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1 GLOBAL 2012 TIMELINE on Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:54 pm


I wrote out the stuff bouncing around in my head:

G20 was "suppose" to meet Feb. 25-26 BUT was pushed back to Feb 19-20

Greece Bailout was Feb. 20 to 3am Feb. 21
We already have the new clues this will not work, since it has to go before germany, netherlands and finlands parliament, NO WAY will netherlands vote yes on it...so everybody I can tell is getting ready for Greece to default and set the KABOOM! so need to give this week for the "world economist" to catch up with what we already know, then start upsetting the global markets with a downward CRASH! Dow can NOT hold at 13,000 which is a insane number!!!

Wed. 22
Thurs 23
Fri. 24
In October is took the "world" 3 days to figure out that the Greece agreement wasn't going to work. So I'll guess 3 days for this one.

Sat. 25
Sun. 26
Mon. 27
Tues 28 - EU new aid package will be adopted on February 28, during the summit scheduled for that date (WHICH we know they can't vote on this with a yes!)

Wed. 29
Thur. March 1st - G20 puppets March 1-2 or EU summit???????
Fri. Mar. 2

Russia Election is March 4th - PUTIN WON!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!

March 9: Greece bailout out come. (IF they don't kick the can AGAIN!)

European government bonds (EGBs), CDS trigger is March 11

Greece debt crash on March 20th
March 20th....that's when the Iranian Oil Bourse will start trading oil in other currencies apart from the US dollar,starting the new arrival of a new oil marker to be denominated in euro,yen,yuan,yupree or a basket of currencies

Arab Summit in Iraq March 29.



May 18-19 G-8 Summit at Camp David

May 20-21 NATO summit, Chicago

Some fun stuff to add:
February’s New Moon on the 21st - After this new Moon, we will experience a quickening of events, in relation to governmental and financial destruction. Plus, it will become difficult to continue to hide things from the world.

Towards the beginning of March - The gloves comes off for the media..they finally get to REPORT THE TRUTH!

March 12th - there is potential, at this time, to experience an increase of violence, or perhaps ultimately, military disarmament, or a final show of force before surrender. (CAN WE SAY DUH! If the media if finally able to REPORT THE TRUTH..yeah some people on this planet might be pissed off!)

Well anyway...the world economy is on the move again...FUN TO WATCH!!

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2 Re: GLOBAL 2012 TIMELINE on Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:16 am


thanks for the info and the thoughts

3 Re: GLOBAL 2012 TIMELINE on Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:04 am


THANK you Chevy for the Iran March 20th above.

And Greece got kicked to March 9th above.

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5 Re: GLOBAL 2012 TIMELINE on Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:56 pm


And on it goes....thx CK, Chev!!

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