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Iraq ready to play the role of president at the Arab level and the regiona

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Iraq ready to play the role of president at the Arab level and the regional

July 23 2011

The Conference of Ambassadors in the sixth day looking to facilitate the voluntary return of displaced persons

BAGHDAD - morning
Called Mr. Ammar Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq to focus on the positives gained from the experience of the new Iraq. And Mr. Hakim during his meeting with Iraqi ambassadors in the presence of Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari yesterday, "This is the responsibility of the Iraqi diplomatic actors whose duty to clarify and explain the Iraqi experience for others, "explaining that there are fears of regional from the Iraqi experience so see it leave the positives of the new Iraq and focus on the negatives. urged to explain what is happening in Iraq from the differences in political views as a natural state in a democratic pluralist has colors and the spectrum differently, noting that Iraq ready to play the role of president at the Arab level and regional levels.

It also urged the President of the Supreme Council of heads of diplomatic missions of Iraq to communicate with decision-making centers in countries that represent Iraq by the definition of these countries Bmaheh the Iraqi people and factions, and his or her own personality and wealth, and urged them to communicate with the media and to clarify what is vague on it to move from Iraq is real bright . stressed Mr. Hakim during the meeting the importance of being ambassadors important link in the activation of the economic side in Iraq through their meetings ongoing centers of economic decision, businessmen and urged them to invest in Iraq and the definition that Iraq has the opportunity to attract investment, as well as the primary mission of diplomatic missions abroad under the auspices of the Iraqi communities.

He renewed his call to work as a team, which will close the door to anyone who wants to interfere in Iraqi affairs, calling to find the base and the vision of determined and organized political dissent and the vision describes the relations between the political blocs and also suggest foreign relations of Iraq with the countries of the region and the world, noting that the interest Iraq is to be a friend to all and plays a key role in his area of ​​Arab, regional, and away from entering into themes with this or that party.

"The profit is a profit the whole of Iraq, there is no team winner and one loser, but everyone must look to the profit of Iraq through the sense of everyone they participants and actors. "The Conference of Ambassadors third had discussed at its morning yesterday, political issues in the North and South America and the Caribbean with neighboring countries as well as issues relating to the work of the ministry in the area of ​​multilateral relations.

The Foreign Ministry statement that" the Minister Hoshyar Zebari reviewed during the meeting the level of this relationship and its importance to Iraq, especially as there are countries in this continent, linked with Iraq's deep historical ties, and especially in his excellent relations with the United States and prospects spacious on in accordance with the strategic framework agreement.

"The statement noted that" the conference discussed relations with neighboring countries, particularly Turkey and Iran, "stressing the importance of positive communication with the two neighboring countries and the need to address the quiet and the initial of all the problems and the files pertaining to the relationship with her. The Conference expressed satisfaction with the level of relations developed with its regional and international level and especially with the United Nations and Mmthleetha in Iraq and the Arab League and the Conference on Cooperation Islamic and their office in Baghdad and the growing role played by Iraq in these organizations and follow up the ministry's efforts to hold many international conventions and treaties and follow up the implementation of Iraq's obligations towards them. It is said that the conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began its work in Baghdad in the sixteenth of this month, attended by President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

It also hosted the conference in the sixth day, Oil Minister Abdul Karim defect who presented a detailed overview of the policy of Iraqi oil and the efforts made by the Oil Ministry to develop Iraq's oil industry in the areas of production, marketing and development, promises a bright future of the oil industry in Iraq and make Iraq at the forefront of oil in the world. The Conference also hosted in its evening yesterday, Dindar Longman and Minister of Displacement and Migration, who spoke on the efforts made by the Ministry in resolving the problems facing Iraqis displaced and migrants at home and abroad, and coordination by the Ministry with the Foreign Ministry and Iraqi missions abroad in ensuring communication with the people Iraq living abroad and facilitate their voluntary repatriation.


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