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Maliki: Iraq today has become full sovereignty

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JUST because you got a few building handed back to ya Maliki DOES NOT MEAN IRAQ IS A SOVEREIGN NATIONAL AGAIN!!!!! By UN standard Iraq is STILL A OCCUPIED COUNTRY UNDER CHAPTER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until Chapter 7 is gone...IRAQ IS NOT A SOVEREIGN NATION!! sheesh!

Maliki: Iraq today has become full sovereignty
On: Wed, 12/01/2011 14:25

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that Iraq today has a full sovereignty, and got it fully without any shortcomings, noting that the United States has fulfilled its commitments and withdraw completely from Iraq, as Iraq is today enjoys full sovereignty.

Maliki said in a speech at the ceremony to hand over the presidential palaces and the headquarters of U.S. forces to the Iraqi government Bmtarabgdad International attended reporter Agency (news) said on Thursday that Iraq is one of the historic days of Iraq after the receipt of full sovereignty, and get rid of a dictatorial regime, fall of the tyrant Saddam Iraq and the Iraqis got on freedom and democracy, supported by the United States and the international community.

Maliki pointed to: that this day is one of the most complete days on Iraq, where he received full sovereignty, and the extensive relationships and long-term with the largest country in the world.

And carry-Maliki is what happened in Iraq before the fall of 2003, the Baath Party, said: bear the party responsible for what happened to the destruction and backwardness, he said, al-Maliki: After 2003, we were able to build a democratic state is evolving day by day, as this development has enabled to create strong relationships from many countries, and highlighted with the United States, which must provide them with thanks, for its commitment to withdraw after we signed the Convention on the frameworks strategy with President Bush and committed Bntivha President Obama. / Finished / 4. j. n /


I guess it's kinda like the US is Iraq's Mommy saying "my son is a big boy" and Iraq is saying "yes I am" when in fact, she's talking to a 5 year old who just took his first piss.


CK has it absolutely right, until Chapter VII is gone, the Security Council still has control of the reins on this horse.


Maliki has said in various speeches that Iraq is sovereign since 2006....but we know this isn't so until the UN site changes the Chapter7 status......

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