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London unveils its bid to sell Typhoon fighter jets to Iraq

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London unveils its bid to sell Typhoon fighter jets to Iraq

July 20 2011

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Revealed the British Embassy in Baghdad, Wednesday, for its bid to sell Iraq the British Typhoon fighter aircraft, and confirmed the presence in talks to buy advanced training aircraft of the type of hook, indicated that Britain was working to provide full support to Iraqi forces.

He said the British ambassador in Iraq, Michael Aaron in an interview for "Alsumaria News", "The UK is interested in arming the Iraqi army during the sale of weapons, aircraft and military equipment," and expressed his country's willingness "to sell aircraft Typhoon fighter to Iraq, the Iraqi government is interested in now buy aircraft the F16 ".

Aaron said that "There are talks with the Iraqi government for the purchase of advanced training aircraft of the type of hook that entered last year, the service in the British air force," noting that "the issue of buying arms from Britain related to the desire of the Iraqi government as it deems appropriate for its armed forces."

Aaron continued that "Britain is working to provide full support to the Iraqi forces during the NATO mission," denying the accusations against the country and the United States on "The failure during the past eight years, the formation of Iraqi military force capable of protecting the country."

The Ministry of Defence confirmed, the seventh of May last, she summoned the Ukrainian ambassador in Baghdad, Anatoly Marentis to inquire about the rumors of corruption in the arms package signed between Iraq and Ukraine, calling any one had the information or documents proving the existence of manipulation in the prices provided, as confirmed Ambassador of Ukraine there are no doubts about the processing and implementation of these contracts.

He accused the Sadr movement, in the 22 of April, the United States of seeking not to equip the Iraqi army with weapons capable of confronting al Qaeda and insurgents, while referring to contracts signed with Serbia, Croatia and Romania on the arms, said he will sign more contracts to supply Iraq with aircraft and weapons specialist, after deducting the security ministries.

The Iraqi government announced on 14 February last, to postpone the purchase of aircraft, F 16 and to transmit the amount allocated to it to support the ration card, while the committee said in parliament that the assignment of $ 900 million was allocated for the purchase of aircraft in support of the ration card, came because of the budget deficit.

The Czech government announced on 19 April last, it will be presented to Iraq 36 attack aircraft and a number of modern aircraft, helicopters, during the visit of Czech Prime Minister to Baghdad next month.

The leadership of the Iraqi air force announced last year, 2010, for seeking to buy about 96 aircraft (F16) until the year 2020, however, that the Iraqi government announced on 25 October 2010 the inability to contract for the aircraft deal F-16 to the end of the powers granted to them, stressing the the same time, Iraq's need for a strong air force to protect its sovereignty.

The Iraqi army currently consists of 14 Army divisions, mostly infantry divisions estimated many of its personnel by more than 300 A, and has the army, about 170 Russian tanks and Hungarian-made, most of them aid from NATO to the Iraqi government, as well as a number of helicopters, the Russian and American-made, and the number of of naval vessels in the port of Umm Qasr to protect the export of Iraqi oil.


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