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Maliki calls for independent candidates to accept the security ministries

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Maliki calls for independent candidates to accept the security ministries

Sunday, 18 January 1 / December 2011 10:00

{Baghdad} Euphrates News UN Secretary-General of the coalition of those who care about the people of Iraq, Sheikh Abbas Muhammadawi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to accept the candidates propose names of civil society organizations to take over the security ministries to ensure that no transactions for the sale and purchase of the ministries.

He said in a press statement received by {Euphrates News} a copy of it on Sunday he was "having been the evidence and documents reveal the existence of transactions for the sale of portfolios has become necessary to nominate ministers of security independent of Aantamon to any political party," noting that "this would be would put an end to the sales and purchase of ministries. "

The news reported that the position of Defense Minister in the previous government may sell in a financial transaction and the transaction resulted in the spread of news to the uncertainty in the recurrence.

Still vacant security ministries and administered by proxy, despite the passage of more than a year to form the current government because of a dispute between Iraq and a coalition of existing state law on the names of candidates for those ministries.

He Muhammadawi that the "coalition of independent civil society organizations will be presented during the next 24 hours ten independent candidates of officers with experience and professionalism to take over the security ministries after they are voting for them in parliament."

Muhammadawi said that "the choice of ministers from outside the security of the Iraqi List and the National Alliance will ensure that these ministers miles to any party or political entity, which ensures the public interest through the non-subjection to any political influences.

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