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Iraq, Kuwait exchange lists of property of their citizens

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Date : 3/14/2012

BAGHDAD, March 14 (KUNA) -- Following an agreement and a decision by the Iraqi government announced Tuesday to allow Kuwaitis access and measures to dispose or in any way deal with their property in Iraq, government spokesman Ali Al-Dabbagh Wednesday added the principle of reciprocal treatment was verified by a delegation that visited Kuwait.

Virtue of the visiting team's assurances, the two states are now to exchange lists of their citizens' properties and acknowledge right of access and by any means disposal of said property, he said. "Kuwaiti officials provided lists detailing names of Iraqi citizens owning property in the country between January 1959 and September 2011.

"The two sides agreed on exchange of claims by citizens on either side through diplomatic channels, with the documents required as proof of ownership, " the spokesman said.

The Iraqi official added the Iraqi side would make sure that no Kuwaiti property listed virtue of this agreement had been compensated for through the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC), and that there is no legal or judicial constraint or seizure on any property listed.


Another big issue resolved. This and the Kuwait airlines lawsuit resolution are the first really positive signs that I have seen that Iraq may have finally gotten serious about getting all the issues with Kuwait completed. June looking better and better.


WOW I have always thought when they are ready to flip the switch...all the stuff that iraq needed to get done will finally GET done so ASAP that if will make us all go "what the heck"...LOL

When May 11, 2010...that tuesday morning...Maliki was asking for ANOTHER recount of votes..well showed us that he was a 'delay' puppet to the end.


Right on! Some good news at last..thx Wind

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