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Eisenhower met creatures space three times and signed a peace agreement with

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Eisenhower met creatures space three times and signed a peace agreement with

Posted 16/02/2012 08:17 AM

BAGHDAD - Babinaoz (Reuters) - allegedly a member of Congress and former adviser to the U.S. Department of Defense, "Pentagon". Timothy Good, in an interview with the BBC, "BBC" that the Federal Bureau of Investigation "FBI" was able to contact creatures space and the management of three meetings on separate occasions with U.S. President Eisenhower in the state of New Mexico, in the southwestern United States in 1954.
According to Goode university lecturer and writer, who has worked at the Pentagon during the term of Eisenhower, has been succeeded after these meetings, Eisenhower and FBI agents in the use of telepathy telepathy Creatures of communication satellite. And culminated in this successful endeavor, as the President met in three separate meetings at the base of Holoman Air. Goode supports this claim by saying that these meetings took place in the presence of many witnesses.
Goode said that his meetings with the three aliens were creatures with the "Nordic appearance", and sweat-called "gray aliens," and added that the president signed a peace agreement with them on behalf of the residents of the United States in particular, and the earth in general.
The Goode saying: We know that we can find interpretations of the data through the traditional known for about 90% of the various reports, which spoke of "flying saucers." Can be attributed to the tests of a new military vehicles, or scientific experiments ... And so on. But I can say that millions of people around the world saw dishes jet coming from the outside world, and carry on Mtonha aliens are real.
Goode's claims come at a time in which proliferated during the past few months ¬ęconspiracy theories¬Ľ argument, on the Internet, revealing that the state secrets related to President Eisenhower and his meeting with visiting creatures from other planets. But Goode's claims is the first, which comes from a prominent academic, was also a high-ranking government official.
Not only did this man as reported for Eisenhower, but he said, in the "Obnunitd" news channel "BBC" television second, that many governments around the world have been in contact with space creatures, and over the decades. He went on to say that these objects are "visited thousands of people from different races, both characteristics of formal or informal.
When asked about the reason that prevents these creatures from the meeting with President Barack Obama responded by saying: I do not know, maybe this happened. But I know for sure that they met with President Dwight Eisenhower three times in the air base in the state of New Mexico in 1954. This is not a complete secret, because many people were witnesses to that.
Little is known about Eisenhower, who took over the presidency of the United States from 1953 until 1961, he was completely believe in the existence of advanced life on other planets. Perhaps this is why this man - who was five-star general and commander of Allied forces in Europe during World War II - in an unprecedented keen to push the U.S. space program to new heights constantly.
The British press handled previously secret files in particular the Ministry of Defence, was released because of obsolescence, and revealed that Winston Churchill was the authority, which issued the order to preserve the secret of the existence of satellite dishes plane under wraps. The former prime minister took this decision for fear of undermining faith in the hearts of the nation.
Dishes were seen referred to in these reports flying over the eastern coast of England. And sent crews of fighter planes returning from the fighting fronts in France and Germany during World War II certificates to this effect, but Churchill is discreet it for that reason. The complete episodes of the series, if we know that Churchill discussed the matter with Eisenhower UFO and aliens visiting again and again in the various meetings between the two

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