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Chapter VII, but the decision is up to the United Nations

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Chapter VII, but the decision is up to the United Nations


Baghdad _ Fares Sharifi

As he prepares Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to go to a number of countries in the region on a visit to improve the atmosphere before the Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad at the end of this month, said Iraq's ambassador to Kuwait, that the agenda of the visit is not yet done, but the issue of port Mubarak will be among the that table, while informed sources revealed that Iraq and Kuwait is currently seeking to resolve the problem of finding a ground port new work in partnership in the management of this file.

He said the Iraqi ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Hussein Bahr al-Ulum told (the citizen) that »Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will visit Kuwait on the fourteenth of March, but the current agenda of the visit is not yet done»

Adding that »the visit comes as part of addressing the outstanding issues between the two countries and follow what has been achieved during previous visits to the Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait»

Noting that «there are signs to discuss the Silver Port Mubarak, who was born and controversial point of debate between the two countries will be resolved in proportion to the national interests of the two ongoing»

To the sources familiar with Iraq that »there are letters sent by the Kuwaiti government and sent to their Iraqi counterparts inviting them to resolve the crisis, the port of Mubarak, according to commensurate with the interests of both countries«

She said »Maliki's visit comes days to Kuwait after receiving those letters, which invites him to sit down with Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al Sabah, Emir of Kuwait and a solution to this file and a number of other files «The source believes that the solution of the Iraqi-Kuwaiti partnership through the administration file port.

However, the Kuwaiti media recently indicated that the issue of the port would be far from the agenda of the upcoming visit al-Maliki.

And sources familiar with the newspaper «News» Kuwaiti Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will arrive in Kuwait on 14 this, hoping that this visit strengthens ties between the two countries to be normal relations and good and far from any tension.

Regarding the files to be discussed by al-Maliki, the sources said that the discussions will focus on bilateral relations as well as the outstanding issues between the two countries. Sources and by asking whether the file will be discussed Port Mubarak, said:

There is nothing we are discussing in this topic, and the port of Mubarak is and will remain and work is currently being.

As for the Iraqi demands on the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, if raised Maliki this subject, said the sources that Kuwait is not a hand out of Iraq or into Chapter VII, but the decision is up to the United Nations, pointing to Iraq's implementation of full its obligations to Kuwait would lead to his release automatically from the Chapter VII.


ever think that Chapter7 is lingering on so Iraq has no choice but to do what the IMF dictates?....dangeling the proverbial carrot in front of their face so to speak....


Good point...remember the article I posted awhile back that said that the archives they needed to appease Kuwait with were being held by the US?? Probably just the tip if the iceberg....

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