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Najaf start using smart cards in the next month, where necessary,

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Najaf start using smart cards in the next month, where necessary,


Start Najaf province to use the smart card in the daily dealings of the departments of all government from next month, the move aims, according to sources responsible for the project to shift towards the use of technologies, scientific modern-day transactions, especially to receive monthly salaries at banks and some financial activities other, while the company signed a global agreement cooperation with MasterCard to expand the use of smart cards in Iraq and reduce the cash trading currency and to facilitate the work of many businessmen and traders in the smooth transfer of their money by making use of this type of card inside and outside of Iraq ..

According to the managing director and global Baha Abdul-Hussein, during an interview to the (morning): that the company completed the project Astkhadem card so smart in the province of Najaf and will be used as a first stage in the government official before so they can be used card standardized information to all residents of the province, pointing that this type of use will greatly facilitate the cardholders receive their monthly salaries of the branches of the Rafidain and good and will facilitate future operations to pay some bills important Kfatourta water and electricity as well as be used to pay wages and other entitlements in the markets, malls and commercial facilities that will be placed ATMs mechanism during the period the next, and Abdul-Hussein said that next month will see the use of such cards in the province in effect after the completion of the training of those employed to the full ..

And said Abdul-Hussein said the Najaf province, is the first of the provinces that will use smart cards in the trading of electronic and Spliha a number of other provinces that are working to complete this project by including the provinces of Karbala, Nasiriyah and other Iraqi cities, indicating that this type of uses technology guarantees the elimination of many operations of the rampant corruption, especially the use of electronic currency is one of the important methods to eliminate corruption in order to prevent him from direct contact between staff and customers ..

The economists emphasized the (morning) the importance of moving towards the use of modern technologies in the daily dealings of the coin, pointing out that the use of the card electronic financial sponsor the Elimination of burglary and theft, which was repeated recently on the salaries of workers in some government departments, through the use of these cards in all government banks as well as some private banks and enable them to grant their holders monthly salaries directly, recommending the need for expansion of such use of modern technologies in all spheres of the state, the economic expert explained Yusuf Amin Abdullah, the importance of transformation of the banking systems in Iraq towards electronic trading He emphasized that the electronic money with the benefits and features many begin to use the security does not end not to exchange damaged or counterfeit ..

And proceeded to Iraq to use those cards are widely about two years ago when allocated to the retired and covered by the system of social protection, have gained experience after this period acceptable to users, who confirmed that it prevented them from some of those who were Eptzonhm in order to obtain their monthly salaries, noting that the most prominent achievements of the results at the level of use by retirees is the elimination of those long lines that were longer be a day to see a scene in front of government banks by the distribution of those cards among the retired ..

The number of people who comprised so far of the smart card to retirees and covered by the social protection system have reached the 2100 two and one hundred thousand, has been allocated to them an outlet for receipt of 850 divided between the branches of the Rafidain and good, and some ports that have been taken based on Chierfat ..

Meanwhile, said the managing director, said his company has signed a business agreement with MasterCard, which will guarantee under which the development work of the use of smart cards in and out of Iraq, stressing that this agreement will allow for the business use of smart cards in some of the 220 countries, noting that this step would greatly facilitate the commercial transactions, transfer and receipt of funds between the Iraqi traders and international companies ..

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