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Visiting next week .. Rais: Maliki persuade Kuwaiti investments for the seventh item

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Visiting next week .. Rais: Maliki persuade Kuwaiti investments for the seventh item

On: Tuesday 03/06/2012 14:19

Baghdad (news) .. Confirmed the Chancellor in the Office of the Prime Minister Mary Rayes that Maliki's visit to Kuwait will be the middle of this month, noting that al-Maliki and his accompanying delegation will discuss four important files during the visit, and will convince the Kuwaitis are the subject of Chapter VII.
said Rais (the Agency news) said on Tuesday: will the President Minister Nuri al-Maliki's visit to Kuwait on either mid-month (14.15), where the visit will last for two days during which he will discuss four important files, shared between the two countries.
Rais stressed: that the files will be over four (item VII, Port Mubarak, administrative boundaries, investment) , noting: that Iraq is seeking to exit from Chapter VII, which puts restrictions on him in his dealings with other countries, did not keep out of minor issues most important to the Kuwaiti debt, and resolve the issue during Maliki's visit to Iraq would be easy to get out of it, are described: that the Kuwaiti side in recent days showed flexibility in the possibility of resolving the outstanding issues.
and predicted Rais: to be able to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to convince the Kuwaitis to give them the investment in Iraq to meet the debt owed ​​by Iraq, which exceed $ 20 billion, but predicted it difficult to persuade them to stop construction of a port Mubarak, and continued: but this Aadhar as it was built out of Iraqi waters, either one will do the border and joint committees to resolve. / End / 33. n. r /

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