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Iraqi Parliament calls for halt to sell the dollar at auction

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Iraqi Parliament calls for halt to sell the dollar at auction

Follow up-keep- addressed the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Parliament formally Central Bank, to stop selling the dollar auction. Committee Chairman Ahmed Al-alwani, the Committee addressed the Central Bank to stop selling the dollar auction until instructed determines who has the right to deal with hard currency, to ensure non-diversion to outside Iraq.

He said officials at the Central Bank of Iraq confirmed that they are now in the process of establishing a new mechanism for participating in bids to buy the dollar, and how the dollar and foreign currency, and we shall follow this topic first to preserve Iraq's cash reserve.

Al-alwani, noted that the smuggling of currency has a negative impact on the Iraqi economy, bad, affect the reserve currency, dinar against the dollar, it also has serious political dimensions. He explained that Iran suffers from bad economic situation because of international sanctions.

They are trying by any means to compensate the damage, particularly with regard to currency, and does not have a port other than Iraq, being a strong influence by square at the political, economic and even security. He continued: so they are trying to fill its deficit, even if there is damage on Iraq, this cannot be accepted, and will stand in all of Iraq from trying to dump currency and will not compromise on the country's wealth for the interests of others. Iran had after the United States and Europe imposed economic sanctions to buy hard currency from neighboring countries, most recently Iraq, its openness without censorship or political or economic security, according to observers.


still trying to wrap my head around this one......could something be happening?


I don't think so..the Iranians and Syrians were swapping Rial and The Syrian Pound for dinars, then swapping IQD back to USD because of the sanctions on them..the CBI was being inundated by two currencies whose value had plummeted and was affecting the CBI's foreign reserves...at least that the best explanation I could garner from the last 10 articles of Iraqispeak....any other thoughts?


I think the interference from Iran and Syria has definitely played a role in the CBI latest actions. I also think there is more to this picture than we are seeing.

Always hopeful, never expecting


I hope their's more to this than I'm thinkin or seeing....maybe this was a plan to get all of the IQD out of both countries before the CBI RV's it? HMMM? HMMM? Clean them out so-to-speak? Leave them hi and dry?

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