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Zhaoi: not limit the powers of the territory of Kurdistan and Article 140 remains as it is

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Zhaoi: not limit the powers of the territory of Kurdistan and Article 140 remains as it is

(صوت العراق) - 06-08-2009 (Voice of Iraq) - 06-08-2009

PNA-Kurdistan Alliance, said the decision had not been in the context of the process of amending the Iraqi constitution, the permanent reduction of the authorities of the territory of Kurdistan and the rest of Article 140 as it is.

Said Sirwan Zhaoi a member of the House of Representatives and the decision of the Iraqi Federal Kurdistan Alliance List in a statement to the state news agency Biamunir Radio Zacros said: "It was agreed to amend 80 articles of the permanent Iraqi constitution, federal, and other needed materials, but an agreement by political parties."

He added: "that can amend the Constitution to divide the two, the first: those which agreed to and completed the second part: those which require political parties to deal with each other," adding that the presentation of the material can be agreed and completed the House of Representatives to be discussed and the postponement of other materials.

In another aspect of the statement, Zhaoi said: "is not in any way limit the powers of the territory of Kurdistan, and during the process of amendment of Article 140 remains as it is."

He stressed that the event happened in the evolution of how to curb the powers of the province, it will not allow this absolute and Snrvdah, add to that that we can reject this amendment Bmhafeztin of the three provinces of the region included in the event of damage to the amendment of the province of Kurdistan.

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