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The heads of the parliaments of Arab countries in Baghdad soon to promote openness Ar

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The heads of the parliaments of Arab countries in Baghdad soon to promote openness Ar


The heads of the parliaments of Arab countries in Baghdad soon to promote openness Arab
(This Article Headlined 18/07/09)
BAGHDAD - The expected number of heads of Arab parliaments close visits to Baghdad to strengthen parliamentary cooperation and the strengthening of relations with the open-door policy adopted by the stability of Iraq after the security situation and the withdrawal of U.S. forces from
Cities in the meantime, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Iyad al-Samarrai's strategy to sustain the external communication with the various Arab and foreign parliaments, and to seek to conclude bilateral agreements to improve performance and expand the circle of parliament relations between Iraq and the various countries of the world. The media advisor to President Omar al-Mashhadani, the parliament: "The president, Iyad al-Samarrai put at the forefront of the priorities adopted by the Foreign Strutijeth after assuming the presidency of the parliament at the opening of Arab parliaments and world as a means of achieving a positive return for the country at the parliamentary level and without a political promise to substitute for the role of governmental and diplomatic channels to open up to those countries. "
He al-Mashhadani told the (morning) that "the President of the House of Representatives aims to develop a strategy through the legislative process of parliament and to benefit from the experience and expertise of the States through the signing of bilateral agreements for cooperation Parliamentary" he said, referring to the opening to "parliaments through closer cooperation with Britain and the European Union and the United States and the parliaments of other Asian countries and several African contributes to expand the circle of relationships that will benefit the country and the benefit and the exchange of expertise between Iraq and the various countries of the world. "and that" President al-Samarrai is seeking to open various channels to communicate with the parliamentary many countries in order to strengthen Iraq's relations with the world within a general framework on the basis of work and includes invitations to the heads of parliaments and mutual visits. "He pointed to the existence of al-Mashhadani," The pursuit of bilateral agreements with the Arab parliaments, in particular, and international and the common area is open to study such conventions during the continuation of this trend according to the coordination the line adopted by the President of the House of Representatives, open to the various countries of the world, regardless of government relations with any other country, especially since the parliamentary relations can be established for the better government relations and cooperation in various fields. " The House Speaker, Iyad al-Samarrai has visited both Egypt and Kuwait recently signed with during his visit to the Cairo agreement for cooperation in the field of parliamentary legislation with his visit to Kuwait Petrtaib atmosphere after the parliamentary debate between the two countries against the backdrop of the Vice-objection Kuwaiti officials to remove Iraq from Section VII under the also saw the agreement to discuss the possibility of forming committees Iraqi - Kuwaiti joint research files in the forefront of the controversial debt and reparations and the border. the other hand, parliamentary sources informed that the House of Representatives in separate calls to a number of Heads of Arab parliaments to visit Baghdad to discuss the promotion and development of parliamentary relations and benefit from the experience and the development of functional capacity. The sources told Al (morning) that "the invitations sent to heads of parliaments in the Gulf Cooperation Council, including the President of the Parliament of Bahrain and the UAE and Kuwait in addition to the invitation addressed to the President of the People's Assembly and Chairman of the Board of Deputies of Jordan to visit Iraq soon for the development of relations with these countries, saying, "He did not specify the official date for these visits so far, but it could be soon." The sources pointed out that "the next phase will implement the range of the work of more than 25 of the parliamentary friendship committee with a number of countries under a policy of openness in the the country following the improvement of security conditions and the withdrawal of U.S. forces from the cities and the importance of promoting communication and support of the parliamentary inclinations of the government investment and economic development. "The sources said that the coming period will witness the intensification of mutual visits and meetings with parliamentary delegations of Arab and foreign to benefit from international expertise in the field of parliamentary action and access to the mechanics of law - and the transfer of the democratic experience in some countries to Iraq

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