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Arab Summit will support the proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

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Summit will support the proclamation of Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine

Baghdad - Cairo - the morning

with the approach of the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad (Darussalam) assured technical delegation from the Arab League's preparations to host Iraq for the summit in the report will submit to the meeting of Arab foreign ministers next , according to him the source of Arab beginning of the "morning."

The present developments in the time announced by the Ministry of Construction and Housing Readiness Headquarters dedicated to the establishment of presidents, kings, participants in the summit, while the "Al Sabah" The Baghdad summit will discuss a resolution supporting declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine. said Source Forums: "The delegation briefed in detail on all the preparations that impressed them, and their level higher." The source added that "it is the most prominent was seen by the delegation headquarters held the opening session and the meetings of Ministers, and the headquarters of the establishment of the Arab leaders, in addition to the centers for journalists and hotels which will assess the Arab delegations. "The source continued:" The delegation will raise its report to the League of Arab States, which in turn will brief the Arab foreign ministers it, "revealing the report contained positive points are many, the most prominent praise preparations and security measures taken to protect the delegations from the airport to the headquarters of accommodation and meeting rooms" . and arrived in Baghdad Sunday, the delegation of the General Secretariat of the Arab League in charge of being the last administrative arrangements, technical and organizational to hold the Arab summit twenty-third in Baghdad at the end of next month. It is said that the government recently announced, complete all the preparations to host the Arab summit.

In the meantime, the Ministry of State it will start early next week by sending ministerial delegations to all the Arab countries to deliver formal invitations to attend the summit. said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, Abawi said Iraq had received assurances from most Arab countries that it will attend the next summit at the highest levels, noting in a press statement: "Information available to the Iraqi Foreign Ministry until now confirms that more than half of the Presidents and the Arab leaders attending the summit of Baghdad. "

In the meantime, sources said country "morning", said the Baghdad summit will consider a resolution to support the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine. The sources said in a telephone interview with "morning" yesterday that a delegation from the Arab League arrived in Qatar yesterday to prepare for the Doha International Conference for the Support of Al Quds which is held on the 26th of this month, adding that "This conference is based on a decision of the Sirte summit of Arab support of Jerusalem and will raise its findings to the summit of Baghdad. In regard to a related, said Director General of the Department of Construction Engineering in the Ministry of Construction and Housing Engineer Riad Fadel al-Tamimi told the "morning": that the cadres department completed overseeing the rehabilitation of the presidential palace by 100 percent. He noted that the headquarters, which was carried out by a Turkish company, will host presidents and kings of the nations participating in the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end next March


since when has there been a state of Palestine?.....got a seat at the UN? or is it like Mexicans claiming a new state in the US?


Cannot see Israel agreeing to this one, HMMMM wonder how Iraq would feel about a resolution for the State of Kurds


at least the Kurds are indigenous people....

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