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Deal (dogs) costs the state budget (120) thousand euros .. !!

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Deal (dogs) costs the state budget (120) thousand euros .. !!

Author: the future of Iraq

14/7/2011 0:00

Baghdad / Iraqi future
astonished deputy for the National Alliance by Osama Najafi, Chairman of the House of Representatives to purchase police dogs during his recent visit to Turkey. and MP for the National Alliance and member of the cruise that the value of purchase of these dogs were a hundred and twenty thousand Ioroa by forty thousand euros for the dog, the one where the the amount paid from the budget of the House of Representatives.
He said that his committee examine the files rehabilitation home Najafi, which amounted to more than eight hundred million dinars, as well as a police dogs. The government officials have told the government spending billions of dollars annually in the purchase of office furniture poorly, while lacking the a standardization and quality control laboratory and testing devices wood to determine its quality before entering the country. According to some government sources to favor most of the committees competent official purchases of office furniture for the types of bad to the lack of price, weighted Linking financial corruption. with a source in the Ministry of Finance that the budget of the Ministries of State six years and their allocations monthly cost the state budget two and two hundred and eighty-two million. According to the source, the cost of each minister of state for per month equal to 128 million dinars, and since there are 16, Minister of State gathered that is equal to about thirty billion dinars for the year as well as Vice-Presidents of the three and protection and Deputy Prime Ministers and their protection. and added to the armored car for each minister of state price worth 130 thousand dollars in addition to four non-armored vehicles and six armored vehicles of each Vice-President of the Republic, ministers and an unlimited number of non-armored vehicles.


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