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all citizens affected by Kurds of former regime include Article 140

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all citizens affected by Kurds of former regime include Article 140

Official: all citizens affected by the Kurds of the former regime include Article 140

09/01/2012 17:24

Erbil, January 9 (Rn) - The Kurdistan Regional Government representative in the Commission on Article 140, for the inclusion of all citizens, the Kurds who have been exposed to losses since 1968 and 2003 by the outlawed Baath Party regime, Article 140.

Said Mohammed Ihsan, told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) that "under the decision of the Supreme Committee for Article 140 in the month of December (December) the past, the article 140 will include any Kurdish citizens subjected to deportation, exile, deportation or expulsion or deportation of forced or demolished village for any political reasons, sectarian, ethnic or national since 17 July 1968 to 9 April 2003."

The Ihsan that "should those citizens fill the form of Article 140, within the limits of his administration and attach a copy of the image registration and the identity of the personal status, nationality and card supplies and card information or support for housing, as well as any other documents supporting the request and indicate to push them or exile or deported by the the former regime during the dates specified."

He explained, "is not entitled to any department Rvs those requests, and the right of any citizen has been migrated or exile or deported by the former regime during that period, to submit his request," noting that "can Moatin submit applications from now until March 31 (March) Next, after the submission of their applications, will be one of the committees competent legal assessment of those files."

He Ihsan that "he will make up for all those citizens in accordance with Article 140, and will receive $10 million Iraqi dinars."

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