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Parliamentary: Britain traded remove Iraq from Chapter VII Mubarak

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Confirmation of what the future published by the Iraqi .. Parliamentary: Britain traded remove Iraq from Chapter VII Mubarak

Author: the future of Iraq

13/9/2011 0:00

Baghdad / Iraqi future:
described the leadership of the Virtue Party and MP / National Alliance / Kamilh Moussawi Port Project, "Mubarak Bagharba Arab tool Kuwait." revealed Moussaoui: the existence of claims of British and other countries to Iraq's agreement on the draft Port Mubarak in return for agreeing to his exit from Chapter VII , a clear indication that the port of Mubarak, the project west of Arab, tool Kuwait.
and called Musawi House of Representatives and the government to take all the ways to prevent Kuwait from the establishment of the port, which confirmed Moussawi its statement that it directly affects the Iraqi economy through the "stifling" of the ports marine Iraq.
It was the British ambassador in Kuwait has confirmed on numerous occasions the right of Kuwait in the construction of a port Mubarak and does not affect construction of the port on Iraq, the same opinion, who says the British ambassador in Iraq.
sources on maritime trade that the Kuwaiti government has promised to America by giving 30% of the Mubarak returns, and to prevent Britain 5% compared with Kuwait, they stood in his quest to build a port Mubarak.


doubt Iraq will get their way with this one.....Kuwait's port really seams to tick em off though....Kuwaits just getting what they can cause they know ties are a changing....


It seems they will do anything else BUT what is actually required to get out of CH7...it's like someone who works harder at not working, than if they just did their assigned job...will never understand their mindset.

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