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Nineveh province is preparing to manage their work electronically

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Nineveh province is preparing to manage their work electronically

July 24 2011

Alsumaria News / Nineveh
Confirmed the Nineveh province, Sunday, they come to manage the configurations of its electronically within one year, while some expressed conservative circles for fear of lack of supplies necessary for the success of the project, particularly at the level of qualified cadres and protection from intrusion or hacking.

The director of projects at Iraq and the world of technology in Nineveh, Amer Mahdi, "Alsumaria News", "project management electronic administrative units in Nineveh province is part of an integrated project includes four themes," noting that it "is the e-government between the conservative and formations all , relationship management, conservation and other government departments in the province electronically, as well as management of relations with the private sector and then the citizens in the same way. "

The Mahdi, the "province of Nineveh will see the implementation of this project within one year to be able to follow-up and administrative units and departments of various electronically instead of traditional methods and paper," noting that "this will contribute greatly to shorten the effort and accelerate the implementation of business projects and the achievement of numerous other financial, economic, and save time and reduce red tape and relieve the citizen, whether he is an employee or auditor at the same time, "according to his opinion.

But some conservative circles, expressed concern over the lack of basic necessities for the project, particularly the cadres of qualified and security systems to protect the project from intrusion or hacking.

According to the Director of General Company for Grain Trade in Nineveh, Zaid Ghanem Mohammed, in an interview for "Alsumaria News", saying that "The project is a good and successful it is possible after implementation to facilitate office work in the departments and to achieve completion rates high in the implementation of projects through the use of information technologies rather than traditional methods, "noting that" the rules will provide information that lacks the many government agencies now. "

But Mohammad, expressed his concerns over "a number of departments not quite ready for this step of the lack of qualified cadres," he continued that "the implementation of this new project requires a secure safety system to prevent security breach or interception of information in circulation," he concluded.

Carter said "the circumstances of Iraq, and the witnessed wars and the siege, it created a big gap between him and the developed world, particularly in the field of computer and information technologies," and urged the need "to provide the needs of departments in this area and the intensification of development courses to employees."

Although the application of such a system is a feature that distinguishes the current era of information and communication revolution, but it requires a package of measures, such as modernizing the telecommunications infrastructure in the province, and ensuring the security of my knowledge the application of the solid to protect the data transmitted through the new system.

According to media sources, the losses resulting from piracy across the world, estimated at about $ 34 billion in 2005, with exposed sites a lot of government agencies (CIA, for example) or commercial piracy or intrusion by persons or entities different motives, some caused by challenge, and the other for harm.

The Union of Producers of computer software business, said earlier that the loss of Jordan as a result of computer piracy increased from $ 26 million in 2009 to $ 28 million in 2010, ranking it ninth among countries in the Middle East and Africa.

It also recognized the U.S. electronic stock exchange, "Nasdaq", during last February, that its information had been infiltrated several times during the year 2010.


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