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Parliamentarians for "with": the recent United Nations report may impede exit Iraq from Chapter VII

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for those who believe the hype about Chapter 7 has been lifted....

Parliamentarians for "with": the recent United Nations report may impede exit Iraq from Chapter VII

07/21/2011 11:16

BAGHDAD - Marwan Shuwaili
seems that the recent escalation in the relations with Kuwait will be strongly present at the next meeting of the UN Security Council, the report of the recent United Nations was clearly a movement which was carried out by Iraq to protest the construction of a port-Mubarak of Kuwait, as well as Kuwait's claim of Iraq to give a position on the persons and property lost during the Gulf War, the National Alliance For his part, believes that developments may contribute to some extent in the block out of Iraq from Chapter VII.
MP (Khalid al-Asadi) for the National Alliance in an exclusive interview with (and) said, "We hope that the recent United Nations report to pay the Security Council towards the end the decision unjust taken under Chapter VII, asserting that with comments on the tension between some parties may hold some of the tracks, it was clear that the government has dealt with patience and diplomacy, used the language of threat and intimidation. "
As the Iraqi List, it is part, carried Iraqi diplomatic responsibility to move towards the transfer of Iraqi reality of Kuwait to the Security Council confirmed that Kuwait has requested the United Nations to hold a hearing to discuss the tensions with Iraq, and MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi for the Iraqi List, in his statement for "with the" Iraqi diplomacy to move at the present time and be accurate in transfer of information on the Port holy until it is clear who is the aggressor.
either the Kurdistan Alliance, went further than that by asking the UN Security Council set up a committee undertake a study of the effects of the port of Al-Mubarak on the navigation of Iraq, where the MP (Muhsin al-Sadoun) from the Kurdistan Alliance's (and with) that the Kurdistan Alliance, preferably there is a request from the Security Council to form a neutral committee to study the development of the port of Al-Mubarak, noting that the committee should be experts who have competence in the planning of international waters and take into account that the port would be a negative impact on the Iraqi waters.
It is noteworthy that the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations over Iraq, is located seventeen Page distributed among the internal political developments and regional as well as review the activities of the United Nations to conduct the census and humanitarian assistance along with reference to developments in the security file, but to predict how the report contributes to drop the international sanctions Iraq is still difficult for many politicians.



They just cannot put this Kuwaiti thing to bed...JUST when things are starting to inch along, they make a HUGE stink of the the new Kuwaiti port....their pride will always be their undoing/hindrance of progress....



the Kuwaitis aren't any better....during DS when we liberated their International Airport (Iraq's left a big mess of things)....Kuwaitis wanted us to clean up the place after we ran the Iraqi's off....I was more than a little ticked
and said US Marines wasn't a freaking janitorial service.....(though at times it' seemed that way...lol)

Yea, I agree Kuwait is just as bad, but they aren't the ones under sanctions, and they need to jump through whatever hoops are there to get back to being a sovereign country.....I'm sure there's a lot of the same crap ( your DS comment) going on in Iraq as regards our troops as well today..just look at the things they say in their news..8 years ago they had a boot on their neck...ingrates, the lot of them...thx bud!

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