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Kuwait FM urges UN to help Iraq fulfill commitments toward Kuwait

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Kuwait FM urges UN to help Iraq fulfill commitments toward Kuwait

Politics 9/24/2011 11:28:00 PM

By Salwa Al-Jandoubi UNITED NATIONS, Sept 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Sabah Al Salem Al-Sabah on Saturday urged the UN General Assembly (UNGA) presidency to help Iraq step up the fulfillment of remaining commitments towards Kuwait, particularly those stated in UN resolution 833 on borders.

Sheikh Mohammad raised the issue during a meeting Saturday with incumbent President of the UNGA Nasser Abdul-Aziz Al-Nasser, a Qatari national.

"We talked about all issues that are on the UN General Assembly and Security Council's agendas particularly those related to Kuwait and the pending Iraqi commitments towards Kuwait," Sheikh Mohammad told KUNA following the meeting.

"It seems that Iraq needs to be stimulated to fulfill these commitments and we hope the UN General Assembly presidency would help Iraq, through advice, to fulfill its commitments particularly those related to resolution 833 as soon as possible." Borders between Kuwait and Iraq have been demarcated but Iraq is yet to carry out maintenance for the border signs.

With regard to the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) contributions to the UN deliberations and actions, Sheikh Mohammad said the GCC's role in the UN has greatly broadened in the past years.

"It became clear now that GCC are leading the Arab group in the UN. GCC member states are now raising not only GCC-related but also all Arab issues, at the forefront of which the Palestinian cause," he underlined.

"We have extensively mulled the proposed strategies to meet the great aspirations and to see positive outcome to the Palestinian statehood bid, particularly in light of the calls for the return to negotiations and the Israeli expansion of settlement activities and usurpation of Palestinian lands.

" Sheikh Mohammad described the Palestinian request for the UN membership as an historic move.

"We have an historic chance to seek voting on the request in the UN General Assembly and the result will be positive," he asserted.

"It is a strategic Kuwaiti goal to see the establishment of a Palestinian state as soon as possible." The Kuwaiti top diplomat unveiled that the "Arab Spring" has positively impacted the Arab participation in the UN.

"Frankly, the Arab political developments were supportive. In the past, there was always talk about differences between what Arab leaders and people's demands, but now it became clear that they are the same when it comes to the Palestinian cause. All want to see the establishment of the Palestinian state and Palestinian getting their legitimate rights."


Yep, Iraq needs to be STIMULATED, maybe they might get something done. LOL

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