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Iraq’s Sadr: We will stop US Embassy employees if they don’t draw back

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Iraq’s Sadr: We will stop US Embassy employees if they don’t draw back
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:36 GMT
Iraqi Sadr Movement leader Cleric Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr warned on Monday the US Embassy in Baghdad against its employees roaming the streets of Baghdad. Al Sadr cautioned that they will be stopped if they don’t draw back.
“We will stop them if they don’t draw back,” Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr warned in a reply to a question about whether the US Embassy is entitled to send armed employees to wander in Baghdad streets, while the US Embassy described the arrest of its 4 employees as a routine procedure.

“Wait for our signal dear Resistance,” Sadr uttered.
Baghdad Governor Salah Abdul Razak announced, on January 12, that four armed Americans including two women were arrested as they were spotted wandering in a car near his house. Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs should undertake diplomatic measures to investigate this violation, he advanced.

US embassy apologized for the incident, Razak declared on January 17 assuring that no foreign diplomats should be wandering in Baghdad’s streets without the knowledge and consent of the local government. Any person or group would be immediately killed without investigation if such an incident reoccurs, he threatened.

Having US gunmen wandering in Baghdad is a terrorist act to terrorize Iraqis, Sayyed Muqtada Al Sadr stated on January 19. Sadr seconds the stand of Baghdad Governor Salah Abdul regarding the arrest of Americans. These Americans shouldn’t be released but put to trial in Iraqi courts, he stressed.
US embassy and security institutions in Iraq are as dangerous as occupying forces, Sadr Movement expressed pointing up that most assassinations that occurred in Baghdad are linked to these institutions. The government should display the confessions of the Americans detained northern Baghdad, the movement concluded, a source told Alsumaria.


prime example of why nation building doesn't work.......should have just taken out Saddam and let them figure things out,and frankly we shoulda taken their oil also since everyone blamed us for that anyhow.


agree with ya there Pan!....and how many times must it be said that demo-craZy doesn't fit inside a parliament house?


Blast Sadr to hell!!! He gets on his high horse now that troops are gone...but the USA is going to pay them 2 billion a year to build their crap! Billions go to build their shit but Sadr starts dick-tating his BS!


What a mess those idiots are...threatening to kill our people while wanting our of CH7 at the same time...and they wonder why their country is still stagnating 10 years on...


sounds like someones Community isn't that Organized Chevy.....

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