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Maliki and lonely?

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1 Maliki and lonely? on Fri Jan 06, 2012 7:58 pm


Maliki and lonely?
Last updated: 04-01-2012 10:35 AM

Was supposed to Day atheist and the thirtieth of December of 2011 to be a day of joy exceptional in Iraq, because of the completion of the American occupation forces withdrew from the country, although the significance of this day more symbolic than realistic, so that the American forces completed their withdrawal by about two weeks from the date decided by the the security agreement signed by Iraq and the United States late in 2008, is that the celebration of the official withdrawal seemed sad, reflects the fate of the political process in the country and the continuing and escalating crises.

Ceremony was attended by only one political party, is the party of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, and his party, electoral coalition. We have not seen in the celebration of only the deputies and ministers from (a coalition of state law), and the figures calculated on the al-Maliki, and missed the other parties involved in the political process. Did not attend the (Iraqi), Ptnzimadtha diverse, and (Kurdistan Alliance), Bahzabh ancient, and the Sadrist movement, and (ISCI), and block (the change), Kurdish, and the Virtue Party, and no. ., No. ..

Maliki appeared alone in this celebration, showcasing his army, and his subordinates. . Eetmroy before his picture and big. Maliki was unarmed, was not able to involve his friends and colleagues in the political process in this glory.
Perhaps he wanted to deliver a message to the Iraqi public that this (achievement) is achieved alone. He has been reminding us, always, that the withdrawal of U.S. forces but achieved because of the negotiations led by the United States, which turned the idea of redeploying U.S. troops in Iraq, to the schedule for the withdrawal of these forces, then the actual and complete withdrawal, as has happened.

But the truth is that he was alone, because he could not involve any party to the trench. The open war on all other parties. Was injured Bvobaa real moment of a U.S. withdrawal. It seemed to him that the only tool to overcome the sharp political divisions, has missed the U.S. sponsor, is poisoning the atmosphere Btpol war and repression.

Was a sad scene of the celebration, expressing the state of the al-Maliki, which tends to him all the powers, alone with no partner.

But, how can it continue in this unit? Can be imposed (and patriotism) for others? If (on Iraq) day, does this formula will provide the other from the (national) are smooth, and slavishly? Or is it time to believe that the systems which produced tyranny has gone, and that he should achieve a real partnership, not only secured the faith seriously democratic state?

Him to believe that Mashahda alone in the joy is not a national force, it is a weakness, and not the content of the national good works a person or leader, but the group is building, with all the parties and their differences.

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