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on track to not??

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1 on track to not?? on Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:30 pm


As I have looked for the posts with links to the info that talks of the rv on track for around the April time line I can not find them, so from now on if ok I will bring them over when I read them. The only thing the return of the flights between countries would of acomplished is to cancel out the embargos from VII to VI, allowning meeting to be called in the rv of the dinar, as I understood what I read and heard. With that said,that is were the spril time line comes in. when the meetings are made, 2 weeks from that time they have to rv the dinar. As usual the time frame is an istimated.
As I said before I will start bringing the articles and links over from here on out if you want me to.

2 Re: on track to not?? on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:03 pm


Sounds good Lion...we are not picky...LOL

3 Re: on track to not?? on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:44 pm


The issue of the flights starting between Iraq and Kuwait is not a Chapter VII issue. There is no embargo between the two countries. Iraq starting up its flights is a result of the settlement of the lawsuit Kuwait filed against Iraqi Airlines. The lawsuit was filed in England and was not under Chapter VII. When Iraq tried to buy new aircraft Kuwait filed another lawsuit in Canada to stop the purchase. There is another article today about Iraq starting up its flights to the UK.

The issues that can be transferred from Chapter VII to Chapter VI are borders, archives, missing persons and compensation. These are what are still outstanding. It will be interesting to see what the Security Council does with the compensation. Chapter VI issues are not enforceable, only issues under Chapter VII. If the compensation moves to Chapter VI Iraq could just stop paying. The Compensation Committee, who oversee the collection and distribution of the 5% to Kuwait, has already expressed concerns over this issue to the Security Council. There is also another issue and that is the two escrow accounts the Security Council set up. One has 20 million and the other has 131 million. The funds in these two accounts are to be held until Dec/2016. Any funds left in the accounts would then be transferred back to Iraq. The escrow accounts were set up under Chapter VII. The question is whether the Security Council can legally retain these funds if Iraq is not under Chapter VII.

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