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Nassif: the U.S. government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

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Nassif: the U.S. government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Called Iraqi MP white high Nassif on the government to commit American forces to the implementation of their obligations under the security agreement signed with Iraq in the event of a consensus to extend the survival of these forces. And said in a statement today that Americans are bound according to the security agreement the liberation of Iraq from Chapter VII

And enable him to regain full sovereignty and rehabilitation of its armed forces and make them able to maintain its external borders from any attacks or outside interference. She added that the Iraqi scene today is full implications of which about an enormous, there is a bombing of Iran on the border villages and bypass Iran is to cut the waters of the Lalonde for the province Diyala and exceeded quotas on Turkish Iraq's water, in addition to the issue of port Mubarak as the most serious international crisis, Iraqi

The head of the Iraqi Parliament Osama Najafi that the Iraqi government claim before the international community to make the country an active and stable, progressive and Nujaifi added during the clans of Bani Khalid said that Iraq must be fought after exceeding the first hurdle of sedition and sectarian extinguished strongly, especially since the second hurdle of rejection injustice and corruption continue to pose a challenge, calling on everyone to Altnasser in the fight against injustice and corruption. Najafi explained that Iraq had cut himself on the Covenant before the international community to protect freedoms and human rights and building a modern state .. Stressing that the government and the people are called upon the international community with all that makes this country an active and assistant to the factors of stability, peace and progress in the region and the world.

The MP from the Iraqi bloc white high Nassif Uploaded on her earlier statement to the UN and the U.S. administration the moral and historical responsibility for damage to Iraq because of the injustice of the decision eight hundred and thirty-three, which put Iraq under international trusteeship under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

Said Nassif, in a statement that the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon instead of the equity of Iraq, which tasted the calamity because of the sanctions imposed on it during those lean years we see appeals to Iraq in the quarterly report the implementation of its remaining obligations to Kuwait, which leads to the question whether committed by the Iraqi people to restrict these obligations and bear the brunt of previous policies. She added that the UN resolution in question is a precedent in the history of the United Nations concerning the demarcation of the border between two countries is the decision to surrender to the Iraqi people to impose by force without the advice of representatives of the Iraqi side. And Nassif said that the Kuwaiti side hopes to be the demarcation of the border in this exceptional circumstance as to obtain benefits at the expense of our country in the presence of their friends the Americans as she put it.

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