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Iraq's population 31 million and 644 thousand people/LOOKS LIKE THE CENSUS HAS BEEN COMPLETED

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I'm not positive, but I believe this was one of the major factors on passing their HCL, knowing how to divvy up the profits.


Iraq's population 31 million and 644 thousand people

30/11/2011 PM - 5:31 p.m. | Hits: 136

Detection and Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation that a census of buildings and facilities and households, which announced its findings in a number of provinces recently, showed that the population of Iraq is more than 31 million and (644) thousand.

Dr. Yusuf Ali Shukri, in an interview for "morning": The statistics confirm his ministry owned and the country's need to two million housing units to eliminate the housing crisis.

He added that the ministry was not adopted in the distribution of amounts of general budget, population density, because of varying conditions of the provinces, citing the province of Karbala, which has a Nfosha about one million and (250) thousand people, while the destination for a week million visitors, increasing its need for additional funds to provide services .

On the other hand, revealed Shukri decline occurred in the unemployment rate from 23 percent to 15 percent, and the poverty rate fell to 11 percent, after it was 17 per cent, noting that these figures are based on the results of the census was carried out by a joint Ministry, in cooperation with the United Nations.

And on the validation of the general budget, the Minister stressed that he "found a strong response of ministers and state officials to approve the budget for 2012 after a number of amendments to them," noting that the value of the budget hit $ 121 billion, of which 90 billion operating budget, and the remaining investment


hope it has something to do with it.....


YUPPER and it only took them 6 years to do it!!


Let's just hope it's not gonna be another 6 more till they RV...

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