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Planning announces the extension of five-year plan to 2016

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Planning announces the extension of five-year plan to 2016

On: Friday 3/2/2012 6:23
Baghdad / term
أ The Ministry of Planning of its intention to extend the five-year development plan for another two years until 2016, indicating that the political and security situation is "stable" was behind this extension.
و A spokesman for the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi's (Twilight News): The ministry is determined to extend the five-year development plan to the two years ending in 2016. "
Hindawi said that the plan which was supposed to start, which came out in 2010 and ending in 2014 is the first short-term development plan after 2003, and participated in drafting and preparing all Iraqi ministries. "

And that "the most important reasons for the extension of the plan to the year 2016, is the reluctance of ministries in the implementation of development projects because of security and political conditions experienced by the country in recent years."
The government had announced on 28 April of 2010 that the Cabinet decided to ratify the five-year national development plan for the years (2010-2014) as the final revised by the Ministry of Planning taking the amendments proposed by some ministries into account.
According to specialists Benoit, earlier, that the success of five-year plan, ratified by the government is subject to mechanisms applied, expressing their fear of the negative impact of political interactions taking place in the country on the possibility of success in their application.
The program includes investment of the plan more than 2700 projects spread over sectors and all activities, and to all the provinces and at a cost of $ 186 billion over five years to implement the plan, to be financed through the budget as well as through local and foreign investments in activities that have been identified.

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