she wins the upper hand again. But how will that work when it is allegedly being blackmailed?

This raises the fundamental question: how are the real power in the government and who really pulls the strings in the background.

[16:30] comment-DE:
the currency reform of 2010 must have been betrayed. Because the "Operation Balthazar" was planned so well that it would have worked if they had not been betrayed by someone. The show so you could get the information later if you had been specifically ........

Is the question of who might have committed this treachery among the motives. We remember those who post in "productions" after there had been a ABATEMENT OF ONLY 1000 EURO and everything else would have to blocked accounts which would then expire later. It is conceivable that someone join this gigantic raid this would not be betrayed. The betrayal is not the post office in the U.S. forum, which must be carried out before, and indeed at a higher governmental level or Bundesbank.

It is therefore questionable whether there can be an exit crashes without the euro. While I am sure that they will try again, but the secrecy is not mwehr secured. The only thing on the secrecy is not (yet) that it is not a picture of the new "DM2" there. This can not be because the number of those who have seen the bills would be very small.

[17:15] The security of this operation Balthasar was more than lousy. Even a blind intelligence would have noticed anything. The subsequent experiments were better camouflaged, but there were all already aware. Even I got from multiple sources May 7 the dates. and May 14, 2010 - the jungle drums. At May 6 until then, the markets have responded. With the disclosure of some details on theproductions at May 12. has the system by completely turned off and wanted the German Internet. But since the surgery Balthasar was filmed. It was filmed at the EU summit on 7.5.WE.

[18:00] comment-DE:

it was in the winter of 2009 and were then greatly strengthened in spring 2010 as already spotted the huge transport convoys Bundesbank anywhere on the German Autobahn. Already there were secret at the "alarm bells" ringing need. This intensity of (money) transports was "not normal". It could and it is probably asked the question "what have before, what do the". And then began the work of the "services" may already be.

In the experiments wieteren the transports were not longer needed the security was better but it was just by - the German plan something bigger ...... And since you have just set the focus already on it.

It was clear that at that summit in May, then the WR has since turned the other may not have been so far and knew that without € "have no chance" .......

However, I believe that the "operation Balthazar" is but yet completed. For "dead" it is not meant ......

[18:55] comment-US operation to Balthasar:

"Balthazar is a first name Babylonian and Hebrew origin. It means" Baal / God save his life "or" Baal / God Save the King ", derived from Belshazzar. Baal means something like" lord "or" master "."

But as the future WR will be called, as it is always happy to say Merkel maintains "No alternative". It's just a question of when it is in the outer manifestation. And that could now be relatively soon. The fuse is burning and is close to the finish.

[19:35] comment-US operation to Balthasar:

Balthasar (Belzarza) is closely related to Beelzebub (city god of the Philistine cities, translated "Lord of the Flies'), therefore, from a Christian perspective, the devil. Thus, no matter how one turns's and turns - a currency reform is terrible for many.

311 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:38 am


WOW GOT this in a email...LOVE IT!!! TOTALLY goes with what Germany is saying!!! CK

  • As the euro is backed by counterfeit currency issued by the European
    Central Bank in payment for the leasing of the Global Collateral
    Account gold, the ECB will be offered an opportunity to buy back the
    many trillions in phony notes they have issued. As they will not be
    able to do this, they will be shut down and/or taken over. The euro
    will go away, and the eurozone nations will return to their national
    currencies, minus their debt.

  • All the nations currently groaning under central bank debt – Greece,
    Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Italy, et al – will be debt-free once
    these actions are complete, and the ECB is revealed for what it is.

  • The New World Order takeover of the assets and sovereignty of the
    so-called debtor nations will be stopped. The economy-killing austerity
    and loss of sovereignty will end – no more Goldman Sachs cabalists will
    be appointed to rule your destinies.

  • Humanitarian projects will get fully underway only once this process has been completed.

312 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:34 am


GERMANY sure was CHATTY Yesterday and per the "intel" person below they where thinking LAST NIGHT something would happen...love it germany!!!!!! .....CK

New 2013-04-07:
[09:00] Letter in-DE: I am now very careful due to the ongoing coverage of the 100.000der guarantee for savers and the fears that are triggered so, I have a very bad idea:

CAUTION! Extreme caution against the lies and crooked lawyers from Brussels and Berlin! Make basically the exact opposite of what is being discussed in public:
After all, the next possible step -> currency reform!

° 100,000 to accounts (!) Are umgerubelt 1:1 in national currencies. Rest then 1:10 or blocked account.

° cash but, because of the many black, mafia and drug money, can only be up to 1000 € per person (!) Or are paid so similar to the old euro account. The remainder, if any, may also be an escrow account!

I think here is prepared the next tight haircut, the haircut of the cash owner!

So extreme care when attempting to hoard the money to other accounts of the! Under the mattress, for example. Precious metals now need not necessarily be the panacea when eg.

The fools in the wake of potential currency reform, the gold price fixed with a fictitious and lousy conversion factor to the new currencies tie! I have a bad feeling right now ...

[09:00] reader comment-DE:
It could be that these are signs already that the euro should be "terminated". In any case, the previous Euro.

I do not rule and feared that, although to a currency reform, but it is not new to currencies in Europe but is that the euro itself being "reformed". After this reform, the euro is simply worth less!

Means that we will eventually get a weak currency. Rather it would be me but then the euro would completely broken and there will be new national currencies.

What enforcement of paper has always incorporated the breaking point already: It is still only a new paper using heads - perhaps fitting for Germany Grimm's fairy tale motifs or shorn sheep from Grzimek's Zoo.TS

[12:15] The one-liner:
The print continues as the sow and indeed the world - the whole is synchronized globally from the U.S. via the IMF.

Previously did we mention geopolitical conflicts, the Middle East, but especially the U.S. and China, and with time's thundering along the entire financial system. In 5 years, not one stone standing on the other and all the cans are empty eaten. Only the strongest, if any, will survive this.

People read, better yet, the word for Sunday from me.

[12:15] reader comment-EU: Cyprus was the beta test

I see it so that Cyprus was a beta test is still ... the capital of € 100,000 is the Verkundung (insecure, etc.) and will be marketed under € 100,000 shaved sooner or later.

Do not forget, big capital has been expropriated not directly ... you always shaved the little sheep.

After the States can not save more banks, the banks will deprive now clearly their own customers. After me, the deluge. In order for the euro to be maintained further.

[12:15] reader comment-DE: Germany will have to write off up to 3 trillion euros
This also means that U.S. creditors as Sun willy nilly 2.5 - must write off 3 trillion. Incl.

TARGET2 balances, ESM etc. etc. Or does anyone think that GR with the new drachma, Italy with the new lira, Spanish peseta with the new pay anything more? No, they will be declared insolvent and DE also to blame for the crash. It cuts deep into the German savers sheep meat and no longer leaves healing ghastly wounds.

[12:30] reader comment-DE: gold market will be swept clean
The reader expresses the fear that the state could gold after a WR

"... Connect firmly with a fictitious and lousy conversion factor to the new currency."
In this case, the gold will quickly disappear from the market, as no gold owner is willing to sell off its assets in value. Even where mining is collapsing, if EM is too cheap. It occurs to a shortage of supply because even jewelry processing industry, etc. Gold and silver especially need.

Must be considered also that the typical buyer of gold to present the "hard-boiled" heard the faint, State faithful sheep was the EM already largely subsided. Confiscation of EM, gold ban, trade restrictions and special taxes for EM are therefore likely to be unsuccessful.

An arbitrarily fixed value ratio of new paper money and gold can therefore be kept for only a short time, if it does not correspond to the real market relations. The story also shows clearly, although it is the today's politicians be trusted absolutely, to embark on such aberrations.

They still dream of the "big" state, which is knowing better and paternalistic control the lives of citizens, while in reality they break their instruments of rule (fiat money) under the hand.

As for the hoarding of cash, I give the reader right: Come prohibitions or restrictions cash, you remain seated on colorful pieces of paper, as it were abruptly canceled and no one takes longer.

[12:30] reader comment-DE: "The World" raises DM2 on front page
This morning at the local baker was the world on Sunday. Great headline today's print edition:

"Return to the D-mark" with a large picture of the good old Sebastian Münster.

In the article, even though it went to the AFD, from the headline that was not a piece of clear and well known, is one of "first impression", because that is stored.

My '2 cents': It will not be long ...

[12:30] reader comment-DE: On the old hundreds, was Clara Schumann

[12:30] reader comment-DE: The Gold Shakers did not believe in a currency reform

Here is the EM-seller again. Surely no one seriously believes it to a WR before the federal election.

It is once again a topic hyped which has been discussed here many times and always comes up against when long weekends (Easter / Pentecost) are nearby. I also do not think that big business is sheared and is forewarned. The policy has not had the courage until now and it will not continue to have. Also, such a project would not be kept secret, it was also becoming outward. See Cyprus, there were rumors. Here, however, not only on their side. 2010 I also believed it may have been that it would be almost happened back then and their jungle drums were right. But in the meantime has changed her mind to, it will not happen to anyone else would have noticed something. I think I did everything right, and we see in the next 10 years no WR.

Of course we will try to move to WR after the election. But whether it will work in the face of strained for tearing Euros also, still stands behind the stars.

[12:30] reader comment-DE: Accounts are simple hearts content

There is absolutely not enough cash so that such a haircut is worth the money, also you need the cash to starve the people and not buy what you can, when banks have to. In addition, cash must be transported and guarded accounts are much easier to handle

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Hey ya'll,

Long time no posting...LOL

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything but when it has been "same crap different day" no reason to type anything. Oh I've started to type out something but end up not finishing it. With this change over FLIP THIS WORLD global reset...stuff gets out dated fast so anyway...we wait.

A dear friend of mine from CMKX land send me a post he made...I couldn't have said it better!! Sorry it is not going to tell you like a dinarland guru "today" "this week" BS but just points out many things that you can go HMMMM about!


The Conditioning
The conditioning started long ago but as you will see the conditioning is getting stronger and stronger with each passing month.  I will try to show you how they are setting the stage for what will appear to some as the taking away of America but in reality it is the process of getting our true America back to what some of our founding fathers  intended…”The land of the free and how of the brave.”

First of all let me say a few things about our President; on the surface and with the help of some media outlets, which I believe is part of the entire conditioning, is to make him and government look bad for several reasons, first one being, the Hegelian Dialectic that I talked about before, the left vs. the right system of corruption and deceit on the American people, secondly, as you are seeing currently it’s about making the CURRENT government look (as it really is) bad by revealing the inner workings of the corporation and how they use our military industrial complex, with the help of corporations and alphabet agencies,  which are controlled by the non governmental agency, the CFR.  Ask yourself this one question; is Obama really that corrupt, naive or stupid or is he allowing the corporations corruption to be seen by the people prior to it being taking down and taking America back for the people?  That’s for you to decide.

Those running the transformation know they just can’t flip the switch on such a big event without conditioning the masses which is what the media is for, conditioning you and me for what they want us to accept down the road.  In the past it’s always been to take our freedoms and enslaves us for their gain.  This time I believe is different, but like I said in my earlier post, ones belief system will be challenged and pushed to a place one isn’t familiar with.  This is why they must condition the masses first and for a while I might add.  This could go to the fall or even into 2014 before they pull the plug on the corporation (organic act of 1871) we talk about.  Why, there is more conditioning to do.

Let’s look at and break down some of the last several months media reporting about the corporation; The NSA whistle blower, is he really telling the truth?  Is he revealing what really takes place inside our NSA?  Is he showing American’s that there is a unconstitutional black side to our NSA?  Is he being used to condition the masses to get a glimpse of what is real?  Trust me, this isn’t the first whistle blower against the alphabet agencies, why so much coverage now?  

The IRS, the thug non government agency that is incorporated out of Puerto Rico, designed to be the collection agency for the FED RES.  This is an issue that brings up the 14th and 16th amendments and their true meaning and purpose by the evil bankers to rob and steal from the people.  I’ve already went over that, so I won’t repeat again.  But what is the real reason for the media beating the drum of the IRS so loudly? Do you really think this is the first time the IRS has acted in a corrupt way by targeting of the Tea Party groups?  In fact today, many are asking for the IRS to be dissolved and infused into the Treasury.  Do you think this is a coincidence?  Or is it more conditioning for the masses to scream for change?  Why has it taken so long to bring this evil organization to the forefront?  It’s all about timing; I’ve said that for years.  

The FED RES, we all know that all eyes on Wall Street waiting for Bernanke to pull the plug on the $85 Billion a month that is buying Bonds to keep America afloat and to purchase and clean up as many MBS derivatives before this gets turned upside down.  Will he start this week or will he continue to prop the market and America up?  That is the question that leads to either waiting longer or seeing the FED, IRS, and the Corporation fall, which leads us to our endgame.  Payout!!  

If and when the FED pulls back, it will be very swift and hard, the bond market bubble will burst, interest rates will rise in order to get someone to buy our debt and would lead to the biggest crisis America has ever seen, yes even worse than the Great Depression.  But of course we all know that is the set up for the big announcement.  Never let a crisis go to waste!!!  Now do you see what that statement means?  Remember Urban said, “it starts with derivatives and it ends with derivatives.”  They have been cleaning up derivatives for several years now, at the height, they were around 1 quadrillion.  It’s much smaller now but still a big number, remember me saying if they would have pulled the trigger back then, pensions, mutual funds, 401k’s and the market would have completely collapsed and the average middle class worker would have been hurt the worst.  They could not let happen.  So for several years it’s been clean up time.

I don’t know the timeline of when but you can see the changes happening all around us.  As you all know by now, Iran elected a new leader, Amadinejad is out and a new moderate is in?  Is this just a coincidence?  You decide, but so far we have seen many world leaders of old go bye bye!  Just as we’ve seen our own politicians that have ruled for decades, appear to just walk away, why is that?  Maybe they see the writing on the walls and want to get out before facing humiliation of their past corruption.  World transformation is happening very fast, many don’t seem to put it all together but it’s very clear, the way of old is being cast out and a new way of global peace is being transformed right before our eyes.  I’m not trying to upset anyone by saying it COULD go into this fall or 2014, the only reason I say that is, I see more conditioning to take place, even though Americans are tired of Washington, what American’s have to and must accept, is that all the corruption within our system, has been hidden in plain sight by using Hollywood, Media, Entertainment, and much more, they have kept us blinded to these very facts hidden in plain sight.

Keep in mind there are 5 media moguls that own and control every aspect of indoctrination of the people, for example, all five of these media corporations own every business that what you think is to help educate yourself; newspapers, books, movies, television, magazines, etc.  Do yourself a favor and Google,” images for media corporations” and see for yourself, look at all the charts that show you how they control every aspect of our lives through corporations and media, the international bankers own 25% of every corporation.  This is how they have controlled every aspect of what you know, think, buy and learn.

And that brings me to my last point; you might call me crazy but let’s look at the Hollywood aspect of the conditioning.  What movies have been coming out in the last year or so?  I will point to just a couple for examples.  The movie “Oz, the Great and Powerful,”  as you all know, the original Wizard of Oz and yellow brick road was Frank L. Baum’s story of gold, silver, the tin man, scarecrow and the lion, which all represented us and how the international bankers control the people, I won’t go into that though.  But if you watch “Oz the great and powerful” you can get a hint of what is to come, this is what Hollywood does, it puts whatever conditioning they want into your subconscious, whether you get it or put it together, it’s all about conditioning.

The next movie is “Olympus has Fallen,” in this movie, a terrorist takes over the White House, in this movie it has many pieces that I believe are indicators of what this transformation in America is all about, one is that the terrorist wants the President to pull back the 7th fleet from the region, pull out all ground troops on the DMZ or the border of North and South Korea.  If you listen to what the terrorist says to the President while he is captured, you will see how it relates to ending the evil side of the Military Industrial Complex of wars for profit.  Also in the last monologue of the President after he is freed from capture, he is standing at the podium speaking to the American people and the media, and mentions some very key points that I believe are not coincidence.  He mentions and I’m paraphrasing, “America needs a rebirth and get back to what this country was meant to be.”  There are many other lines in the movie and if you pay attention, it will make you wonder, is this part of the conditioning of the masses to help them get it in the end.  I also find it ironic that there is another movie coming out next week called “White House Down.”  Will it have key statements or conditioning parts to it as well?  I don’t know.

Let’s hope we are closer than this fall or 2014 but keep in mind, they will keep beating the drum as long as possible to imbed it into your mind, so when things do happen, they are hoping for less chaos and more cooperation during the transformation.  This is because of the belief system that we all have been subject to through education, media, and politicians.  We have been indoctrinated by the evil side for our entire lives and now, a group from the good side is trying to recondition you to the truth and trust me, that takes time to do.  

I personally think the biggest indicator will be when the FED starts pulling back on QE or stops it.  Cause all hell will break loose when that happens, it’s inevitable.  That will be the crisis that takes the transformation and the fiat system ending public!  I will tell you this, it will happen, why?  Because the laws of economics can’t be fooled, only delayed.  The FED printing money is only delaying the end of the fiat system.  IT WILL FALL!!  And with that fall, America will be back in the hands of the people and not the international bankers.  I’m not saying every little aspect of the change will happen all at once, but it will change.  I’m praying for a pull back of QE sooner rather than later.

In the past I’ve always said, the media is just smoke and mirrors and in reality it is, but its main job has always been about conditioning the masses.

Hope this help and doesn’t confuse!

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Interesting stuff

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He sent me a new one today...DeltaDon sure has a way with words...good writer! I love thinking "outside the box"....interesting read...enjoy CK:


Is Obama and those running the transformation naïve, stupid, and corrupt? Or, are they playing this so brilliantly that no one can see their strategy, have they been so covert so most can’t see through the smoke and mirrors in front of “operation take down”?

Step outside of what you see in the media for one minute and think outside the box, because we all know from day one in CMKX land and Dinar RV world, we’ve had to think outside the box to piece this together over the years.

One who studies history will tell you that every President that HAS been elected or put into office by the International bankers through such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group, and the Trilateral Commission with the help of the media.  I don’t see Obama situation any different.  Those Presidents in history that have been assassinated by the international bankers, were originally put in office by those who killed them, why?  Once in office they turned against the Bankers. 

Part of getting the nod from the bankers to become President is to allow them to install “their guys” into the administration into positions like Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, heck every presidential candidate is told who their running mate will be by the bankers.  Ronald Reagan did not want G.H.W. Bush to be his running mate, but was told; “if you want to be president, he will be your running mate.”  It’s all part of getting the nod.

So here is where I want you to think outside the box!  Is it possible that Obama is letting those who are so entrenched with the evil side to actually destroy themselves and their corrupt agencies?  Look at all the agencies that are self destructing.  Is the FBI next?  Do you really see Obama defending any of these agencies with any effort?  He does the minimum and that’s only to keep the media talking about it.  Has the bear trap been set to bring down the corruption from within?  Is Obama allowing the lid to be raised on corporation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, so the public can see the truth and demand change?  So when the time comes for the masses to see the old collapse into the new, will that conditioning suppress most of the radicals from causing too much chaos due to their ignorance?  You decide.

Just as the evil bankers brought down the twin towers from within to destroy the global banking oversight computers in 2001’, which if anyone doesn’t know, those computer systems were on floors 1 & 2 of the North Tower and Greenspan was to make an announcement at 10am that morning of September 11th, 2001.  As everyone knows that announcement never happened.  The new computers are in Canada this go around, the evil corporation couldn’t be trusted with them in America.

So I want you to look back at Obama’s presidency through another prism and see how he has orchestrated his term.  Is he the evil bankers bad guy as many in the media want you to see or is it all a ruse, to get us to that moment in time when the old corrupt corporation crumbles from within, and falls into the new safety net?  Was he the chosen guy to allow it to crumble from within under his presidency?  You decide.  Most presidents aren’t judged until years after their terms are over and we see the effects from their years of labor.  Time will tell!


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Here is another from DeltaDon...LOVE IT!! CK

In America it’s all about the transforming of 2 flags
Over the years, we all have listened to many, ideas, theory’s and rumors.  But most of what this transformation is truly rooted in, is the transformation of two flags flown over America.  One is the District of Columbia Flag with two red strips and three red stars.  What they have stood for since the flag was flown over D.C. is truly what needs to change, will the flag go away, I have no idea, but what those 3 stars represent is at the core of many or most of our worlds problems, those 3 stars and what they represent are what my last couple posts were really about, control and enslaving the people of the world or the masses. 

The other flag is our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FLAG with its three sided yellow fringe and what that yellow fringe represents to the three branches of government;  Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  As many don’t know, it’s just another piece of the puzzle of enslaving the masses.  As we move closer to transition time, I can’t tell you at what point all areas that these two flags represent will be totally transformed but I assure you, what they truly represent will eventually fall and bring about a constitutional government as it was intended by those who wanted a true republic.

This is what I think is where we could see chaos and turbulence in America; many don’t understand our true hidden history is or how they have manipulated the masses to believe in a land of the free and home of the brave.  We all have been indoctrinated by the educational system, controlled by the International Bankers.  To clarify, the International Bankers represent of entire group of elites that want to control the world through these three stars on the D. C. flag and in America, admiralty/maritime law and how it enslaves American’s. 

We’ve talked about how America became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA through the “Organic Act of 1871 and how the original 13 amendment, “Titles of Nobility Act” and how the British burned this original 13 amendment during the War of 1812, they had good reason to wipe it out of America for their covert plan, this way they could infiltrate our government with their evil puppet politicians, most politicians in government have titles of nobility, if our original 13 amendment was put back into the constitution, and the Organic Act of 1871 was repealed, the corporation would fall and the Republic could rise again.  Two other serious unconstitutional amendments must be repealed as well, which would collapse the FED RES and IRS.  The 14th amendment, which makes us all CITIZENS of the CORPORATION, and the 16th amendment, which is The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.  The income tax collection, repealing this amendment would take away the power of the FED and the ability to collect income tax by its thug collection agency, the IRS out.  My guess is the employees of the IRS will be infused into the U.S.

Treasury department, because if NESARA is announced and put into law publicly, we will see the income tax go away and have a national sales tax.  So after reading below and what these flags have represented in history, one should be able to understand what is at the core of the transformation in America, is about to accomplish. 

My last posts talked about many American’s belief system being challenged, what I’m trying to say, is that we see many internet video on YouTube and Google that seem to be trying to inject fear into the masses by saying military operations around the U.S. where the police are working with the military, flying over cities and training for martial law.  Well this is partially true, I do believe they are preparing for marital law if needed, what one has to understand, is that many who have entrenched themselves into a certain media, political party or religious indoctrination will be forced to step out of their comfort zone and using one’s own personal logic, one must try to open their eyes and mind to idea that maybe we have been lied to our entire lives about many different areas of life. 

Michelle Obama was right over 4 years ago when she said, “We need to change our history”, boy, did the media jump all over that? Oh they did, if one uses their own logic and researches our true history and what has been done to the people of our country, and the world community, then and only then will those people take a step back and look at this transformation with a clear lens and not rose colored glasses. 

This is WHY my last two posts are trying to help grasp the true meaning of this transformation, many in this country will not be able to grasp it or understand it until the smoke clears and soon realize this is for the good of the people and not an end times, revelation takeover of America like some news organizations are trying to paint and even some politicians.

We all know that those who have been evil for so long never give up, even when they’re on their back, gasping for air.  These are the ones trying to put fear in the masses, because they want the masses to create chaos and fight back against the transformation, for when chaos spools up, it puts more fear in the masses, so please do not buy into end time for America, will things be different, of course and some changes certain individuals won’t like, but once they start to understand what these two flags represented and who controlled them, maybe then the masses will start to calm down and accept the real true history of what these two flags have represented.  I don’t want anyone to think we are talking about tearing down our flag or flags but rather, transforming them into, sovereign and Constitutional flags.  Now will this world become a global community?  Yes, and some might have a problem with the term global community, but do not let them fool you into believing its end times prophecy, the sky is falling.  We could also see many American’s getting very angry at the truth, for example; if you lost loved ones in wars and finally find out that all wars were for profit, natural resources or drugs, and not about terrorism, one might get real angry and react, this is why the government has to be ready with martial law, it is more for keeping peace during transition, mostly in case some American’s who just go crazy.

History will be rewritten and that true evil side of history that represents, enslavement by means of fiat currency, unconstitutional admiralty/maritime law and wars for profit, will be seen and the masses educated to the truth.  As this happens it challenges everyone’s belief system and trust in the real America or trust in those steering this transformation.  I will repeat this again, we have a front row seat to the show!  Don’t get caught up in the turbulence and chaos, it’s educated people like the CMKX shareholders  who have been educated over the years that can help in the transformation by staying calm and trusting what got us here.

Let’s look at the 2 flags:

What do the three stars represent?  One is for the 10 square mile area surrounding the District of Columbia which stands the Pentagon, representing the Military Industrial Complex, another one represents the Crown of London, the 677 rectangular acre areas with a population of roughly 4,000, it sits next to the 610 square mile area of greater London, and the other represents the Vatican and religion

"To the majority of people the words "Crown" and "City" in reference to London refer to the queen or the capital of England.

This is not the truth. The "City" is in fact a privately owned Corporation - or Sovereign State - occupying an irregular rectangle of 677 acres and located right in the heart of the 610 square mile 'Greater London' area. The population of 'The City' is listed at just over four thousand, whereas the population of 'Greater London' (32 boroughs) is approximately seven and a half million.

"The Crown" is a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as London or 'The City.' 'The City' is not part of England. It is not subject to the Sovereign. It is not under the rule of the British parliament. Like the Vatican in Rome, it is a separate, independent state.

"The City", which is often called "the wealthiest square mile on earth," is ruled over by a Lord Mayor. Here are grouped together Britain's great financial and commercial institutions: Wealthy banks, dominated by the privately-owned (Rothschild controlled) Bank of England, Lloyd's of London, the London Stock Exchange, and the offices of most of the leading international trading concerns. Here, also, is located Fleet Street, the heart and core of the newspaper and publishing worlds.

When the Queen of England goes to visit the City she is met by the Lord Mayor at Temple Bar, the symbolic gate of the City. She bows and asks for permission to enter his private, sovereign State. During such State visitsThe Lord Mayor leads the queen into his city.

The symbolism is clear. The Lord Mayor is the monarch. The Queen is his subject.

The "modern" world of so-called Western Civilization began at the end of the 17th century with the blossoming of the British Empire. The underpinnings of that empire actually began several hundred years earlier with the establishment of the City of London, which is now an 800-year old corporation that controls finance and philosophy for an entity called the Crown. This entity is the creator and controller of the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. They also control the World Bank, the IMF and associated cartels. The crown identity is kept most secret.

The Crown/Bank of England assumed control of the United States during the Roosevelt administration (1901-1909) when its agent J.P. Morgan took over 25% of American business.
The Crown has never been the King or Queen of England since the establishment of this corporate body. The Crown is the directorate of the corporation. The island of Britain is a financial oligarchy run by the "Crown" which refers to the "City of London," not the Queen. The City is run by the Bank of England, a "private" corporation. The City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William the third of Orange privatized and turned the Bank of England over to the banksters.

Considered the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law.
It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag and its own police force, separate from the metropolitan. City (crown/corporation) police drive red police cars and their uniforms are slightly different from the Metropolitan Police.

The Vatican is a landlocked sovereign city-state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome.  It has an area of approximately 44 hectares (110 acres), and a population of just over 800. This makes Vatican City the smallest internationally recognized independent state in the world by both area and population. The Pope is also the Head of State and Government of the Vatican City State.  I won’t go into anything negative about religion, I know it’s a very personal subject and it’s not my intention to upset or insult anyone.  All I can say about this is that the old Pope stepping down was a big thing in the transformation; I wish the new Pope all the best!  

This flag represents Admiralty/Maritime Law in America!  The Constitution is suspended!
Letter I found which in my opinion is excellent!

By Rose Colombo – August 3, 2011

Dear President Obama, Honorable Members of the United States Congress, and the Hon. U.S. Justices:

Re: Martial Law and Suspension of the U.S. Constitution

We The People love the story of Betsy Ross carefully stitching the original red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America, but without fringe around all three sides. It was a plain red, white, and blue Flag of the United States of America with a powerful and sentimental meaning to every patriotic loyal American who fought to make this country great and pledged their allegiance to the Flag of the United States.

After much research, I learned that on August 21, 1959, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an Executive Order 10834 which is printed in the Federal Registry – 24 F.R. 6865 – pursuant to law and stated that a military flag is a flag that resembles the regular Flag of the United States of America except that it has yellow fringe on the borders on all three sides.  It’s my understanding from the materials I’ve read that the yellow fringed U.S. Flag represents the United States military when entering international waters, so does that mean that the U.S.

 Constitution is suspended once the military enters into international waters?  My research leads me to believe that the yellow fringed flag was intended for military use only or that it’s displayed in summary Court Martial procedures against civilians.  Below are some questions that I believe deserve clarification:

1. I’ve noticed over the years that the Flag of the United States displayed at the White House press conferences or displayed elsewhere appear to have yellow fringe on all three sides along the borders and it’s my understanding that fringe is intended for military purposes and can be ordered by the executive office to be displayed as the U.S. President is also the Command-in-Chief of the military - is that true? 

2.  Why do many courtrooms, especially those where the President has appointed federal judges have flags which have yellow fringe on all three sides of the flag as I read that the federal government is using yellow fringed flags as a warning to citizens that the U.S. Constitution is suspended in those courtrooms and the American people aren’t protected by U.S. constitutional law in those courtrooms and the judges can use any laws they choose, even foreign laws – like Shariah law, for example – is that right or wrong?  Furthermore, wouldn’t this present a dictatorial government and a tool to by-pass the constitution as well as a conflict of interest between the U.S. President and his appointment of Federal Judges against the American people?

3.  Is the government using the yellow fringed flag as a warning without a verbal declaration that once American citizens walk into the people’s house, the White House, and they see the United States Flag with yellow fringe on all three sides displayed that  such an action could provide the government with a tool if opposed by the people of saying,  the people saw the yellow fringed flag and therefore had knowledge that the executive officer, the U.S. President, who is the Commander-in-Chief declared Martial Law on U.S. soil – is that true or false?

4.  Also, when American litigants or any U.S. citizen walks into a state or federal courtroom and the Flag of the United States is sitting outside or inside of the courtroom with yellow fringe on all three sides representing military law how then should the American people determine if that presiding Justice of Judge in a case believes his fiduciary duty is to uphold, defend, and preserve the U.S. Constitution or a foreign law such as Admiralty/Maritime or the U.N. or if he believes his primary duty is to the Commander-in-Chief; therefore, believing that he has authority to stonewall cases brought against public servants of the executive office? 

After all, if the federal government is believing that the U.S. Flag with yellow fringe on all  three sides suspends the U.S. Constitution, then how would that not equate to the White House rendering the American people helpless and at the mercy of the federal government without constitutional protections and rendering citizens guilty until proven innocent?

5.  Finally, is the U.S. Constitution suspended and if so, under which constitutional authority are White House elected public servants applying that grants them the authority to violate their sworn oaths as well as their fiduciary primary duty to UPHOLD, defend, and preserve the constitution versus “suspend” the Constitution?  The American people would never elect public servants if they knew their intent was to SUSPEND the U.S. Constitution rendering the American people unprotected and vulnerable to legal abuse and injustices.  Which constitutional law provides congress the authority to “suspend” the U.S. Constitution in the past 235 years?

6. Under which U.S. Constitutional authority is the Executive Office or the U.S. Congress or federal or state judges applying that grants them the power to replace the original U.S. Flag without yellow fringe with a Flag of the United States of America with yellow fringe on all three sides in the White House or public buildings or public courthouses on U.S. soil?  Wouldn’t that allow foreign nations even enemy nations like Communist or radical nations to fly their flags on U.S. soil if the U.S. constitution was suspended by the President aka Commander-in-Chief and congress?

7.  And, which constitutional authority are the Executive Office, or the U.S. Congress, or U.S. judges applying that provides  them the authority to display the U.N. flag next to a U.S. flag in public courtrooms as reported by litigants recently in a state or federal courtroom if their allegiance is to the Flag of the United States of America?  

8.  Is the U.S. Flag with the yellow fringe on all three sides a declaration of Martial law or a suspended constitution in America?  And, is this why the federal government believes they don’t have to follow U.S. Constitutional law forcing innocent Americans to be intrusively groped, naked photographed and full body radiated at the airports in violation of Article IV of the United States Constitution?

Thank you for your time and consideration as I look forward to your immediate response and I will share the response with other Americans.


Rose Colombo, registered voter, U.S. Natural Born Citizen and Legal Activist

I hope this helps!  Staying calm in the eye of the storm is very important to you and your family.


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all very interesting, I have been reading and listening to this kind of stuff for a few years, and have made a few statements of such. But I speak as to what the Bible says, seeing signs of the time's in todays society and goverment. It is all true, but that will be up to each person to decide for them selfs. There is a good video out there called, " the Isiah 9-10 judgement" Well here it is off you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLtmxUY4d6U , I know you cant believe everything you see on youtube... But if you know you bible you can follow along in the prophetic warnings in the old testement and see that as he talkes about the Harbingers. Amazing. I could go on and on with more end time prophecys that are beeing seet up in front of your eyes. " Those who have eyes to see let them see, those who have ears to hear let them hear"

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Very interesting stuff from Deltadon CK. I've often turned it over in my mind about Obama's real agenda as well. I guess the only thing we can do is wait and see what really happens. I do like the way things are going with all the corruption being shown the American people, and it almost seems that when one scandal seems to dry up, another pops up right after it! Here's to hoping Deltadon is correct about all of this!!

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