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Next month .. Activation of the strategic framework agreement between Baghdad and Washington

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Next month .. Activation of the strategic framework agreement between Baghdad and Washington


Burns from Baghdad: We seek to activate the role of Iraq in support of regional opportunities for security and stability in the region

BAGHDAD - Al Sabah

I learned »morning» from American sources informed that the next month will see the activation of the strategic framework agreement between Baghdad and Washington. This comes at a time when presidents of the Republic, ministers and deputies separately with the delegation of senior U.S. ways of strengthening relations between the two countries. Has met President Jalal Talabani, yesterday evening, the first Assistant Secretary of State William Burns and his accompanying delegation, which included the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey.

During the meeting, was discussed on bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States in the framework of the strategic partnership between the two countries and at all levels to achieve mutual benefit.

Were exchanged opinions on the latest developments on the Iraqi arena in the political and security spheres, as well as on developments in the mobility of the current political and challenges that hinder the country's political process. In this context, the President reviewed Talabani, according to a presidential statement received »Sabah» a copy of it, the results of his talks and meetings intensive with political leaders and political blocs during the past few days, and his efforts to bring the views, noting that he continued in his efforts this that are considered a national duty to encourage the parties to the political process to choose the path of constructive dialogue, and to have the necessary will to reach understandings accepted in part the success of the initiative launched by His Excellency to convene the National Congress and make it appropriate to outline to run the country and establish a true partnership and national consensus.

For their part, members of the delegation stressed that American leadership is viewed with attention to the pivotal role of President Talabani appraisers to resolve the outstanding problems in the management of his wise leadership of the country and his continued efforts to prevent threats to the gains of the new Iraq. And expressed the readiness of American leadership to support the efforts of Talabani and Iraqi political leaders to find acceptable solutions to current problems in the Iraqi arena. As new members of the delegation, U.S. interest in stability and prosperity of Iraq and to work together to strengthen the partnership strategy between the two countries in all fields. He also met with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his official office yesterday, the U.S. delegation, which stressed the need to work faster to apply the terms of the strategic framework agreement and the establishment of bilateral cooperation Based on what was drawn by the Convention. Iraq has signed and the United States during the year 2008, the Framework Agreement strategy to support the ministries and agencies of the Iraqi transition from a partnership strategy with the Republic of Iraq to the areas of economic, diplomatic, cultural and security, based on reducing the number of PRTs in the provinces, as well as providing important sustainable rule of law, including the program police development and completion of the coordination, supervision and report to Fund Iraq Relief and Reconstruction. The Prime Minister, according to a statement received »Sabah» copy of it, that Iraq is going through a state-building and the construction of institutions on the basis of the Constitution and we are involved in the mobilization of all efforts to strengthen this trend.
He said Iraq's desire to build relations of friendship and cooperation with all countries of the world, especially neighboring countries, but on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in domestic affairs.

For his part, Assistant Secretary of State William Burns said the United States wanted to complete the process of building the foundations of relations strategy between the two countries, which will include aspects of economic and trade cooperation, energy, education, and expressed his country's desire to activate the role of Iraq's regional support opportunities for security and stability in the region and non-interference in domestic affairs.

As was the commander of U.S. Central Command Gen. James Mattis, the U.S. is ready to equip the Iraqi army and security agencies with the necessary devices and techniques to enhance their capacity in the face of terrorism and security challenges, different, explaining that he would discuss with Iraqi officials, details the requirements and the means provided to Iraqi security forces. In the framework of Post, discuss House Speaker Osama Najafi with Burns bilateral relations and cooperation frameworks Strategic between the two countries. According to a statement issued by the Office Nujaifi media, the two sides discussed during the meeting, the political situation deteriorating in Iraq and the need to strive for the success of the National Conference expanded scheduled to be held to resolve the political crisis. The parties agreed on the importance of continued international support for the momentum of democratic changes in Iraq and make all efforts to consolidate the democratic approach and strive to prevent the influence atmosphere stumble that were produced by the absence of agreement between the political blocs. Well, Research and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, with Assistant Secretary of State William Burns relations Iraq - the U.S. after the withdrawal. A statement by the Information Office of the Ministry yesterday that «during the meeting the sides discussed relations, Iraq - the U.S. after completing the withdrawal process and the process of transformation and transition in the relationship between the government and the embassy and U.S. missions and new mechanisms of cooperation».

The statement added that «it was stressed the importance of resolving political differences and cemented the internal situation in order to off Iraq to play an important and active role in the region and its regional». The Minister of Foreign Affairs visions and perceptions of the Iraqi government on the situation of Arab, regional and international levels.

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