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Skinner: Iraq is looking to be excused from U.S. sanctions on Iran

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Skinner: Iraq is looking to be excused from U.S. sanctions on Iran

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh

PUKmedia for Reuters 17:18:512012-02-03

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh, said on Friday that Iraq may seek exemption from the United States on sanctions imposed on Iran because of the large volume of trade with its neighbor and to protect foreign reserves of the sanctions.

The U.S. government signed in December, a law imposing sanctions on financial institutions that deal with Iran's central bank main channel for Iran's oil revenues and also the European Union announced a ban on shipments of Iranian oil.

Dabbagh said Iraq was studying to get an exemption from the United States so as not to violate the sanctions, so as not subjected to any sanctions may fall on countries that do not implement U.S. sanctions.

Japan is also considering seeking an exemption from the new U.S. sanctions, is also considering ways to reduce its dependence on Iranian crude shipments.

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