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Kuwaiti MPs Salafion tend to gather signatures against the Iraqi debt

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Kuwaiti MPs Salafion tend to gather signatures against the Iraqi debt forgiveness by


Kuwaiti MPs Salafion tend to gather signatures against the Iraqi debt forgiveness by the Government of Kuwait
By: mustafa
Date: Wednesday 12-08-2009 07:10 pm
Congress is to gather signatures for a statement of the Council reflects the nation's refusal to bring down Iraq's debts and the uniqueness of the government without a resolution to return to the representatives of the Kuwaiti people.
Facing step and wait for some deputies in consultation with the Government the feasibility of issuing such a statement and whether it can contribute to its publication in the ease external pressures on the government towards this debt, what are the alternatives and ideas of the Government towards those debts that can not be waived.
And called for parliamentary sources b «more openness and transparency between the branches of the government towards the issue of the joint resolution between the two before the government committed to something in this regard».
A number of representatives expressed support for issuing such a statement refusing to forgive Iraq's debts.
He supported the MP Walid Tabtabai issuing the statement, adding that «these funds of funds is only the people of Kuwait».
The MP called d. Salwa Aljdzisar to the issuance of the statement «to confirm that the role which the House is the expression of the opinion the people who want to preserve the rights of recovery and to ensure that waste is the debt of the Kuwaiti people and the right should appear».
He said that MP Saad Knfor «Kuwaiti funds will not go and stay as long as many members of the nation, defending the rights of the people and the results, so the issuance of a consolidated statement from the Council of Representatives which reflects the nation's rejection of the Iraqi debt relief is necessary and urgent».
The deputy Hussein more that «the debt owed to Kuwait and Iraq due to the payment of the obligation to Iraqis», adding that «the deputies of the nation will not give up the right of the Kuwaiti people because they express the conscience of the nation, after vowing to defend the rights of the people it is time to get out and Naser Baksmona statement consolidated by the Council ».
For his part, the observer of the nation's Attorney-d. Ahoilp Mohammed that «can not in any way waive the rights of Kuwait to Iraq», pointing out that «is a debt and compensation rights for the Kuwaiti people and the nation will do its role in this regard to recover these funds».

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