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World Economy part 2..rumors!!!

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51 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:13 am









52 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:11 am


MrsCK wrote:TGIF!!!!!!!!!






Yepper's CK,...final plunge into the abyss when the opens market today....it will continue to follow the fall.I'm thinking as they think,"never let a crisis go to waste"--they will make the most of this--take it down slow and easy--let everyone feel the situation inch by inch.lets not forget the unrest over this that is developing at max pace which will arm all countries leaders with the "marshal-law"control belts! How long? and how hard of a road could this be? we'll see! What's for us will come to us! so be it~ Rolling Eyes

53 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:50 pm


MrsCK wrote:CMKX Hodges filing actual extension submitted:


Please NOTE from the filing:

(i) Appellants have good cause and substantial need for this thirty (30) day extension of time, since within just the past hours, I have learned that there is a substantial and serious likelihood that sustained and comprehensive official efforts to settle and conclude this matter are now underway, and the substantive elements thereof would provide to Appellants-Plaintiffs the compensation and relief requested in their Complaint

I guess all is quite regarding this?

54 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:05 pm


not that I've seen......but many over there think it's tied to the dinar also....but what goes first is still a mystery.

55 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:28 pm


GREAT SUNDAY NEWS from Germany, etc.:

[9:45] reader's letter - no online banking, the Berliner Sparkasse possible at the moment:

Hello, I have just because of their warning time, online banking is called the Berliner Sparkasse. It is allegedly not possible due to maintenance.
Normally take place such Wartungsatbeiten 0-6 clock. Now the time was only 10 clock 30! Before midnight, I experienced my opinion never!

It came in various messages: "failed" ATMs that with German bank cards in CH can stand almost anything, etc. It is possible that preparations are on to a bank closing Monday. We do not know yet.


CLIPS on Markets are doing:

Middle East:

Israeli shares fall 7% after U.S. downgrade, local protests. Sunday retreat is steepest intraday fall since the global economic crisis erupted in 2008.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opened to major losses Sunday, as indices plunged by more than 6 percent, immediately prompting a series of brief suspensions in trading.

Trading began for several minutes in Tel Aviv on Sunday, but suspensions began almost at once, as the bourse reverted to what has been dubbed an “English opening.”



Forex site to see each countries:


and another one:



For Wall Street Stop marks:

These will trigger if significant drops happen and all trading will be suspended for a set amount of time if not completely.

In third-quarter 2011, the 10-, 20- and 30-percent decline levels, respectively, in the DJIA will be as follows:

Level 1 Halt
A 1,200-point drop in the DJIA before 2 p.m. will halt trading for one hour; for 30 minutes if between 2 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.; and have no effect if at 2:30 p.m. or later unless there is a level 2 halt.

Level 2 Halt
A 2,400-point drop in the DJIA before 1:00 p.m. will halt trading for two hours; for one hour if between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.; and for the remainder of the day if at 2:00 p.m. or later.

Level 3 Halt
A 3,650-point drop will halt trading for the remainder of the day regardless of when the decline occurs.

Nasdaq Curcuit Breakers. Chart doesn't line up well but you get the picture.

10% (1,200 points) Prior to 2:00 pm
At or After 2:00, but before 2:30
At or after 2:30 Halt 1 hour
Halt ½ hour
No Halt

20% (2,400 points) Prior to 1:00 pm
At or after 1:00 but before 2:00
At or after 2:00 Halt 2 hours
Halt 1 hour
Halt remainder of Day

30% (3,650 points) Any time Halt remainder of Day

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World markets took/are dumping!!! Gold is up 53 bucks!!!

Here is what is being said in germany:

Neu 2011-08-08:

[10.15] reader's letter - from an insider from Hong Kong:

I'm hearing ICBC is buying unusual amounts of gold via HK. How long can it be before HSBC and JPM starts to cover their shorts. Otherwise all the central banks are short gold via leasing Which will blow up

China buys so empty the gold market. The last days of the gold cartel are likely to be begun.

57 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:13 am


Neu 2011-08-07:

[18:00] reader question - what do the "jungle drums"?

In the current situation but would have to show your little jungle drums slowly? The politicians and bankers have to be really nervous but soon starts trading in Australia and China have been strained.

There are some opinions and estimates of higher position bankers, etc. - see the last entries. But it's still been no decision to exit from the euro. Because otherwise the "jungle drums" hit safely.

That could change any day now, because the world is about to crash, and Germany has said no more bailouts.

First Time Germany has said anything about intel (jungle drums) since July 27th!!! FINALLY they might start talking!!!

58 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:49 am


thanx CK.. I wondered what Germany was thinking...appreciate the updates!

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By: Harvescorvette

The world has figured out the US Dollar and the deficit cannot be fixed. The support of the US Dollar is virtually gone. Countries are by passing using the USD and using their own commodities to trade amongst each other and letting the US go down the drain.

The market in the last 8 days has drop approx 857 points, with the Credit Rating dropping down to AA-plus after the close of the markets on Friday, just watch what the markets are going to do Monday morning.

As a side note* Would it not be really good if the average American could do what congress did, tell their creditors they will change and cut their spending over the next 10 years. The current administration has no clue what they are doing. Ron Paul for President.

The Government has been raping and pillaging the American people and the world financially. The Lien Holders of the USA are now squeezing the gonads where the US cant breathe or move. It is time for the US Government to come clean, bring in the new system and new currency.

The US Dollar Refunding Project and the World Global Settlements will do just that fix and correct a broken system that was hijacked by some of the wealthiest American men in 1913. The FED needs to go and bring in the US Treasury System with all the new balance and checks systems where screwing and funneling the new currency will be traceable at all points.

The Chinese have the USD in a death grip and could very well cripple the USA. It's time that every country can enjoy a resetting and revaluing this broken world all under a new asset backed global system.

This is how things can be solved.

60 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:31 pm



[15:15] Because it can no longer respond and PPT policy: The real crash will come without announcement

Stock market crashes have the annoying habit of not announcing. Because if everyone has prepared for that, you never panic. But it does exactly this panic for a full-blown stock market crash.

In this crisis after the U.S. downgrade could prepare every 2 days. But really should drop a big bank (see below) or the like to happen, the crash can penetrate within the hour.

The media and the public to look only on the stock indices. Here, the bond market is much more important. If there is doing something serious or sets the gold cartel, then it is no matter. The last week was just a preparation. This day seems to have been rescued, but what about later?

61 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:41 am



[5:00] From the Ziemann Gold Report: We Children from Bahnhof ECB

The big winner of the day was the gold that with $ 1710.90 (EUR 1204.98) to the COMEX closing two major highs überwandt. $ 61.40 with the daily gain was 3.7 percent. The Euro exchange rate, it looked even better, plus EUR 47.83, or 4.1 percent.

But the gold cartel today an important function for temporary rescue of the system is able to provide. Given the fact that there are no classical escape crisis and currency areas left on earth, gold would now actually have to grow by 20 percent.

This movement can not be stopped and reversed within a few days, then also no PPT or gold cartel to help more - the exitus of the U.S. dollar and all other paper currencies is imminent. Because all other currencies - the euro included - only derivatives of the U.S. dollar are.

What the ECB since the bailout makes Italy, is now completely irrelevant. The real "music" between the dollar and gold. As Bill Buckler in his gold This Week always writes in the introduction:

The global paper currency system is very young. It depends for its continued functioning on the that was the debt is based upon Which it will, someday, be repaid. The one thing, above all others, that could shake that faith, And therefore the foundations of the modern financial system itself, is a rise (especially a sharp rise) in The U.S. dollar price of gold.

Exactly what is happening now: a quick rise in the gold price in world currency USD. The 20% increase in gold price in one day we get too soon, as soon as the flight from all paper is running properly and the collapse of the gold cartel. Could happen any day now.

Game Over, the global currency crisis are in full swing, the current paper money system is now resolved in a few days. This is the real crash, not on the stock exchanges. A crash of fiat money system and faith in government and politics.

To all the gold bugs: top up champagne and champagne! For the rest: you are doommed, your "financial assets" now burns quickly.

62 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:32 pm


COUPLE of comments from CMKX land Yesterday and today:

By: leowanta
08 Aug 2011, 04:07 PM EDT

just repeating what i heard first thing
when i woke up this morning......Smile thought
i'd share it with cmkxers----Smile

AND-- Yesterday, was a "happening"
---you know--- one of those days--a "happening"
you never forget in your lifetime....YES! Yesterday
was that day for me!

i won't tell you details, cause you won't believe me anyway...
just know IT'S CONFIRMED>>




[leowanta] By: leowanta
08 Aug 2011, 02:49 PM EDT

they had 5 years to pay up IOUs....

Maheu died>>>>> so these jokers believed they were off hook to
payup their IOU's to our trust---when he died in 2008---


Maheu wasn't the only Ace in the hole in this high stakes
poker game---(ACE OF SPADES)

------THEY LOSE------and have to payup----NOW!


mq3 said it "ONE MOMENT IN TIME"

this will never happen again-----these jokers have lost their
shirt----the market is down over 500 points because they have
to pay up these fails to deliver----these jokers are selling off to
pay up the trillions due THE TRUST---by the 19th



By: leowanta
08 Aug 2011, 02:23 PM EDT

i don't care what some lame "official" tells you

they lie to protect themselves from having to pay off ALL AGED FAILS...THEY HAVE CREATED.

of course they are not going to tell you the truth; when you want specifics---officials lie everyday of the week and twice on sunday---
they will DO AND/OR SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO HEAR to protect their purse!





The darker it gets, the brighter the spark of hope becomes... always keep the spark alive.

Now release the flaming funds and let the CMKX Shareholders brighten up every ones life by Paying It Forward!

Attorney Hodges will notify the Shareholders.
All the best,


By: leowanta
09 Aug 2011, 11:35 AM EDT

joe---things changed after Maheu passed----

the price of poker "doubled" for the bad guys
April 1, 2011------since they
failed to pay us by 2010....5 years ended
in that year---the plan was put in place
November 5, 2005--when the Cert pull began.

Hence the dtcc SETTLEMENT call by the 19th

----it's to fulfill the unpaid IOUs and pay the "double"
portion---- for the delay-------

i doubt they will miss paying us ASAP---as
the price could TRIPLE, if they delay again
....you see, we have the evidence of counterfeiting,
we can prove the DTCC broke the laws---taking
our money and giving us a counterfeit, bogus share---

understand---even at TRIPLE the demand----it's still cheaper than
paying the COST of fines/penalty per share/count (as i recall it's---@$2,500/share) for counterfeiting and 10 years in jail for all officials involved ---under Title 18. Officials have no immunity
when they commit a criminal act---there is no immunity for those
actions....the law stands!


63 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:14 pm


THOUGHT this was interesting....somebody cleaning up the DTC??? How are they going to get the money to do this? DTC and SEC "robbed peter to pay paul"??


The Depository Trust Company

#: B0846-11
Date: August 5, 2011
To: All Participants
Category: Settlement
From: Settlement Department
Attention: Settlement Manager/Managing Director/Cashier
Subject: Clean up of Aged Fails in Select Globally Locked CUSIPs

DTC will support a program to facilitate the industry's clean up of aged fails in select globally locked securities. This notice details the information necessary for firms to participate in this program, which is scheduled to occur during the period August 15, 2011 through August 19, 2011.


Not sure what any of it really means, but I am reading the list of 95 companies as an "in addition" to whatever is getting settled:

In addition, on the evening of August 17, 2011, DTC will also remove the DO chill on all CUSIPs identified below. This change will also be reflected in the ELIS and DWIZ files created on the night of August 17, 2011. This will allow all participants to submit deliver orders to DTC for processing on the next 2 business days, August 18 and August 19, 2011.

The FTDs needs to be cleaned out of the DTCC to reset the system imo
Its very good news.

64 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:36 pm



Neu 2011-08-15:

[9:45] reader's letter - the new DM2 Transporter:

Such a strange and dangerous goods are in the room Wittenberg / Dessau go.

Very eye-catching bright green, no advertising on trucks or trailers, always followed by a packed forest inconspicuous vehicles.

The trailers are designed as a tanker, not a top hatch, but they have this eye-catching at the rear (of size walk-in) Box-shaped extensions with Schallusetten as an entry point.

The bold color offers the possibility of the vehicles from the air in forest areas to locate again.

"Money-tanker" So. It has turned up the camouflage drastically, as presumably the other secret safe too. Euros would be safely transported not so, but with normal tank-trucks. DM2 is also the distribution again.

[14:00] reader comment - camouflaged armored truck:

This is only logical that we use now, such camouflaged truck. This might also have been specially built for the past year. The drivers and escorts are probably from the ranks of the BKA and the respective LCA's (personal protection group). These officials are very likely committed even by the oath of office to the utmost secrecy. After all, these are at summits and other (secret) meeting!

You will not engage in 2010 as private transit companies more. Given that came "jungle drums" her. This means that we no longer have to wait for any "jungle drums" because this ..... "from the" Operation currency reform are "probably in large part out

It is not known how far the distribution of DM2 is now advanced. Very much (every bank and savings bank) is likely to be yet). In the coming days / weeks will be probably see even more "strange" transport. However, it does not time fly indefinitely because at some point on the van but when they are seen by many citizens and reported .......

The armored car is not the big problem, because nobody knows what is being transported really. But overall, this time the security is likely to be much better: quite simply, it has opened far fewer people. Therefore, the jungle drums have their problems. However, to the chaos at the introduction of DM2 increases.

[19:30] reader question - why should the chaos at a launch will be bigger?

How will that work, especially in the banking sector may have already noticed some yes. Whether they believe it is ne other thing, but why does no where safe to greater chaos.

Second, I do not quite understand. Supposedly, the new DM has already delivered in 2010 at least a large part or not?
Did they then transported back again and again to deliver now? Or is it even a little? About coins?

2010 was even privy to the Tom, Dick and Harry WR, provided they were sufficiently high level. You could prepare for. Not this time.

65 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:25 am


CMKX from DeltaDon...love his writings!!!

0verlap: Tuesday 11:03pm By: DeltaDon

0verlap: This is a recent post that seems to be confusing some, I want to try and explain them a little better, I've gotten several PM's and maybe I'm not making my point very clearly, so here goes. All of your concerns will be answered in one packet explaining everything. This I believe will be true.

The recent closing of the CMKX case had to be closed before the F & P could be released to the TA, that should tell you the endgame is being played out. Now that it's closed my guess is that the F & P are in place. We can't have open cases and receive F & P monies at least any cases with SEC.

0verlap: F & P most likely will be paid in FED RES dollars, paid immediately I mean WHEN they release our packets

0verlap: Trust will be paid in the new Treasury note dollars. The Trust and your decision process will most likely take a little time to get that money into your hands or access to it, I believe that during that time frame we will most likely see a new Treasury note dollar backed by assets introduced to America.

0verlap: My GUESS is that we might see that decision being made by the committee of 12 or super committee, I think the asset backed T note dollar will be a bipartisan idea and would make it being introduced by November of this year.

0verlap: DO NOT confuse that as me saying it will be November before we're paid, in this scenario you will already have your F & P money while waiting for this historical event or announcement.

0verlap: I personally think Obama mentioning September that he will release his plan for getting America back on a winning economic track and a combination of the Super Congress committee of 12, will be key in us seeing what many of us have said about asset backed U.S. Treasury note dollar and new system.

0verlap: Maybe this will be the monumental event that will be what brings the Trust money into our hands after that monumental event we've always talked about.

0verlap: I think that by the time we get our packets in hand, all will be explained like I said above, and the F & P money will be in our hands quickly and the trust money will be a process of decision making and a short time frame of thinking about what we want our decision to be.

0verlap: This process can bring us to that monumental event and when we receive that trust money, it will be in the new U.S. Treasury note dollar backed by assets.

0verlap: And this is why I think along with the dinar rumors that we can be very close and that we could see an email soon that will get this process started with a good sum of money in hand before the September event I think COULD happen.

This is why I don't think we need the big announcement first before we get F & P money but I do think we need to see that announcement before trust money is in our hands. I think we all can agree, just give me a packet that tells all and I will be happy.

0verlap: I hope this clears up any confusion, and remember this is just my opinion, it's not the word from above. LOL Don, IMHO

66 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:32 am


67 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:33 am


A special note for the "black thursday"

Also ALL trading on Russian stock exchange has been halted

68 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:35 am


RUT ROW!!!!!!!!!!

69 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:42 pm


[16:30] Now it really starts to crack: Banks drag down stock markets - Dow minus seven percent - U.S. yield falls below two percent

The shares of banks and insurers, both in Europe and the U.S. lose massively. The European banking sector index, Europe Stoxx 600 lost seven percent. Shares of Societe Generale and Barclays both lost around ten percent. In the U.S., gave mainly from Bank of America and Citi.

At the same time shoots up gold. A major banking crisis is underway. Now everything is possible, including a large banking system + crash.

Goes [17:15] According to the rumors, it Unicredit: gold record and bank crash

As it stands, it has prevented the system to crash again today. The final price of gold outbreak could be prevented just as the total collapse of the stock and the bank crash. But how many days can you stop that?

70 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 23, 2011 9:02 am


Neu 2011-08-23:

[14:30] reader's letter - the banksters want only "to bring their sheep into the dry land":

The friend (the board of a major German bank) said asked for monetary reform:

"The banks currently run security measures to save their property,
ie get out of risky assets. When this is complete, the € is gone.
Therefore, the market manipulations and the delaying tactics of the politicians. "

The assets of the banker or the bank?

[11:30] reader's letter - currency reform - Message from Hintertupfingen:

initially only once by me thank you for your tireless work.

I live on the edge of the Oderbruch, near a small town with about 3,000 inhabitants. There is also a branch of the Savings Bank. This morning a staff member to work and reported that your neighbor would have told her that the savings bank had spoken to several savers with higher deposits, but they may save their money, there would soon be a currency reform.

Now my employees need not worry about it, they are ready.

I just found it funny that here, in deepest East, right at the Polish border but now something seems to move slowly, the rumor mill begins to boil and the starting point is the savings bank. This just one of the smallest branches of the Savings Bank has adequate information, I believe, however, very unlikely.

It is unlikely that this bank was officially infomiert coming from a currency reform. However, there are informal channels of information. But you see how quickly spread such information.

[13:00] comments readers - the place where the fox and the hare "Good night!" appear to say explosive information, can be explained in this case:

The castle in Neuhardenberg Oderbruch training center of the umbrella organization of German savings banks, and was / is also rented out, for example, the federal government exams, etc.
To that extent there may be random snippets of conversations people pick up and with it, then a rumor ...

71 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 23, 2011 10:15 am


Like the treason part:

The US Fed fiat-casino banksters meeting at Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th August 2011), will have more than the inexorable economic grind-down of the Washington DC private corporation to worry about. Many of the attendees' personal liberties are at stake. They can no longer rely on their bought-and-paid-for friends in the American Bar Association to protect them from their élite white-collar crimes.

The BAR (British Accredited Regency) operates under the British Maritime Admiralty Law of Flags. But this DC corporation legal scam has been blown. American Constitutional Law is being quietly resurrected all across the old USA. And there is open talk of Treason.

72 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:49 am


Totally missed this news yesterday:

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The last stages of the delivery process are beginning! The various packages are being readied for distribution. It is expected that a full bank holiday will be implemented after the first formal announcements by the new caretaker governments, and that this legal holiday will be used to change over the entire American banking system to the new rules and regulations which are to take effect after the demise of the Federal Reserve System. At this time the new hard currency will be introduced. This is the first part of a larger series of reforms that is to take effect concurrently throughout the rest of the globe. This new worldwide financial system will be facilitated by global debt forgiveness; taxation will be applied to goods and services but not individual and corporate income; and a wealth of secret trust funds will be launched in order to replace the financial resources normally used by your governments. The people will be liberated from their onerous burdens and encouraged to use various tax refunds to jump start your national economies.

73 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:04 am



[12:00] reader comment-DE:

Who knows, maybe our President has already background information on the outcome of the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court and would set back the right horse for something popular to do well?

We already know a few weeks ago that Germany is out of the Euro and only one reason for looking. The ruling could be a reason. The role of the Schäuble is not clear: perhaps he just plays the super-euro rescue - to distraction.

[10:30] €-exit is only possible with currency reform - everywhere: Why can not fail of €

The reason why lead a return to the D-mark to a catastrophe for the German banking sector would be located in a financial position changed to 2002. At that time, no country was regarded as insolvent. Today, the market three countries considered final and broke two more than likely bankrupt. Germany would withdraw from the euro zone (and France would probably follow coordinates), the rest-a massively € broke immediately. This construct would not be durable, because in this phase would apply: Every man for himself who can. Holland, Finland and Austria were also forced to exit in order to limit the damage. For the PIIGS but any help would come too late. Their currencies would fall into the abyss by speculation, which would immediately lead to an exponentially increasing rate service. One could collect in a controlled bankruptcy for about 50% of the debt, this would be uncontrolled in such a decay is not possible anymore.

The author therefore tries to defend the euro still. But these apparent assets are already gone. It just needs a big bank to fall, then it starts. Then the currency reform is necessary because of the cascading bank failures. Soon.

74 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:48 pm


Quote from posted Thursday:

Quite a day today. We started the day off by the Bank of America announcing that it has received an offer from Warren Buffet for 5 billion dollars in preferred stock plus warrants. I thought that Bank of America did not need any capital. It looks to me like the Bank of America will be taken out by JPMorgan some time next week.
Bank of America is insolvent. I guess that will explain Warren's trip to the White House as he needed guarantees that JPMorgan will take the troubled real estate portfolio from BAC.

75 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Aug 26, 2011 7:00 pm


MrsCK wrote:Quote from posted Thursday:

Quite a day today. We started the day off by the Bank of America announcing that it has received an offer from Warren Buffet for 5 billion dollars in preferred stock plus warrants. I thought that Bank of America did not need any capital. It looks to me like the Bank of America will be taken out by JPMorgan some time next week.
Bank of America is insolvent. I guess that will explain Warren's trip to the White House as he needed guarantees that JPMorgan will take the troubled real estate portfolio from BAC.

That is Great! Hey if you bank with B of A did you get notice on Settlement for $410 million about the order in which B of A posted debit card transactions to customers accounts.

76 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:23 pm


This out of Germany on Saturday...very chatty for a saturday:

Neu 2011-08-27:

[20:15] reader's letter - no new euro notes more:

From the southern Brandenburg:

I've lifted on Thursday paper, just a 1000 exchange to `er again to something useful.
3 / 4 of 50 `in the rest of farmers in small bills. The comparison of toilet paper fits better than ever: the rag smell rancid disgusting!
Really seems as if the print is no longer new. Thank you for your work!

It pays for itself no longer appears to reprint new Euros. Why do you think?

[20:00] reader question - cash reserve kept in CHF?

Is it not the case for a currency reform in Germany better to keep the 3-month reserve paper money in Swiss Francs? The risk of Francs and Euros at the same time or in rapid succession will be worthless, but certainly low! What do you think?

Yes, it is better. The Swiss franc will survive a little longer, but getting a bank losses because of currency reform. Therefore, it should be no great fortunes are created. In any case, cash, money never CHF account in Germany.

[17:15] Kopp: Is there an effective protection against a currency reform?

However, probably the "better value received" over the "investment" to be an unbeatable argument. Are considered relatively "safe" before a devaluation:

• Real Estate: home or condo, or land;

• Property values: gold, silver, other precious metals, jewelry;

• Durable Consumer Goods: These include furniture, washing machines, cars. You are in the event of an impending currency reform increasingly in demand, so the prices increase accordingly.

The one with the real estate can be forgotten, because they are large partly financed by credit. But with consumer durables, it already looks better, especially when imports are not possible. Furniture can be generally forgotten, but electronic devices are more interesting.

[14:00] reader's letter - flight capital in currency reform:

a question concerning currency reform. Assuming that the new DM will be much purchasing power as the euro, must be ensured even with a currency reform it, the only German citizens can exchange their euros. That would be the only way to ensure that only the credit that is mounted on a German national accounts, will be exchanged. Had such a step does not mean that all black money in Switzerland, Austria, etc. must be logged either goes lost (with the result and subsequent payment penalty), or €?

The details are not known. But after just a part of the Euro-stocks will be exchanged and the exchange periods are presumably kept short plays little role.

More dangerous is something else: big Euro cash holdings from Germany will then flood the other euro countries and buy everything there. They must then carry out currency reforms itself. Just as in 1948 when the Russians after the introduction of the Deutschmark in their occupation zone within 3 days produced stickers for Reichsmark bills.

77 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:24 pm


Germany going back to the Deutschmark?

78 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:43 pm


Maybe Germany is being forced to leave the euro-zone...by their own decision at some point!..Bundesbank don't won't and can't afford anymore euro-zone default bailouts.

79 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Aug 29, 2011 7:54 pm


gente wrote:Germany going back to the Deutschmark?

they've been talking about for awhile, guess their tired of baling out Greece and Italy like Chevy said....

80 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:23 am


gente wrote:Germany going back to the Deutschmark?

guess you haven't read the "world rumor threads".
Yes germany goes back to the DM2 at the same time dinar RV's...it is not about iraq only.

oh well

81 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:10 pm


German president Christian Wulff has now' openly criticized the various euro-debt bailout initiatives,after staying silent on the matter! German presidents rarely speak out on day-to-day politics! This is a big sign! CK you've had our noses on the right trail all along! .........i would post the article but it's in german

82 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Aug 30, 2011 4:39 pm


MrsCK wrote:
gente wrote:Germany going back to the Deutschmark?

guess you haven't read the "world rumor threads".
Yes germany goes back to the DM2 at the same time dinar RV's...it is not about iraq only.

oh well

It's great stuff, from what I've been able to take time to read- I really wish I had the time to read it all...barely have the time to grab an article or two and post it while working 18 hours a day to keep my business afloat...really appreciate how you all break it down..thx CK!!

83 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:28 pm



Neu 2011-09-03:

09/01/2011 03:07 PM: the Deutsch mark comes after the currency reform in value following denominations:

5 DM, 10 DM, 20 DM, 50 DM, 100 DM, 200 DM and 500 DM
The notes are in their look and modern design to the last series of DM banknotes ajar until the end of 2001 Which was in circulation. They were created with a newly developed ink for this purpose. This ink is part of the new security features. Changes as the number printed on the banknote value Depending on the tilt angle color. The bills with the higher values ​​have also incorporated one into the paper invisible RFID chip. This Allows the identification of the banknote and increases security against counterfeiting.

5 Pfennig, 10 Pfennig, 20 Pfennig, 50 Pfennig, 1 DM, 2 DM
The coins have the same size and weight as the corresponding euro coins.

A date for the call to currency reform is currently impossible. The situation is to call them "difficult".

It should not take too long anymore, crashes to the euro and DM2 must come. Then we know if this information is correct.

Neu 2011-09-03:

[19:30] The fact that the euro now collapsed soon shows itself on these clues:

1st On reports that the euro rescue now collapsed politically, especially in Germany.

2nd That vehicles such as the Euro bonds are practically impossible, or politically rejected

3rd That Greece is now falling because of "bad behavior" will be

4th Is that the interbank market virtually collapsed in Europe

5th That European banks lend huge sums of money from the U.S. Federal Reserve to create because they no longer trust the euro and the euro against the U.S. dollar falls

6th That the oppression of the Swiss franc is not working and that the getaway vehicle of Swiss government bonds had negative interest rates has

7th Now that the gold price rises and a new massive € ATH has brought

The likelihood is great that it will be the next week a market panic from it, and everything on it is where € is shed. Then it means for the individual euro area countries: everyone save himself - if he can.

[20:45] reader comment-MX - THE END IS COMING SOON:

Monday, 05.09. the hintrotteln will all remember the right, as in the U.S. labor day.

Tuesday, 06.09. then get the first pangs of conscience, possibly Gold> 1900

Wednesday, 07.09. The Federal Constitutional Court says NO,

Thursday, 08.09. then correctly on the financial market all hell broke loose,

Friday, 09.09. Banks,

Saturday, 10.09. Supermarkets empty

Sunday, 11.09. Protests

Monday, 12.09. new money

Tuesday, 13.09. NEW TIME, right who has the money makes the rules, end of road with "Demokrattenscheisse", "left in doubt", "hamster relocation to underground construction", etc.

Whether it happens next week already, is not yet clear, but the €-end is not far away.

We no longer believe in the unconditional euro rescue by Germany: veto power in the Bundestag could trigger panic

Should any euro rescue to be approved by parliament, that would have disastrous consequences, warn economists. Europe could be incapacitated

With very high probability we see next week is already the last week of the euro. Is starting on Monday, at least in Asia and Europe, the full recruitment in the financial markets there - including the decision makers. This could take all the bonds in the Southern states, including FR on the market, then the dead within hours € € Good Bye, Hello gold.

84 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:33 pm


HEY YA'LL!! Sorry I haven't posted but there hasn't been anything to post..we were in another wait mode...and that includes the dinar RV was waiting too long with us. BUT germany is back!!!!

Neu 2011-09-11:

[23:00] To all Internet censors from German Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Bank & co:

We know your plans, they are not yet fully published.

If anyone of you like to try again on 12.5.2010, or even the whole hartgeld. DE domain paralyzing us your plans for currency reform will publish complete. How stupid you have hired you on this day. If it is repeated, it is a confirmation. The provider is forewarned of course. My monkeys have betrayed you.

To all readers, especially in the U.S.: Euros will all go in the coming weeks, new currencies are coming soon.

Neu 2011-09-12: [20:00] reader's letter - currency reform for entrepreneurs:

This week I will write no more bills!
I suspect it will first give a certain amount of residual stock of euro-zone countries, and therefore the euro for a short time.

Therefore, it is conceivable that one could then be paid after the currency reform, with a total of euro worthless if the principals are so clever! After all the hard criminals in Berlin such "legitimate" measures be trusted!

One should either try to get the Euros and immediately convert to EM, or delay the payments out of the customer and get in DM2. If the customer can pay in DM2 ...

PS: hartgeld itself once the re-allocation of banner ads slow down a bit. We'll see on Monday whether a "new world" is. Euros are no longer welcome.

[17:00] reader question - currency reform next weekend?

what makes you so sure that we get exactly next weekend escape or a currency reform, some countries in the euro? Please explain this in more detail. Do you have insider info `s? That would certainly be of interest many readers ...

there are reliable inside track to U.S. (from where it is done)

2nd The big bank crash can not keep you any longer:

We have known for weeks that include the Societe Generale and Unicredit in FR IT in total at the end - by deduction from capital. SocGen over the bust, there were already rumors that she now wants to allegedly forced sale parts.

Unicredit from the Austrian government tried just extract the Austrian part of Bank Austria.
If only one major bank soche tilts, it tears everything else around. Währungsrefomen are everywhere now as a "controlled crash bank is" necessary. The alternative would be an uncontrolled collapse of all banks. Accept that the depositors after the successful end haircut no longer common currency, is clear.

[20:30] Please, no more mailings of this type. Here, everything is explained. Whether certain countries off this weekend from € or a week later, is irrelevant. The very fact that GM now wants to drop suddenly speaks for the coming weekend is just as important, will not permit WE R GR suddenly -. Because it now may suddenly, without prematurely killing the banks?

Even clearer: The euro bailouts are pushed to their limits and the domestic markets no longer believe. Hence the massive withdrawal of capital from Europe. The markets can not lie any longer, that's it.

[12:45] reader question - Should you cancel business trips now for next week?

Next weekend is when a currency reform, what do you think, should we then a business trip that you planned for later next week, to cancel again? If then so much chaos that traveling is too insecure?
Perhaps other interested readers.

Yes, travel should be avoided, there is again open up banks - that is until after the issuance of new currency.

[12:30] reader question - World Monetary Reform:

what exactly is it with the statement-world currency reform about? They drum so powerful, but I can not make any sense of it. What is planned exactly?

The problem is the same everywhere: banks and states are broke. Whether to make the U.S., UK, JP and others now have a WR, is unknown. Presumably they will be forced, perhaps a little later. We do not know unfortunately.

[12:30] reader question - real estate sales contracts:

What actually happens during a zwischenzeilichen currency reform with real estate sales contracts, has flown yet in which the purchase price?

Current example: An acquaintance of mine has signed in the past week the deed. The purchase price is paid in large part as a loan from the bank in November.

This credit will not give, then the contract is rescinded. Tragically, it is with purchase contracts where the money is still in escrow. This will also be shorn. Who owns the real estate then?

[9:15] reader question - currency reform-rejection?

how do you assess that. In May 2010, shortly before the currency reform was canceled as we know. What about time? Cancellation possible or impossible because the same could get more countries from the euro?
What about France? The last years have blackmailed the cancellation of the German currency reform.

Cancellation is unlikely, since the FR banks at the end and are themselves in need of a WR. In addition, the euro at the end, it still can run, tops this week with all the manipulations.

[13:30] reader comments as of the date of the U.S. currency reform:

For the state elections in Berlin, the date of the currency reform would be the absolute wrong time. What do you think it will taste all the block parties and powerful voices of freedom and give the pirates even more lift?

Or is the Botchy then for a brief period of "Messiah," which brings back the beloved D-Mark?

The situation of the banks is not governed by German election dates.
It may well be that the Merkel only by withdrawal from the Euro, but still not talking about the haircut.

[9:00] reader question - Would it be advisable to possibly have a bit of dollars in cash, even if it is scrap paper as well?

he could be taken due to the level of awareness yet, at least through the transition phase.

Is probably not a bad idea.
But beware, it is a world currency reform to be expected.

[8:45] ES-reader question - what is the situation for German citizens living abroad but still have accounts in D?

would be perhaps interesting for some of your readers who have adopted years ago by D.

Is unknown.
Presumably these accounts are treated as such, as the rest

[8:45] reader question - ALL dissolve cash holdings?

I still have a few hundred
a) CHF-
b) EURO-
Cash holdings, these should now be resolved COMPLETE?

Such small holdings can be calm.
Unfortunately, the conversion of participants is not known (someone has info?). But that will be converted by 3000 € is probably 1:1 in the new DM. Caution: It is expected that the CHF is also exchanged in a WR!

[12:15] reader comment - exchange limit:

€ 3000 as the fixed size for the conversion into the new currency per person I think is absolutely realistic.

But: Do you think it is relevant Soch where this money? On the account or in cash kept in his wallet? Sure, you should have enough at home to 'liquid' to be when the banks have, but how the conversion can be done? Or directly from my account in cash? Who should conduct it?

As you can see the change of company assets? Is there also only 3000 €? I can not imagine, but companies must meet to remain fairly handelungsfähig to the ongoing obligations to.

What is your assessment?
Again, kudos to you for your tireless work. A large number of people have opened their eyes, many rescued from financial Ruis, unfortunately too little. You know yourself that you can not reach all the Michels.

I harvest every day shaking their heads in disbelief, still, unfortunately, even though I've contributed a few acquaintances and friends to increase your clicks. You deserve a prize.

For individuals with a 1:1 exchange limit between 2000 ... 5000 expected to remain largely unscathed salary accounts. On company accounts is not known. Will need to convert the euro cash probably deposited in an account.

[17:45] reader comments - write approximately 3000th - which may be exchanged for the new currency.

Is that per household, no matter how many people per adult, per worker per household? Will probably all still be open.

We have about 5000 € in cash, on any account a few hundred euros for running costs, residual, EM.

These details are not known.
Maybe they have not yet been finalized or are renegotiated.

Presumably, the virulent version comes with a blocked account in 1945 as AT. Hope so the sheep can still retrieve something.

[18:00] reader's letter - currency conversion:

I have, there's cash holdings are larger than those referred to 3000-5000 € there wondering how they possibly could be converted into DM2.0.

Everyone knows about less well-off people, which - come on only approximate this sum - neither the account nor cash.

Am I using the procedure, according to equip these people and they also bar according to generously contribute to the additional money exchanged, next?

Certainly not completely legal, but, hey, the great criminals sit somewhere else ...

The currency reform was at the East German Mark - DEM 1990 also made ​​many times.

PS: there are constantly questions what will happen with disposable loans. These are changed probably 1:1, but the grouping limits set to 0.

[7:45] reader's letter - The possibly prefer the WR! (Earlier than next Sunday):


One must avoid that one is being blackmailed by other countries again. They may know nothing but if they read along with you then it is also known to be there and if there is serious then someone Hartgeld.........

It will probably escape most of the euro-zone nations this weekend from € - coordinates. At least those who are prepared. That the euro came under pressure last week, surely has something to do with it - there's something rausgesickert. If the total € before the weekend goes, it will close up banks and stock exchanges. Until there is obviously the market-manipulation machine.

The saver's sheep have lost their fur anyway, because they are up to the announcement of the monetary reform continues to believe in the safety of their financial assets. It will be interesting to see how they will explain the Schur.

85 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:19 am



Neu 2011-09-13:

[12:45] reader's letter - Observations in the supermarket:

Once there were problems with the payment with the debit card, this is not accepted had to, so customers pay the bar (if they had enough cash). If it were only one or two customers at the event Währe okay, it could possibly be due to the cards themselves, was at each of the map with numbers would be the case. Perhaps only an internal fault in this business, or at least away from what?

Nor has there been a change since last week. For some time now in addition to the price tags printed a small price € DM price received. Ratio of about 1:2 (1 € = 2DM).

When I saw that, I immediately thought of one of your posts, where a man had reported similar from Italy. Something's happening in Vorarlberg

This is not working with the debit cards can also be a computer problem. But that dual pricing is coming back, interesting. This happened in the spring of 2010, when they tried to introduce the DM also appears to be but then disappeared again.

86 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:58 am


Switzerland chatter about currency reform:

[19:00] reader's letter-DE - CHF-Euro-Peg and WR:

Could it be possible that the binding of the EUR to CHF may be due to the might that be known in these circles, the intention of a currency reform in Germany and you might also want to pull a haircut in Switzerland?

The peg could be an attempt to prop up the euro until the euro-zone countries are ready for the WR. Or simply delay the Euro-end for its own exports somewhat. We do not know unfortunately.

If the euro is dissolved, a WR in Switzerland also required - see below. It is doubtful, however, shows that it is equal to that in EN & co. is made.

[13:00] reader question - currency reform in Switzerland?

Should I, as a Swiss CHF in the cash balance on the bench or left there temporarily withdraw?

Through a currency reform in Switzerland is currently unknown, but the previously announced new CHF-series is long overdue. In the end, Switzerland will not be able to avoid a currency reform, because it will outline some banks (UBS, CS) with, if perish the Euro-banks. This is in the euro area and in Eastern Europe lent money is not coming back.

At the moment cash is safer than cash account.

87 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:00 am


Looks like Germany doesn't think a World Reform will happen this weekend since Obama talked to Merkel....aggggggggggg

Neu 2011-09-16:

[14:30] reader question - is to expect more "starts" in the near future before winter comes?

This weekend is the currency reform is no longer probable. (Probability 10% maybe)

Do you think the issue remains, despite all the reasons that led to the cancellation have hot? Possibly. for next weekend?

A currency reform in the winter may be affected by the cold weather with even more problems. We had the last two years, two very cold winters in a row. It would be better now as quickly as possible.

They will continue with the euro, up by this great escape from it collapses. That would be in the last two weeks have almost passed. With the euro-peg of the Swiss, the gold price and the rescue of the FR banks could collapse are being turned away again. When is the next "attack" comes, we can not say, probably even next week. The banking crisis has just begun. On the weather takes no account of the banking crisis.

PS: if you look at the German policy has been viewed: as of Wednesday it has changed again towards euro rescue after Obama has publicly promised to intervene.

[8:45] reader comment - my assessment of the monetary reform:

My assessment of this political situation is that we get with the Pattex Merkel as fast no currency reform. If this whole Marieronetten it is as yet do anything to manipulate, I can imagine that they make it to the spring yet? But the wheel is turning faster and faster, time works for us. And my opinion is that this monetary reform may come yet, even if I book now under this current situation also suffer. We really need to go to the bitter end of the term system is completely broken book now to start a new beginning can be real and free. What is it, if they already came, then it would be a whole series of politicians who got us into the soup again be involved, especially the green, but nothing else can, this can only take a vassal, the freedom because they themselves are not free, but now you see how they cling to the euro.

One should not underestimate the Merkel, but the "system" wants to go on living as before. We'll see how long the price of gold can still press. If that is not, it's already out.

[14:45] reader comment - U.S. reference:

One should not overlook the entire story is. Wherever it says a lot EURO DOLLAR is inside. Just think of the many CDS that are held by American banks - these banks do, sometimes expressed in very mildly, not exactly the most stable. As long as Bernanke has paper and ink, he is hell-bent on saving - up to global collapse.

I think they run the rounds of international blackmail mock all description. Slowly, you should still interested in conspiracy theories. Otherwise this is nothing more to explain.

The Americans are interested in having a system collapse from Europe come to them.

[16:15] reader comments AT (satire) - How Obama, Merkel holds in €:

Obama called on Merkel: hy Angie, it does not rise from, ok! The market has indeed withdrawn from all the European banks of dollars, but yes I have the FED. Ben already knows. I'll print the dollars for your banks, thus saved everything. And because you need every day, I got the ECB said it will also print.

No problem, Angie - a few voters will survive the hyperinflation already.
We are here to make the increase so the whole time and we also limit the debt annually, so you do it, she also, ok?
Otherwise, I'll take you back off your occult Illuminati, which I have given you for your first class result.
Angie do not forget, since it is still occupying our territory, we have the final say.

If you can ditch the euro, the dollar is flying us around the ears, can not I use - Elections have before me!
Follow my orders as ever, then I'll save you even before your evil people, jeah! - Yes i can!
By the way, our lies like 9 / 11 and all others remain among us hear!


Neu 2011-09-15:

[17:00] reader question - believe it still to 50% on a currency reform come the weekend?

After the rescue system is currently running at full steam, the probability of a German Euro-exit is next weekend minimal. The emperor in DC would have banned something like - Obama has already called for at the beginning of the week that the Europeans must energetically tackle the crisis.

A week ago, everything looked quite different. And the likelihood is specified with only 50%.

[18:15] reader comment - CURRENCY REFORM WILL NOT TAKE PLACE:

I think after I've looked at the charts and the other numbers from that it looks after the currency reform will not take place this weekend in any case. You might be right with your view that the U.S. has exerted pressure. The unscrupulous want the system now KEEP ALIVE AT ALL COSTS. THE LIE TO 11TH September 2001 IS WELL ON REASON. Because the system would end the lies about the False Flag operation may come to light.

But it's not just that this is then when the inevitable crash (when the mag will always) everything will be much worse.
God help us!

You should read the Soros interview, you can see how terrified the Americans have in front of a meltdown. This would happen almost, but can come back any time. Then God help us.

[19:00] reader comment:

As this is now to understand that Obama is calling for Merkel, saying it should now obeys no currency reform in Germany and thus give the worldwide depression and Merkel? Hmm until November 2012 where is the big U.S. election day is one to keep the euro can not, at least not without strong devaluation. How much more could have been delayed so that a currency reform, weeks or months? and that you can push the gold again in 1800 I did not think

How long will the euro still remains dependent on several factors: domestic politics, primarily in Germany, the price of gold and of course the markets. This will no longer believe that everything is Best in €. Presumably it will still crash in 2011, especially if you continue to herummurkst such "rescues".

WARNING: There is yet another limit that. Once in Germany, giving the impression that it wants to solve the problem by €-inflation, savings Michel will begin, more than ever to escape from the euro. Because he is more attentive than residents of other euro countries. This has already begun, the population is already aware of gold. Woe to the masses is a crack-up boom.

[20:00] reader comment:

Just call! So, no WR in the near future and we can sleep a few nights quiet! Like all of which are easily manipulated. What did they threatened this time around? I had been afraid that something comes out at the interview. The Obama will not re-elected anyway. As is now the Häme-Mailer laugh up their sleeves.

With a new U.S. Merit in obedience, perhaps. Too much longer because of the euro will not live anyway.

[20:15] reader comments - Obama / Geithner:


What are the costs now holding the PIGS? How many hundreds of billions we now have to pay German while in this country basically goes much m8?

So there is NEVER an exit from the euro. If Obama / Geithner threatened war in the event that a vassal dares to withdraw from the euro? Let him pay for that if Obama PIGS HIS re-election is necessary.

Obama has perhaps threatened with the withdrawal of Merkel's orders, he can not do much more. Germany, like all other EU / euro-zone nations are sovereign, as it allows the EU to the national faith in politicians. Obama has only a little more weight if he calls, as Barroso.

[14:00] reader's letter - a few basic thoughts on the back-conversion factor of 1 € = 2 DM:

The impending monetary reform will inevitably lead to a significant revaluation of the Deutschmark. This will hamper exports in the near future to tell, what is only superficially bad. Although this will cost industry jobs in Germany, but it also left Germany far less valuable goods for worthless paper and loans. World export champion is really only that were the German exporting firms with the stupidest in the world / are.

Now back to our beautiful new Deutschmark. Under the right information and we will get two marks for one euro, then we have pure chaos! While you are earning then the magnitude is twice as much DM as now, the euro and Michel has pockets full of money. But:

Who's going to shell out for a pizza at an Italian restaurant 17 marks? Who in the Steak House 44 Mark? In the pub, the 0.5 liter wheat now costs 7.20 marks, the great Mark Cola 8th The truck is ringing: Congratulations, the ball will now cost 2 marks!

The rent for the 80 sqm apartment in the city is now € 1600, the power it gives kwh for 46 pennies, making 100 marks a month. The Ledertsofa, € 998 yesterday, feeding experiments have to be, now cost 1998 marks.

In the supermarket will cost pounds Thüringer Mett now 14 to 20 marks, the nearly 100 kg of beef marrow!

I come from the marketing (but not blind!) But one thing I can say definitely, in terms of absolute numbers in front of the unit of currency is such a violent threshold established that the domestic economy will be stifled formally. All people will be acutely aware of how much galloped off since the introduction of the euro the prices are - in contrast to income.

In a reverse exchange ratio of 2 = € 1 DM at least this effect would not occur so clearly.

Normally, a conversion ratio of 1:1 is different than unusual, even for those reasons.

[13:30] Inside Info - Berlin riot police:

What supposedly should only be a civil action against car arsonists in Berlin (report yesterday), is expanding. There are the strictest secrecy, which you can imagine.

More info: the security of some state legislatures and state governments is being strengthened massively both structural measures and more manpower. Target date 16.9.

If something this weekend or next?

[12:45] reader question - What to do with SFR?

thank you for their information work! I learned a lot from you.

Have a recommendation to follow a few old SFR in cash in addition to EM and some Euros in cash. What is now the SFR to do with?
€ or swap again in hope of surviving the SFR a WR?

Switzerland will probably have to make a Währungereform, but probably after the euro zone. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to keep some 1,000 francs - but only in the form of cash, it may be that between € DM2-and-crash edition of the euro is no longer taken, the Franks already but..

[10:00]-AT reader's letter - can be run both in parallel currencies:

A change or an exchange of currency is seen as the introduction of the euro, we unfortunately have no problem if both currencies for a transitional period will be performed in parallel.

This has the great advantage that no sharp cut is made - so there may be a creeping devaluation.

We may all experience it - the wages were converted exactly to the penny, with prices rising despite all protestations to about 33% compared to Schilling. We have all been cut already!

It is not possible for a currency reform that would change every €-holder with power in the new DM2, ATS2, etc,. The transition period must therefore be short, because the main concern is not getting out of the euro, but the haircut for the savers. Therefore, the WR is also yes vobereitet secret.

[13:15] reader comment:

For a currency reform that is needed is a stamp and a date. From this date all accounts are frozen. The cash is then presented within three days at the bank and stamped. This 9 / 10 presented the cash to be forfeited and destroyed. With the date is announced that the assets are reduced to 1 / 10 and in three days (from date) the only valid currency is stamped cash.
Possibly. one could even announce a gold backing, and if you have what it deems appropriate.
Done. So no great preparation is required. The stamp may for example be completely normal (Donald Duck, or eagle, etc.).

As simple as it is not. There are a myriad of special cases to solve.

88 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:37 am


Neu 2011-09-17:

[9:30] reader's letter - a new currency in the banking computer:

as a (small) employees of Deutsche Bank, I can only confirm that our bank is called, after several software updates and fully prepared entirely on a new currency. There was something like a "back" with freely convertible currencies. There were in our program since 2002, so far only the fixed rates of the euro countries and after the introduction of the euro and even before they were naturally unchangeable Since Wednesday evening, the option of the exchange rates at once is once again available and the "missing" DM reappears. € 1 = DM 2067 Why is this option available at once, and this appears very strange exchange rate in the computers - I do not know and my manager just said literally: "the computer to spin again." Is it so or not?

The computer does not spin, most of the boss. Perhaps he should check with Joe.

This is already the second Reporting of this kind within a few days. It is ready for conversion to the old course.

[14:45] comments AT readers about this:

I think that was taken into custody at the banks of the old courses, so that the employees draw less suspicion. It is easy to chart a new course after the official announcement to enter. Most are from the banks anyway, only 1 per day purchasing foreign exchange and thus is the price set for the day.

Can not imagine that these "old" courses are usually of any significance.

I would as a longtime IT manager at least make it so there can still say that one of the old functions for other purposes again "unlock". How do they know the sheep believe everything what they are halfway plausibly explained ...

Is also possible, but there's also the cell phone the company since 2010 and DM Euro. We will see it soon.

[16:15] Reader Comment - Report of the Bank's employees:

if you wanted to integrate "testing purposes" a DM course in the software then takes you past the DM course, the same in 2001. The was 1 EUR = 1.95583 DEM

Here in the example of employees of the DB but the DM price of 1 EUR = 2.067 DEM and was therefore (probably) given the right course. Such things are not "testing purposes". The fact that this has been done now and in the German banking on it will conclude that you "want to be finished quickly."

This week, it will not come to but one in the next few weeks will be "interesting".

What is interesting is also that the new course has changed slightly .... THE I "got" for a EUR 1.96 then rounded DEM, now I get one for EUR 2.07 THE rounded.

(I write "THE" because I assume that will be the international abbreviation "DEM" for the German mark).

Yes, significantly, the date of arming, because this entails the risk of unmasking. Not all bankers are stupid.

PS: you probably did not take the risk of undetected software errors on the day of conversion, and can run the new software a few days earlier - there are easier fixes.

89 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:28 am



[20:00] The Mexicans on this info:
Dear bank employees,

I thank you on behalf of all hard money and readers of this insider information, especially regarding the exchange rate. We need more of it.

My suspicion is Until Wednesday was quite clear from alighting on Sunday assumed, therefore only on Wednesday armed. Then came the order to reverse the Emperor. It's like a mustache, slipped in the last minute even divisions scattered from one front to another. He has lost anyway.

When only one U.S. / € wobbles right bank next week, is the whole system collapses and we need the new currency. Joe's Castle would be very prepared.

It may be that this time the preparation is so detailed and perfect
(just think of the action with the green tank car and its Forest Service
guard) if necessary to perform a flying change currency during the week
to be able to.

After the reform, then breaks out the right way, chaos, probably with the Hunger Winter.

This information with the arming of the software for the DM2 was confirmed by another source from the bank. It is not excluded that the "surprise" coming tomorrow, but is more likely in a week. The risk of system crashes already next week is significantly high.

90 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:25 am


Couple of quotes from Sunday:

When the plans unfold shortly for the restructuring of the monetary systems in your global economies and within your governments, there will be no great announcements. It will be as if this were insignificant and just another way of doing business. It will be handled by your media as just another way to cope with the economic crisis in your world and will go unnoticed by many as a truly world changing event. This is by design. To create more upheaval in the minds of the many would be too much for you to bear. Rather, we see this back door approach to implementing these changes as much more effective and practical.

To all the countries which are worried about repaying the debt that was imposed on them: it was a scam that should never have happened. You were not dealing with honest people. I would like to take this opportunity to assure them that all debt will be wiped out when the new system comes in. You have only a few weeks to wait.

91 Re: World Economy part 2..rumors!!! on Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:34 pm



In international law,odious debt is a legal theory that holds that the national debt incurred by a regime for purposes that do not serve the best interest of the nation,should not be enforceable.{unquote}

MrsCK wrote:Couple of quotes from Sunday:

When the plans unfold shortly for the restructuring of the monetary systems in your global economies and within your governments, there will be no great announcements. It will be as if this were insignificant and just another way of doing business. It will be handled by your media as just another way to cope with the economic crisis in your world and will go unnoticed by many as a truly world changing event. This is by design. To create more upheaval in the minds of the many would be too much for you to bear. Rather, we see this back door approach to implementing these changes as much more effective and practical.

To all the countries which are worried about repaying the debt that was imposed on them: it was a scam that should never have happened. You were not dealing with honest people. I would like to take this opportunity to assure them that all debt will be wiped out when the new system comes in. You have only a few weeks to wait.

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okay could be wrong but thought I heard on news today Greece would not be bailed out.

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azdinar wrote:okay could be wrong but thought I heard on news today Greece would not be bailed out.

They won't need to be bailed out when the new currency reform happens....it has a debt forgiveness policy for all countries with it.

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[15:30] letter - WR more details?

Necessary to the "Law for the restitution of monetary sovereignty"
(Basic Law Article 88) which is probably the one in May 2010 in the
its publication, but may at any time enter into force. The legal requirements for the currency reform may since about mid May BE MET.

The "Law for the introduction of the German Mark" (or whatever the
correct name) is probably the second law, which was announced in May
2010 but was withdrawn.

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MrsCK wrote:
azdinar wrote:okay could be wrong but thought I heard on news today Greece would not be bailed out.

They won't need to be bailed out when the new currency reform happens....it has a debt forgiveness policy for all countries with it.

P.S. My husband said hurry up! Smile

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Neu 2011-09-20:

[21:15] reader's letter - DM in the pharmacy computer:

I monitor medications using a computer program of the pharmaceutical wholesaler "Phoenix Group": After vorgeschiebenem testing protocol including testing of the purchase price. Information must be provided either in EUR or in DM

In many computer programs, the DM is already inside. There are also more information about system failures of banks and business meetings at banks, at about 23.9.

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World system in melt down!!!!!!!!!! Russia market down 7.99%!!!!!

Crash is worse then 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing can stop it!!!!!!!!!! Expect world bank closers...so have a few extra dollars in your pocket and gas tank filled up.

WAY to much coming out of EU/Germany to post...will grab highlights later.

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Neu 2011-09-22: [15:00] WARNING: the next big bank crash with cross-defaults may be underway:
We're watching that banks are in USA, Italy, France, Germany in the dumps. A bank with tears now to the next.
We must prepare ourselves that all banks close in the next few days and then come to the currency reforms blocked accounts. Even gold is sold off in distress, but very soon it will be the only refuge.

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TIC TOC KABOOOOOOM!! Got this in a email from a USA economist..LOL

Europe is imploding NOW!
What to do ...

Dear Subscriber,

Let’s not mince words: Europe and the U.S. are falling apart!

Late yesterday, in just a few hours, the Dow Industrials plunged 303 points. The Dow Transports were crushed, collapsing 3.2%. And the BKX Bank Index did even worse, shedding 5.2%.

Things didn’t get better overnight, either. Germany’s DAX index plunged as much as 6.5% ... France’s CAC-40 tanked 6.6% ... and the euro currency imploded, losing more than 2 cents against the buck. That brings its three-week loss to a hefty 5.9%!

What’s going on? Simple. The European economy is falling apart! A key manufacturing index that measures European manufacturing and services activity sank to 49.2, the worst reading in more than two years.

Here in the U.S., things aren’t any better. Home construction just fell 5.3%, much worse than forecast. Demand for home purchase loans just fell to the lowest since February, despite record-low interest rates. Regional manufacturing indices are falling to the lowest levels in years, while consumer confidence recently hit the lowest level since the Carter administration!

Many on Wall Street are running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They expected Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to come to their rescue. They hoped Congress or the Obama administration would bail them out — again — with more funny money.

Now, their hopes have been dashed ... and the drubbing has begun in full force.

This is precisely what I’ve been warning you about all along.

This past April I said “Financial Armageddon” was coming because of exploding government debts and deficits.

In June, I warned that the “U.S. economy is breaking down as government life support dries up!”

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Here is a couple of post from my earthquake/solar geeks:
There is expected three days of darkness from the 26th-28th. An
alignment on the 27th - that could cause a worldwide earthquake, and
Rosh Hashanah on the 29th (the 1st day of the 7th Hebrew month)...NEW
MOON the 27th

Then I found this??? weird??

Obama, congress, NASA and everyone else related to the government is going to descend on Denver from September 26th to the 28th

The here is a list of "who's who" that are bugging out at the same

Congress is going to be 'on vacation' again from Sept 25 to Oct 2.

The United Nations has an empty schedule from September 23rd through October 10th, 2011.

The UK Parliament is in recess from September 15th through
October 10th, 2011.

The United States Congress is on vacation from September 25th through October 2nd, 2011.

Germany’s President’s (Angela Merkel) schedule is empty after September 25, 2011.

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