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Continuing differences over the new law may delay the holding of legislative elections in Iraq

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Continuing differences over the new law may delay the holding of legislative elections in Iraq

(صوت العراق) - 09-07-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 09-07-2009

PNA- PNA-pulled the complexities of the city of Kirkuk, the disputed between Arabs and Kurds and Turkmen, on the draft election law raises the possibility of delaying the adoption of the law, and thus postpone the legislative elections scheduled in late January (January) next.

A meeting was held yesterday included the presidency of the Parliament and the Legal Committee as well as the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs to discuss the proposed amendments to the law of the legislative elections after a prior agreement not to pass a new law and only some of the paragraphs of the amendment of current law.

Informed member of the Legal Committee of Parliament Iman Al-Asadi told «life» that the meeting had been on the tour has to resolve many of the contentious issues which were the real obstacles on the road as the new law is passed, and pointed out that «the dispute to the holding of elections in the city of Kirkuk, the objector and welcome, without the resolution of contentious issues, the new point of obstructive controversial ».

It added that «the three contentious issues that had accompanied the bill, an issue of religious and ethnic minorities in the country and the method of representation in Parliament, and the issue of women's quota, in addition to the form of the electoral system between the existing open and closed, settled way of compromise required to submit proposals or suggestions in relation to 3 each case to the House of Representatives, the vote is Faisal in resolving these differences ».

They pointed out that «as the issue of women's quota was agreed to keep the article on the Law of the legislative elections on the same unchanged as they reflect on the claims in the representation of women, and it was agreed that the submission of proposals in the event of the first to make the country a single electoral district and are calculating the fixed quota, and the second provides for rates of compensatory seats for women would be 10 percent or 18 percent ».

Al Assadi, but pointed out that the differences emerged when talking about how to conduct the elections in Kirkuk, adding that this issue has stalled the adoption of the law, to be resolved quickly and the time remaining before the current Legislative dismissal before the end of this month.

The parliament voted yesterday to extend the Legislative dismissal one month to approve the legislation and the laws of the task, either blocked or delayed, most notably the law of the legislative elections to be held on the basis of the new parliamentary elections early next year, in addition to the issue of constitutional amendments and the adoption of the laws of the oil and gas, and other parties.

In the meantime, Congress was told «life» of the pessimism of the passing of the bill during the remainder of this chapter, threatens to postpone the date of parliamentary elections, which is opposed by Iraqi political blocs.

The deputy «Accordance Front» Rashid al-Azzawi, in a statement that «all the parliamentary blocs want to amend the previous law, but until now there is no real consensus among themselves on its new».

The «raised many drafts adopted by some groups calling for the adoption of the hybrid and the multiplicity of existing constituencies, but it has not been submitted so far to the presidency of the parliament for reading and approval, which may last for long because of the continuing differences in the law.

For his part called for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mohsen Saadun political blocs to «speed up the search in the law and the creation of a genuine consensus on the items», pointing out that «the adoption of amendments to this law is very important due to the future of the entire political process, for the absence of the law is passed in a timely manner could jeopardize the scheduled elections early next year to delay ».

It is well known that the last parliamentary elections were held on the basis of dividing Iraq into 18 electoral districts and on the closed list system, with provincial elections were held on the basis of a multi-constituency and collected the list of open and closed in the National Assembly elections were held in 2005 on the basis of Iraq as one constituency and the use of closed-list .

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