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112 countries at UN and UNSC are ready to declare the State of Kurdistan

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112 countries at UN and UNSC are ready to declare the State of Kurdistan

Sunday, 15 January 2012 11:13
Twilight News /

Source revealed Kurd in the Kurdistan Region, Sunday, that more than 100 countries at the United Nations in addition to two states in the UN Security Council prepared to vote on the declaration of a Kurdish state independent, pointing out that most of these countries Britain and the regional countries and neighboring Iraq.

The increasing presence of Kurds according to the geographical area in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, only those countries opposed to any step of the separation.

The director of the Center for Israel - Cord, David Albagustani, in an interview with "Twilight News", "There are 110 countries at the United Nations was ready to recognize the state of Kurdish in the event of its announcement, in addition to two members of the Security Council, ready for it, there are also two other members of the Security Council are not entitled to vote are ready also for the recognition of the Kurdish state, as well as a neutral party. "

The reservation Albagustani on which countries he said it would announce its recognition of an independent Kurdish state, stating, "Consider that the Iraqi crisis resolved completely order not to be the announcement of these countries working to confuse the situation, so we wish everyone to keep an optional federal Iraq."

It is said that the President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, said in his speech before the Conference of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which was held on 11 December 2010, the right of self-determination for the Kurdish people will be put in the conference, sparking reactions positive within the region and different outside.

He stressed that the Kurdish people, like other nations and peoples "have the right to self-determination," adding that his party believes claim the right to self-determination and the struggle to achieve this goal.

However, the director of the Israel - Cord However, his words, "We have Britain's most prominent countries willing to recognize the Kurdish state, and the neighboring countries and its territory in turn, will take the same stance."

He added that "the Kurdish people in Iraq are very important choices as to whether continued administration of the country the way you run it now," suggesting that "independence is one of the options for the Kurds in Iraq, particularly the presence of dozens of countries willing to recognize an independent Kurdish state."

The Albagustani "I would say very frankly that the Iraqi people in general and the Kurdish people in particular, are not with the separation, and wants the Kurdish people to be part of the United Iraqi, but if Iraq continued to run this way, and continue the process of creating the problems, I believe that the Kurdish people will be has the options are very important. "

"I think that if the continued rule of Iraq in a way the central government itself in dealing with the Kurdish people, they will lose many things, and we Kkord not also want to lose it," adding, "Now the Kurdish issue and reached a special stage and it's no longer a local issue, but related is the issue of Middle East, but also become an international issue. "

It is argued that the choice of the Kurdish people is now a federal Iraq is because they see that the failure of the central government in the administration of the country's political and security in the area of ​​services and encourages the marginalization of provincial demands the establishment of regions of Kurdistan may be the final word in this field.

It is noteworthy that the Kurds that did in 1946 on the establishment of the Republic of Mahabad in northwestern Iran, but it was short-lived mini-state is an internationally recognized a Soviet-backed Kurdish republic.

The Alliance of doing contributed to the judge with Mullah Mohammad Mustafa Barzani, but the pressure from the Shah of Iran on the United States, which in turn pressured the Soviet Union was enough to withdraw Soviet troops from Iranian territory and the Iranian government to drop the Republic of Mahabad after 11 months of its proclamation.

Was its impact on the execution of Judge Mohammed in March 1947 in the city of Mahabad, and exit of Mullah Mustafa Barzani, with a group of fighters from the region.

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