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Lucas global intel

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1 Lucas global intel on Mon Mar 19, 2012 12:33 pm


Found this bit of intel posted today on Lucas blog...he also is waiting for the world economy to go kaboom!

19 March 2012

I told about the news I received in various e-mails about a probable NESARA, abundance program or spreading of prosperity packages now going on.

In the new info I have been given I have understood that there are several things going on. Behind the screens some currencies have been e. The world currencies will follow suit soon. The reevaluation will be per country on its indicated national GNP – Gross National Product or the assets/ derivatives the country has. This will take as of today till end of month 31 March 2o12. I have understood that new currencies will be backed in a mix of precious metals and derivates. From gold, silver, copper, till oil, gas, grain, cacao, etc. There is already wealth spread as for example Iceland has been paying off the IMF with 20% of its debt by means of foreign money coming in. Also prosperity packages are spread.

What you should not do is gonna call your bank about this or even ask for a prosperity package. The whole operation behind it will be disturbed. The most banks are not informed about this. So be patient. The information about the whole operation will be communicated to you soon. This may differ a bit from my intel as I have not all the answers. I just try to explain what I have been getting on this wonderful news if true. So do not shoot the messenger. I hope the news I have got is 100% true. But I can not vouch for it for the 100%. I am very confident that it is true. We will wait and see.

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