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WIKILEAKS: Something 'Extraordinary' Is About To Be Released,

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Parking this one in rumors until we see the world media really report the truth:

Sunday, February 26, 2012
WIKILEAKS: Something 'Extraordinary' Is About To Be Released, And 25 Media Organizations Are Preparing For It!

According to business insider.com, which is proving itself to be a very reliable source of information for our changing times, is reporting that Wiki leaks has reported that a mystery press conference will be held on Monday, February 27th, 2012, at 12 Noon at the Frontline Club in Paddington, London, England. According to Wiki leaks, over 25 media organizations have been working in silence for months in preparation for tomorrow's press conference. Wiki leaks suggests that everyone interested should follow the Wiki leaks twitter feed closely as extraordinary news should break sometime in the next 96 hours.

Then found this for today:

Sherriequestioningall : Goldman Sachs created a Fake Hedge Fund - Reuters News is a Partner of Stratfor!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Assange Press Conference happening right now 7am est - UStream - Revealed

Goldman Sachs created a Fake Hedge Fund - Reuters News is a Partner of Stratfor!

It was announced that Assange would have a press conference today at noon in London, yesterday.

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Video streaming by Ustream

It is happening right now.

UPDATE 7:41AM - Stratfor - created a fraudulent hedge fund with Goldman Sachs that was complex to make it seem legal and Goldman Sachs created fake paperwork for the off shore fund. It was a fund to trade on all their CIA information they would uncover!

Update - Assange just said "Journalist need to start writing the truth
about things and all the misinfo of the last two years, the truth needs
to be revealed."

Stratfor - told their informants around the world to use Sex and any
other means psychologically/financial etc. to control their target.

U.S. State Department person who worked with Stratfor said target
Assange and deny everything admit nothing and keep quiet. Assange said
they just released that email this morning. I did not get the name of
the person, he mentioned though.

UPDATE 8:16AM - Last comment by Assange, he reveals - REUTERS NEWS IS A STRATFOR PARTNER!

Press Conference is over 8:19 Am est.

Update 8:50am est
- I have gone to Drudge - Huffington and not one of them have anything
about the News Conference and the fact it was revealed Goldman Sachs
committed FRAUD and Reuters Commits FAKE News and is controlled and a
partner of a Private CIA company!


Thnx CK....my heads spinning with this and the wikkileaks release yesterday




here that release yesterday CK.....


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