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Zebari: You must tell the truth to the Iraqi people and not true "issuing statements that overly optimistic

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Zebari: You must tell the truth to the Iraqi people and not true "issuing statements that overly optimistic
2009-08-22 15:03:09 2009-08-22 15:03:09

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. stressed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari on the need to tell the truth to the Iraqi people "and not true launch upbeat too."
Zebari said at a news conference in Baghdad on Saturday that: "There is a clear deterioration in the security, the next may be the greatest," called on the government rise to the level of responsibility and the promotion and overcome inertia, laziness and adjust the centers and security agencies "could not contribute to resolving this matter but through the efforts of intelligence and not statements. "
Zebari, a thorough investigation, real and responsible recent Baghdad bombings, and naming things by their right name, (as he put it), indicating that there was a checkpoint near the ministry, a joint is made up of employees of the Ministry of the Interior and the protection of the State Department, but rose against the backdrop of a general sense contingent on security and start the process of lifting barriers , "and we accept the actions of our commitment with the government to decide."
He described the explosion of the long ministry last Wednesday as "a national disaster in terms of destruction and the number of victims, as it lost 32 martyrs such as the Ministry of diplomats and guards and staff, in addition to 60 wounded," stressing that the bombings were "a deliberate, programmed and planned for months, others have been implemented with the assistance security and logistical support, "accusing the security services and government with" complicity "in the subject.
Zebari noted that the State Department bore no responsibility for the bombing that took place near the ministry, in defiance of "any breach in security in or around the ministry," indicating that the estimates obtained refer to "The truck exploded near the ministry, which was two and a half ton of high explosives explosion, and the process is very similar to the operations carried out by Al Qaeda. "
And "The explosion coincided with the anniversary of the bombing of the UN mission headquarters in 2003" and expressed his expectation that some of the events used by the armed groups to carry out such work so. (End) / g / ..

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