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The US Administration (embarrassing) the actions of Al-Maliki intends to replace Al-Jaafari!/MALIKI TO BE REPLACED?

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The US Administration (embarrassing) the actions of Al-Maliki intends to replace Al-Jaafari!

Palm-media reports said that senior officials in the US administration seriously studying the possibility of the return of the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-gaafari, as head of the government in Iraq to replace Nouri Al-Maliki, who seems to suffer from a shortage of allies inside and outside Iraq.

And officials in the US administration, in general, embarrassed by the actions of their ally Al-Maliki, especially after political vice-president tariq Al-Hashimi, upon his return from his visit to Washington, was the US administration had given the green light to do so, this "are false," according to the officials following up the Iraqi file in Washington.

Al-Maliki's Actions prompted US officials to hold meetings in which they reviewed means available to Washington to deal with the new Iraqi situation, following the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of Al Hashemi, said observers of the Iraqi situation that the United States was aware of the intentions of Al-Maliki against Al Hashemi, since a period of time, and warned him of the consequences and strong opposition to step of this kind.

Quoted participants at a ceremony honoring the commander of US forces in Iraq, Lieutenant General Lloyd Austin, last Tuesday, which was attended by President Barack Obama and Joe Biden, that an aide to Vice-president, who is in charge of the Iraqi file, approached him and whispered in his ear on the latest developments in Iraq, it was Biden, however, responded angrily: ", Al-Maliki, God help Iraq."

Says a high-ranking official in the department: The problem is that the Al-Maliki as a whole, because it is a friendly ally to Washington continued: There is a problem to see Al-Maliki is in a press conference, calling for not politicizing the issue of Al Hashemi, and calls upon the Government of Kurdistan to hand over Al Hashemi.

The US official said that the refusal of Politicization, I mean, that is to ask the Federal Court of Justice in the Kurdistan region to hand over Al Hashemi, but when the political Al-Maliki to demand to hand over Al Hashemi, it is politicizing the issue because the head of the Executive Authority must stay away from the work of the judicial authority.

The newspaper says that Washington's attempt to keep itself away publicly "scuffles" Iraqi political does not mean that it is not following the situation closely, ماحدا with the US president to send, as a matter of urgency, "manager" The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), General David petraeus to Iraq to learn the details of Iraq good with all.

According to media sources, petraeus and the follow-up to Iraq to President Barack Obama's three options to find a way out of the crisis in Iraq.

The first: demand to the Kurdish bloc, which is one of the most prominent allies of Washington in Iraq, to serve as a mediator and a meeting with the participation of multipolarity in Iraq, as in the case of the meeting, which was held as to reach an agreement to form a national unity government headed by Al-Maliki, and reach a compromise will " water to normal."

But the problem is that the repetition of past solutions which are often short-term and the crisis itself, as well as the fact that the Kurds may enter into negotiations and concessions from Al-Maliki for their own benefit, "and leave the Sunni party alone outside the political process", according to the US vision.

The second option: threat to Al-Maliki's government to force it to reverse a series of accusations that have been put to his political opponents, US sources say that it does not believe the Al-Maliki and that the Iraqi judiciary pursues al Hashemi and Moqtada al-Sadr, wanted issues before the court, to move freely under the title of national reconciliation, which entered into by with Al-Maliki and Washington believes that the Iraqi blocs and the Kurdistan alliance over the ruling coalition, but the problem lies in the return to square one, the government completed prior to the formation of Al-Maliki's government.

Here, it is the third option of dissolving the government, in conjunction with the bloc, which is headed by Al-Jaafari, and the formation of a government headed by Al-Jaafari, without the participation of the bloc, the rule of law, ", which is chaired by Al-Maliki, which can shift to the opposition believes the majority of observers of the Iraqi file in the US capital that Al-Jaafari has now a consensus among the Iraqi political parties and the House of Representatives are much more than Al-Maliki.

Us sources add, discussed a senior Kurdish official finally these options with a House of Representatives in the Iraqi National Alliance bloc, he replied that the that the choice of Al-Jaafari's fine, but this is a better-than- with a new government of the Iraqi National Alliance, raises the same candidates for prime minister.

Us sources concluded by saying that it does not expect to get out of the crisis in Iraq within the framework of political, but also believes that this time, Al-Maliki made a mistake, which may reflect on political status.


I'll believe this when I see it happen....this administration doesn't have the backbone to do it. Plus it would seem self defeating to the world on why we went there in the first place.

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