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Kuwait shows "flexibility" in solving controversial port issue with Iraq

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Kuwait shows "flexibility" in solving controversial port issue with Iraq

01/08/2011 18:32

Baghdad, August 1 (AKnews) - A media adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Malki said Monday that Kuwait has shown "more flexibility" to settle a dispute between the two countries over a controversial port that Iraqis claim will restrict their shipping and steal business.

The Kuwaiti willingness to solve the issue around the building of Mubarak Port came in a telephone call between Iraq's Maliki and the Kuwaiti PM Naser al-Subah where the two leader discussed ways to put an end to the Mubarak Port issue.

Ali al-Mussawi told AKnews that "The Kuwaiti PM has shown his country's desire to to resolve the port issue through dialogues and talks in a way that the port will not affect the Iraqi maritime buisness"

Al-Mussawi said the Iraqi government will send a technical committee to negotiate with the Kuwaiti authorities.

Iraq is trying to convince Kuwait not to build the port where they have announced they will build because it is next to Iraq's main deep-water port of Umm Qasr.

Kuwait rejected last week a call by the Iraqi government to stop working on the port until Iraq is given assurance that its interests are not harmed.

Experts believe that the new Kuwaiti port will lose Iraqi ports 60 percent of their business.

reported by Jaafar al-Wannan

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