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Poof 11 March

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1 Poof 11 March on Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:21 pm



Greetings and Salutations:

The above lyrics are my comment on the political season in the us, 'Vote for me, I'll set you free!' Oh, yea we're definitely doing the '60's again. There was a march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala, Again! Over the same subject, for God's sake. Sorry the world is going forward, the bridge back to the 'good ole days', has been destroyed, not even the pylons exist any more. Exactly what that was, will be explained in the announcements. Truth, it wouldn't matter who was elected, republican or democrat, there will be no reinvention of sliced bread or the wheel. This event, stopped all the 'figuring' on how the bad guys could get control again, now it's about survival for them...will we have 'something'. 'What are you crying now for?',.
my dad used say, 'you weren't crying when you did it'

So, I jumped the gun, last week, shoulda thought about something a trader said once, 'don't matter what it is, it takes them a week to do it'. But, I'll tell you they blew this puppy up a few days ago...globally....all very quietly so no one noticed. I bet few noticed that big solar flare that blew thru here the other day. We got 'radiated' and the energy in and around the planet ramped up again. This event was similar to the flare that came thru here. In my analogy, we got bombarded with pure freedom particles, the precursor before that freedom is put in your hot little hands, the end of speculation. The greater wisdom prevailed, 'git the killin' dun now, and we won't have to do it later, every time one of them varmints tries to raid the storage lockers again'. The 'whack a mole' thing after was not seen as a way forward, to quickly launch the planet and it's
peoples into it's future. Much is sitting on the shelf and ready to go. Since 1984, the rafter folks have been busy bringing all of this 'change' into fruition, right down on the ground. Many years before that, the 'need" was seen, and acted upon so, the storing away began, the saving up for the rainy day, so to speak.

The calm has come, the chatter has quit, I think some told them all to shut up and anyone that is talking is full of horse manure, doing a cover story for all the silence and people's need to for feed back all the time. It's like when my dad was driving and silent, he'd veer of the road into an ice cream place. No warning. Everything in your little world suddenly exploded in great joy, as it dawned on you what just happened. I feel something similar is taking place. I go to my forth child thing, you get a feel for things in the house before the other children do...Mostly because you're nosy and everyone is always telling you to shut up or go away, yea, like they got something to hide...lololo....I Must know! The best I could ever tell you things were in place for this or that. These 'pre-emptive' strikes they have done across the planet, did what was intended, caught everybody off guard. Clearly an 'Art of War' move on the planetary chess board.

From now on, all will happen like dominoes falling. This is orderly, reaction to it will most likely not be. How did you act when you got sent to your room? Just because we're talking about grown folks, doesn't mean they don't act like spoiled brats, privately. They have acted like bullies, but bullies don't know what to do, when someone 'buys' one of their 'wolf tickets', they usually cry on the way home. Like Cart Man on South Park. We will do what we know to do, the time has come, the injustices will be conquered, we will have clean air and water, we will learn there is no lack, and that there is plenty for everyone. Politics will be a thing of the past. The need to argue about anything will end. These are the marks of an advanced, civilization. Think about it...well you have plenty of time to consider your navel when this happens. It'll take a moment to stop conjuring something in your minds that's 'wrong', ridding the mind of the goblins and ghosts. I don't know if there's anything else that needs done before the 'great flip', the money is already moving. By now, every world leader knows it by now, if I know it why wouldn't they know. I understand Mr Putin got the, 'no we're beating the swords into plowshares' speech and finally signed onto the big picture. The old grey mare ain't what she used to be.

I think I'm done, I suppose this next week will determine that. Stop thinking, you are entering a 5 start trust, listen to what you're told, don't bother taking internet advice about anything right now, the world has never been here before, so why not read the manual first, before assuming anything? The answer to stopping wars is, control the money, see no profit in it. Trying to get control of countries' resources for profit, will no longer fly out here in the big world is over. Everybody 'profits', now.

Take care. See ya out there.

Love and Kisses;


2 Re: Poof 11 March on Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:46 pm


Sounds like some serious wishful thinking....

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