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Iraq, China sign 2 MoU on economics, training

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Iraq, China sign 2 MoU on economics, training

18/07/2011 19:15:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Iraq and China signed a memo of understanding in the field of economics and technology and another one on training Iraqi cadres, a third one on electricity is expected to be signed later during the visit.

This came during a meeting on Monday, July 18, Baijing between Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and China’s Prime Minister, Wen Jiabao.

A statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office said that the two countries’ delegations held a meeting dealt with developing bilateral relations in all fields.

The statement quoted Maliki asserting in the meeting the keenness of Iraq’s government on developing the relations with China in the fields of economic, trade, industry, agriculture and transportation, as well as in other fields.

He praised China’s efforts in supporting Iraq’s reconstruction scheme and writing off its debts, as well as supporting it in international forums.

Maliki pointed out that Iraq’s door are open before Chinese firms to participate in its reconstruction and investment in the fields of oil, electricity, transportation, industry, trade and agriculture, as well as training its staff; calling for activating the Joint Iraq-China Committee .

Maliki extended an invitation to China’s Prime Minister to visit Iraq and for exchanging visits between both countries’ official, as well opening Chinese consulates and diplomatic representations in Iraq to facilitate the works of Chinese business in Iraq.

For his part, China’s Prime Minister welcomed Maliki’s visit stressing the importance of the Iraqi delegation’s visit in consolidating bilateral relations in all fields.

He said that China supports Iraq in developing its economy and its development in the interest of both countries. / End.


China is geating a bunch of choice contracts....wonder why?....lol


Don't know but China turned down when invited to the Paris Club 4-5 years ago and that was all about debt-forgiveness


Panhead wrote:China is geating a bunch of choice contracts....wonder why?....lol

"yep, lots of good contracts as a reward--Windreader1"

Iraq News
Iraqi PM Nuri Maliki looks to enhance relations with China
Tuesday, July 19, 2011 10:28 GMT
Visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki to China met with his Chinese counterpart Wen Jiabao and discussed issues of common interest, a source told Alsumaria.

Maliki confirmed Iraq’s government keenness on emhancing relations with China in the economic, trade, industrial, commercial, agricultural and transportation fields.

Maliki praised China’s efforts deployed to help Iraq’s reconstruction and its initiative to cancel Iraq’s debts. He noted as well China’s support to Iraq before international tribunes in aim to remove Iraq from UN Charter Chapter VII.
Chinese Prime Minister for his part stressed that his country’s government and people support Iraq in rebuilding its economy and reconstructing the country.

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